Monday, February 27, 2012


As we live in the Age of Sissies, there's no escaping the ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs emanating from the she-men over at Het Laatste Nieuws or De Standaard whenever a soi-disant bombshell reveals a square inch of skin on strategic territory. This always reminds me of the doofus who kids himself he's a wine connoisseur when he uncorks, with an air of benign professionalism, a 'Cabernet Sauvignon', expecting his audience to be impressed... when he's actually merely displaying his ignorance [Cabernet sauvignon is simply the world's most common wine grape variety - it's about as special as a Ford Pinto in a parking lot full of Mercedeses and Maybachs].

It was the same again over at Het Laatste Nieuws today, when some wussie thought Angelina Jolie showing off her right leg was the end of the world:


"Brad Pitt's spouse once again stole the show. She wore a Versace dress in black velvet with a gigantic split to the right side. This gave some insight in one of the world's most attractive people...

The 36-year old actress appeared on the podium to receive the trophy for the best adapted scenario. As a diva with tons of experience - which she IS of course - she assumed a challenging pose making fools of a lot of men..."

'Making fools of a lot of men???' You got to be kidding me??????? That's a SCARECROW's leg for crying out loud!!! Jesus, just WHO is writing stuff like that? A twelve-year old nerd who'd piss his pants if he saw one nekkid female from a distance of 1,000 yards? Do I have to teach these people EVERYTHING?

You want legs? I'll show you legs. HERE, stolen from Theo:


THERE pussy, THOSE are legs worth looking at!

[wanders off to the kitchen shaking his head, to pour himself a STRONG cup of coffee]



Joanne said...

These award shows are so pathetic that a white chicken leg gets people into a frenzy. I remember when Cher would show up half naked in some bizarre costume, which usually sent everyone over the deep end, but at least it was something to talk about. Now Angelina's chicken leg is the big 'bazinga' of the night. Pathetic. No wonder so few people watch those award shows of narcissists giving other narcissists lip service or should I say blow jobs.

Michael said...

Yes, yes, yes yes yes, but whadda ya think about the second set of legs??

Michael said...

I even haven't mentioned the t*tties yet.