Monday, May 24, 2021


I have been keenly aware of the inroads leftist shenanigans have made into the US military, so the following woke nonsense should not have come as a surprise.

Except they did. "The Calling" is a series of five animations centering on the paths that led the following individuals to join the Army:

Let's check out the Emma animation. Watch and weep.

Holy shit. And I thought the 70s campaign "The Army wants to join you" was bad.

Per Senator Ted Cruz, a comparison between this woke madness and a Russian Army recruitment video:

Apart from the ludicrous, warm and fluffy non-content, there's something else that's striking in the 5 'The Calling' animations. Can you see it?

Because last time I checked, the US was still a majority White country, although granted, democrappic politicians are doing their damnedest best to end this sorry state of affairs ASAP.

Well, dunno if you noticed it or not, but the makers of 'The Calling' seem to have completely overlooked an interesting recruitment reservoir i.e. young White Caucasian males. Please out there, can someone tell 'em? BEHOLD however!!! Rumour has it that the grand majority of said males are still heterosexual, so if they belatedly realize there's still this as yet untapped manpower reservoir, they should proceed to enlist them with the utmost caution.