Saturday, October 03, 2009


Tanya Donelly with Pretty Deep, a solo hit from, IIRC, 1997 or so. By that time her career with Throwing Muses, a band she formed with her halfsister Kristin Hersh, was already over. I mention that band because there's some good stuff that will hopefully go into a Saturday Night post. Donelly was born in 1966 in Newport, Rhode Island, and, according to Wiki, "New England based". I'd like to know from New England readers (Scott?) whether she's still active and/or sometimes tours in the region.

Pretty deep maybe. Pretty hot certainly.

Narcotic, a song by Euro one hit wonder Liquido. Not all Krauts sing schlagers.

Nite all except socialists and jihadists.


Friday, October 02, 2009



From, October 2, 2009:

"...It demeans the office," said GOP consultant Brad Blakeman, a former Bush administration official. "For the president to be reduced to the effect of the Billy Mays pitchman for the United States to get the Olympics for his home city of Chicago is just not something that presidents do."

Blakeman said Obama spent more time wooing International Olympic Committee officials than he did in his meeting with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, before returning to Washington.

"His priorities are screwed up and the American people are seeing that this president just doesn't get the effects and importance of governing," Blakeman told FOX News...."

You betcha. Luckily zhe amerikan taxpayer only had to cough up 1.2 million US$ for this trip. What is worse though is the useless CO2 emission by Air Force One hopping over the Atlantic and back. I bet somewhere in the Arctic an iceberg breaks off before the weekend is over.

Well, Scott F., one of the founders of this site, has unearthed a number of plausible reasons as to why the Obamba's failed to get the Olymics to that derelict industrial graveyard aka the windy city:

10. Dead people can't vote at IOC meetings
9. Obama distracted by 25 min meeting with Gen. McChrystal
8. Who cares if Obama couldn't talk the IOC into Chicago? He'll be able to talk Iran out of nukes.
7. The impediment is Israel still building settlements.
6. Obviously no president would have been able to acomplish it.
5. We've been quite clear and said all along that we didn't want the Olympics.
4. This isn't about the number of Olympics "lost", it's about the number of Olympics "saved" or "created".
3. Clearly not enough wise Latina judges on the committee
2. Because the IOC is racist.
1. It's George Bush's fault.

It's mainly #1, I'm sure of it.


Thursday, October 01, 2009


Another telling article from a leftard who has seen the light, and it's even published in a regime press newspaper like De Standaard. Suddenly, an archleftist, Luckas Van Der Talen, a green MP, discovers the bankruptcy of the multiculti phantasmagorias:

"DO WE DO HAVE BE FRIGHTENED TO FORCE OUR VALUES ON THEM? - LUCKAS VANDER TAELEN is tired to live near a ghetto where Moroccan youths treat him as if he's on their private property. 'Why dare we not come up for what in fact is essential: respect for the laws and the values of the country in which we live?' I live near a neighborhood in Vorst, from Merode street to Brussels South Station, which you cannot define, even with the most ardent multicultural mindset, as anything else than a ghetto. My daughter has long since given up entering that district. For that she has been gravely insulted too many times. I myself cycle through it each day and every time it's another adventure. Cars parked illegally in double lanes, drivers blocking a crossroads to talk with each other, youths hanging around that regard you as if you're trespassing on their private property. Keep your mouth shut, especially when you're almost ridden in the gutter: the last time I nevertheless protested, a sixteen year old scolded me as I have never been scolded before, and concluded his tirade with a message which I do not translate: 'Nique ta mère.' [yes, that's 'F$ck your mother - MFBB]. That was however still less bad than the previous time, when another maghrebin youth [meant is a Moroccan youngster - MFBB] felt offended by my behaviour when I had the audacity to take my primacy [meant is probably that he had priority on entering a roundabout - MFBB]. His honour had been so besmirched that he felt obliged to spit in my face… Therefore, by all means: keep silent. Because if you try to tell someone that doing 70km per hour is way too fast in an area with speed limit 30, then you are entitled to a confrontation with a young new Belgian who can't stand someone telling him to do this or that and is prepared to ram you in a hospital for that. Twenty years ago I was convinced that assimilating the young new Belgians would be a quick business. But now in Brussels a generation of rebels without a cause has grown up which is never pleased, always feels treated unfair, and is never responsible for anything. When something goes wrong, it's always the fault of the government or the racist Belgians. Within their own families, young maghrebin men remain untouchable too. When police rounded up a young suspect in Molenbeek, the father immediately organized a demonstration because his son 'wouldn't even steal an apple.' The efforts of the government in the problem districts have actually ensured that young people do not feel the need to leave them, a ULB-study demonstrated last year [in non-greenie speech this means that the Beljun gubbermint's woolly multiculti reach out efforts have ensconced the cretins in a local welfare environment to such an extent they certainly won't leave - MFBB]. In this manner, what was created were actually navel-staring village-like communities in the middle of a large city. A daughter of Moroccan friends has a Belgian boyfriend. She never goes out with him in the district, because she is called names instantly. Despite the fact that the young immigrants have Belgian nationality, they do not feel any affinity with this country. On the contrary: 'Belge' is a hateful insult... You almost never see young women in the district. And certainly not in the bars: there they are not even tolerated. When a female official of the municipality asked for a coffee there, it was quickly made obvious to her she wouldn't be served anything. When I cycle through the Merode quarter, I know that I won't spot a single female on a terrace until far beyond Brussels South Station. And then I'm not even talking about the troubling double sexual morality which expects that young immigrant women prove they are still virgins during the wedding night, while everyone knows that the hospitals of Brussels restore virgin membranes with a simple operation... A well-known French-Moroccan artist organized an exhibition in Brussels last week: a series of prayer mats with shoes, of which one pair, a high-heeled one, was placed in the spotlights. The art gallery immediately received threatening phone calls, the windows were damaged and spit on. The commotion apparently resulted from the artist's wish to indicate that women's status in the islamic world needed to be elevated. Apparently this is no longer possile in Brussels. After a couple of days the artwork was removed. Perhaps we must ask ourselves how it has come thus far: that we have accepted that principles like an artist's artistical freedom and equal rights for men and women are no longer guaranteed in this country. Why dare we not rise up for what is in fact essential: respect for the laws and the values of the country in which we live? A headscarf ban is no solution. But perhaps we must reflect nevertheless profoundly on how we can, in an assertive manner, make it clear that we are willing to defend what we find important. It is the merit of the left to have asked for more awareness of discrimination and dire social situations. The problem lies unfortunately deeper: we are frightened to force our values onto immigrants. Those values are however too dear to lose them."

- Luckas Van Der Talen, Flemish MP for the green party Groen!

As remarkable as this testimony is, coming from a man who has vilified the Vlaams Belang and its voters for more than two decades... it's too little and too late. A nightmare is now rapidly engulfing most of Western Europe, and one of the focal points is Brussels... the very capital of the European Union... which is already 25% muslim. Already, Belgian law IS NOT UPHELD ANYMORE IN THREE COMMUNES. Police dare not enter certain neighborhoods anymore, the communes are a hotbed for islamic extremists where terrorist plots are prepared all over Europe (for one thing, the Madrid bombings were doctored out here), women dare not walk the streets anymore unveiled, religious police is operating already, VAT controllers know they will be lynched if they even dare so much a throw a glance at the 'books' of the numerous small, shady enterprises doing business that can't stand daylight... and the few hapless, terrified authochtons that still remain in these areas go thru hell night and day. The more able ones, the ones who still have a choice, all leave... rendering the block where they lived even more muslim. A couple who are clients of mine came back to their hometown upon retiring, after having spent the better part of their lives in Brussels, since they were government officials or something. I recall, upon visiting them one month ago in their new apartment in a small town in the province, how they told me that when once they asked a Moroccan neighbor, at 10pm, if the Moroccan's kids could keep quiet since they had to get up early in the morning, they were answered with the harsh advice to "move out themselves, if they wanted their problem solved".

Sadly, this is exactly what happened.

And I'm sure their former apartment is now inhabited by...

... other muslims.

The Belgian Army and Air Force must prepare to effectively seal off muslim neighborhoods, after which they can ascertain that forced mass deportation to the countries of origin can commence in a proper manner. This may sound insane, yet I assure you that it is not. If a nation allows that parallel societies thrive on its territory, societies where a mockery is made of the Constitution of that nation... societies where the nation's 'law enforcers' dare not even venture anymore... that nation is in time doomed. Especially when all demographic parameters predict with mathematical certainty an irresistible growth of those parallel societies.

That nation has the RIGHT... what do I say, the DUTY, to ensure that its laws, which are the RIGHTFUL FRUIT of a DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, are respected and enforced... ESPECIALLY when those laws, in theory at least, ensure the dignity of the human individual and his "inalienable rights"... and ESPECIALLY when for the restoration of those rights, temporarily lost after the violent invasion of another inhuman ideology, millions gave their lives.

When that nation shirks away from its responsibilities, you get situations like this: the website Islamisation notes that in Rome, Italy, the mayor had expressly forbidden that the famous Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele, be used for public prayers. He got a big fat FUCK YOU from these guys...

... who flouted the mayor's decree and blocked the square nevertheless for THEIR purposes. The police... stood by and did nothing. In case the word you are trying to find is on the tip of your tongue but it keeps eluding you, let me help you: it's called INTIMIDATION. Well, can you imagine, say, southern Baptists doing the same on a square in the muslim Holy City, Mecca? Of course you cannot! The idea is even laughable!!! Now, Italy has perhaps 1.5 % muslims... what will it be when there are 15%?

If the current catastrophic trend towards islamization of our Magnificent Europe is not curbed NOW... disaster awaits us, and by extension the whole of western civilization. We, looking to the future, striving for a better future, but nonetheless also respecting our past and traditions - while acknowledging the errors that have sometimes been made - can not, WILL NOT, let that happen.



Monday, September 28, 2009


It's not that there isn't more interesting stuff these days to write about; for one thing, in Germany Chancellor Merkel scored a huge victory with her center-right Christian Democrats, while the liberal FDP (keep in mind, as always, that normally spoken 'liberal' in Europe still does mean 'center-right', and is not used here to describe leftists) also did well. The socialist SPD hangs in the ropes and will in all likelihood be no longer in a future coalition. I wonder what AQ thinks of this, and whether these A-holes will now carry out terrorist attacks in Germany, as they promised to do if the German people would vote for the right (thereby giving a sign they want to keep the German military presence in Afghanistan's north).

However... with company chores burning me out I didn't feel much like posting the umpteenth calamity in the field of European dhimmitude, even if there are plenty - believe me. It's just that I feel that we cannot let these assholes lead our lives. And so, I thought I'd share this pic. It's the town of Bouillon in Belgium's south.

I took the pic from a wooden watchtower on a crest overlooking Bouillon, which lies actually in some kind of bowl with the town centre surrounded on three sides by the meandering Semois river. Normally, I shouldn't have been able or rather, allowed, to make this photograph, since the watchtower was partly burnt as a result of arson some three weeks ago. Hence, the entrance to the staircases was blocked by a metal framework. However, after a through look from up close, I concluded that the basic structure of the tower was still intact, and that I could bypass the lowest, completely burnt level without any risk via another staircase (it's a peculiar construction). To my great satisfaction, I could thus show my dad (my parents accompanied our little family on this Ardennes trip) the sight you see now.

Heh. Take a close look to the upper-right hand corner of the photo. There, on a crest that runs over the 'peninsula' of land surrounded on three sides by the Semois, you can make out some roofs and walls that belong to the beautifully preserved and maintained Castle of Godfrey of Bouillon, the 'Belgian Crusader'. It is a must see for any visiting tourist.

And here is a pic - not taken by myself - of that Castle, the 'Chateau de Bouillon'. Notice in the upper left corner the wooden watchtower whence I took the photo above. And in the lower left corner you can see the bridge which is discernible, in the photo above, to the lower right. This bridge leads to the Abbey of Cordemois, IIRC some three to five kilometers further.

In 1096, Godfrey was one of the leaders of the First Crusade, which was set up on the instigation of Pope Urban II. Very short on time, so I will offer only this short Wikipedia exerpt:

"... It was in Jerusalem that the legend of Godfrey of Bouillon was born. The army reached the city in June 1099 and built wooden ladders to climb over the walls. The major attack took place on July 14 and 15, 1099. Godfrey and some of his knights were the first to get over the walls and enter the city. Once inside, the Crusaders killed many of the city's inhabitants. It was an end to three years of fighting by the Crusaders, but they had finally done what they had set out to do in 1096—namely, to recapture the Holy Land and, in particular, the city of Jerusalem and its holy sites, such as the Holy Sepulchre, the tomb of Jesus Christ.

Once the city was captured, some form of government had to be set up. On July 22, a council was held in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Raymond of Toulouse at first refused to become king, perhaps attempting to show his piety but probably hoping that the other nobles would insist upon his election anyway. Godfrey, who had become the more popular of the two after Raymond's actions at the siege of Antioch, did no damage to his own piety by accepting a position as secular leader, but with an unknown or ill-defined title (advocatus sancti sepulchri). Raymond was incensed at this development and took his army out into the countryside.

However, perhaps considering the controversy which had surrounded Tancred's seizure of Bethlehem, Godfrey refused to be crowned king in the city where Christ had died. The exact nature and meaning of his title is thus somewhat of a controversy. Although it is widely claimed that he took the title Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri ("advocate" or "defender" of the Holy Sepulchre), this title is only used in a letter which was not written by Godfrey. Instead, Godfrey himself seems to have used the more ambiguous term Princeps, or simply retained his title of dux from back home in Lower Lorraine. Robert the Monk is the only chronicler of the crusade to report that Godfrey took the title "king".[3] During his short reign, Godfrey had to defend the new Kingdom of Jerusalem against Fatimids of Egypt, who were defeated at the Battle of Ascalon in August. He also faced opposition from Dagobert of Pisa, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, who was allied with Tancred. Although the Latins came close to capturing Ascalon, Godfrey's attempts to prevent Raymond of St. Gilles from securing the city for himself meant that the town remained in Muslim hands, destined to be a thorn in the new kingdom's side for years to come..."

When in Brussels, do not miss the romantic, 19th-century statue of Godfrey of Bouillon on horseback. It's on the Royal Square, not far from the Royal Palace:

They don't teach our children stuff like that anymore. My eight-year old daughter now learns that girls kissing other girls is cool, tips and trics to reduce her carbon footprint, and how to be sensitive to other cutures, especially a peculiar wife-beating, head-chopping variety.

Oh, and did I mention it was in one of her textbooks last year that "in Afghanistan, soldiers bomb people"? Not kidding. Just like that, a remark out of the blue, no context provided. S'ppose my girl must assume these "soldiers" just drop bombs on people for the fun. I don't think the authors meant by "soldiers" the fellas wearing long beards, robes and turbans.