Saturday, September 02, 2023


Two Door Cinema Club with What you know. From their 2011 debut album Tourist History.

Blokes from Bangor, Northern Ireland. Formed in 2007, still around, which is quite a feat for the generation involved. They are Alex Trimble (vocals, rhythm guitar, beats, synths), Sam Halliday (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Kevin Baird (bass, synths, backing vocals).

Bon Jovi with Livin' on a Prayer. Album Slippery When Wet (1986).

Formed in Sayreville, New Jersey, in 1983. That's... 40 years ago this year. Really.

Slaap wel.



Tweep Unpleasant Truths, like yours truly a Fleming:

"The Islamization of the West accelerates. 5 years ago this was still unthinkable, now one caves in out of fear for terrorists and violence from radical muslims. In a couple of years, kuffars in Belgium will also be lynched for blasphemy.

That's a very real predicament. I myself was thrown off Twitter some 2 months ago after responding to a muslim woman who had posted a photo of an IDF soldier and a Palestinian boy, aged perhaps 8 or 9. Her tweet? The accompanying text was "Unimaginable horror" or some such. Which was ridiculous, because the boy was smiling at the soldier and the soldier himself clearly didn't strike a threatening pose and indeed seemed to smile back. I remarked to the muslim woman that I failed to see what exactly was so 'horrible' about the scene and, it is true, used the expletive 'Paleostinians' - imho not too far off the mark since Palestinians still haven't evolved much beyond ineffectively toting Kalashnikovs just as they did in 1970, while Israel is now sending spacecraft to the Moon. Moreover, I added that the *real* danger for the boy wasn't so much the Israeli military but Hamas, which deliberately fires crude Qassam rockets from civilian areas in the hope that Israeli retaliatory fire will make Palestinian victims: it's good propaganda.

Next thing you know, that muslim woman reported me to Twitter and I got thrown off it. There was no attempt to engage me with arguments, no sir, I said something she didn't like, BAM, shut up you! Twitter complied, claiming that I had broken the twitter rules. I thought Musk had weedled out the leftwing crazies but apparently I was mistaken:

There is a very real danger that, as our own demographic death spiral continues - and it does, more than ever - and the demographic consequences of Europes islamization manifest themselves in our executive, legislative and judicial areas, laws will be applied more and more to stifle any opposition to said islamization. Muslims worldwide have made it abundantly clear, time and again, that Allahs laws are above those made by humans. Yet they will embrace those very same human-made laws, in particular if they come from kuffars, if they can help them to silence those criticizing their evil 'faith'.

The Danish Minister of Justice proposing the ban - and jail term - for those burning the Quran is one Peter Hummelgaard.

He's a socialist.

But, I suspect you suspected that already.


Thursday, August 31, 2023


And on both sides of the Atlantic. In Western Europe as in North America, "progressives" - can someone tell me why they aren't called "regressives"??? - are feverishly importing Third World wreckage with the deliberate intention of watering down, over time, the authochton vote.

Filip Dewinter, Vlaams Belang: "Paris was once a city of culture, civilization, fashion, exquisite dining, elegance and refinement... now it is mostly this... the great levelling thanks to mass immigration and multiculturalism!"

I might add a comment made by my daughter last Spring, after visiting Paris for a couple of days with several of her co-students: "Paris stinks."

And via James Woods, here's a "sanctuary city", read, a vehicle invented by leftists to keep our usurpers here so that they can continue their destructive handiwork.

Next year there's parliamentary elections in Belgium. If by some miracle we are able to boot the socialists and greens out of office, I contend that the electoral punishment is NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE. They should face trial. For treason and the deliberate destruction of prosperity.