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From, October 2, 2009:

"...It demeans the office," said GOP consultant Brad Blakeman, a former Bush administration official. "For the president to be reduced to the effect of the Billy Mays pitchman for the United States to get the Olympics for his home city of Chicago is just not something that presidents do."

Blakeman said Obama spent more time wooing International Olympic Committee officials than he did in his meeting with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, before returning to Washington.

"His priorities are screwed up and the American people are seeing that this president just doesn't get the effects and importance of governing," Blakeman told FOX News...."

You betcha. Luckily zhe amerikan taxpayer only had to cough up 1.2 million US$ for this trip. What is worse though is the useless CO2 emission by Air Force One hopping over the Atlantic and back. I bet somewhere in the Arctic an iceberg breaks off before the weekend is over.

Well, Scott F., one of the founders of this site, has unearthed a number of plausible reasons as to why the Obamba's failed to get the Olymics to that derelict industrial graveyard aka the windy city:

10. Dead people can't vote at IOC meetings
9. Obama distracted by 25 min meeting with Gen. McChrystal
8. Who cares if Obama couldn't talk the IOC into Chicago? He'll be able to talk Iran out of nukes.
7. The impediment is Israel still building settlements.
6. Obviously no president would have been able to acomplish it.
5. We've been quite clear and said all along that we didn't want the Olympics.
4. This isn't about the number of Olympics "lost", it's about the number of Olympics "saved" or "created".
3. Clearly not enough wise Latina judges on the committee
2. Because the IOC is racist.
1. It's George Bush's fault.

It's mainly #1, I'm sure of it.


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