Saturday, March 12, 2005

Good to know that our local Maine lawmakers are paying attention to the pressing issues of our time. Never mind that we are the most overtaxed state in the union and still have massive, escalating debt; never mind the pathetic, failing state health care debacle; never mind the out of control property tax situation; let's keep mothers of the future from aborting their fetuses based on knowledge of the baby's sexual orientation!

As if the Democrats who control this state aren't screwing the pooch hard enough, now we've got Republicans going off the deep end too. Hmmm, how are those real estate prices in New Hampshire?

Monday, March 07, 2005


Labor of Lust

Ok, this is not #@ù%*!!?=+/?!#!!!?§!?!Giuliana Sgrenas car riddled with 400 American bullets but, as it happens to be, the Alfa Romeo of Vlaams Belang strongman Filip Dewinter. On February 28, he was invited to participate in a debate at the University of Leuven organised by the LVSV (Liberaal Vlaams Studentenverbond, or Liberal Flemish Student’s Association). Also participating in the debate was Bart De Wever, another Flemish politican (NVA) with a secessionist agenda. Before the debate started, six leftwing militants protested against Mr. Dewinter’s presence. After the debate, the Flemish Rightwing politician found that his car had been busted: the windshield and one sidewindow caved in, extensive damage to the paint, and eggs, black paint and an unknown substance smeared here and there (not all damage visible). No doubt the work of sensitive, sophisticated persons of tolerance and diversity. Estimated damage costs: 4,000 Euros.

Although the debate was considered "risky", there was no police. Police in Leuven falls under the authority of Socialist mayor Louis Tobback, archenemy of Flemish Conservatives and the Concept of Sanity. Hat tip for this story: Visual Hugo’s Flying Circus and Deekodiver.

Freedom of speech according to the Left, yeah. I know all about it.


Sunday, March 06, 2005


First of all, I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the Italian top security agent Mr. Nicola Calipari.


It may not be very polite to elaborate in the following way on the circumstances surrounding Mr. Calipari’s death. Nevertheless, if the Left uses the tragic passing of this no doubt brave officer in such a callous way, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to add my view on the story. So here goes:

You can’t have failed to miss the Left’s cause célèbre of the day. Make that days. I have no intention to smear Downeast with the ramblings of a May ’68 fossil, so from that BBC article I will only pluck this quote:

"Everyone knows that the Americans do not like negotiations to free hostages, and because of this I don't see why I should exclude the possibility of me having been the target," she said.

No, "Mrs." Sgrena, that’s the first time that I hear that "Americans don’t like to free hostages". And 'lo and behold, it gets better.

And in an article for Sunday's edition of her newspaper, Il Manifesto, she said the shooting, which occurred Friday as agents were taking her to the airport in Baghdad, recalled her captors' warning that "the Americans don't want you to return."

Right cunt. IIRC, not so long ago you were begging for your life:

Kidnapped Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena appealed to her government to withdraw troops from Iraq in a video tape released by militants on Wednesday. She was shown by the Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel begging her government to put an end to the occupation. Sgrena, whose speech was translated into Arabic by the channel, wore a light green jacket and a shirt, locking her fingers together and shaking her hands as if begging.

Then we were all treated to the joyful news of your release… we even learned that despite the fact that the Iraqi freedom fighters intended to kill you, they nevertheless saw fit to treat you well. How touching. And now this: hours after you have been freed the car in which you travelled to BIAP was riddled with bullets by evil US troops, the security official who freed you killed, and you yourself wounded. Which all gives the dipshit toilet paper you "work" for a hell of a scoop, isn’t it?

Bottom line: Saddam may be in jail, the Iraqi elections may have been a success, Living conditions may have improved dramatically, the Iraqi economy may be booming and in the whole of the Middle East there’s a democratic tsunami in the making

…but still the US are the bad guys…. Fooking unbelievable. And of course, European MSM, desperately in need to find bad news, have jumped on your "story":

Neomarxist propaganda in Belgium

The caption of the clip above reads "Vrij, maar gewond door Amerikaans vuur". Which translates as:

FREE, BUT WOUNDED BY AMERICAN FIRE (The Daily Crap, aka De "Standaard", March 6, 2005)

The one below is all too happy to quote Mr. Pier Scolari, husband to Giulianana Sgrena: "Amerikanen wilden niet dat Giuliana bleef leven". Or:


How wonderful. Now to make sure that the message came through, Belgian state-run commie TV on its channel "Eén" (One) happily spread the "news". Now for all those wondering why such a large portion of Europeans are so anti-American, what else do you expect? When I said hello to my folks at noon, the first thing I heard from my dad was that the Americans "had made a grave error" again, "that the news was everywhere", "they had killed an Italian" etc. etc. Now mind you, although my dad is not the guy to know the finesses of Iraqi news, he is PRO-AMERICAN!!! Yours truly immediately had to rebuke the drivel and free daddy’s mind from the bias, telling him that at least according to the US account, the car had been warned with flashlights, warning shots had been fired, and finally the US guards had shot in the vehicles engine. Now I don’t know what it is exactly that happened. I suppose that after a series of car bombings with vehicles ramming into crowds and murdering hundreds of civilians, troops have strict orders to stop cars not heeding the warnings, if necessary with lethal force. I assume that is what happened. Commie fossil Giuliana Sgrena herself admitted "that the car was not going particularly fast". Yeah, if you have ever driven through Rome and tried to avoid those the natives "not driving particularly fast" I assure you you will understand that Italians don’t have to take lessons on understatements from nobody.

Bah. I’m so fed up with the whole story. Luckily I’m not ranting alone: "Value for money" from De andere kijk, "Return of the Jawa" from Dog of Flanders and "The coalition of the killing" from Visual Hugo’s Flying Circus all cover the same story in one way or another.

I’m pissed off. I could’ve spent my Sunday afternoon better than to rant on the ravings of a May 68 leftover. Look, normally I’m a pretty decent guy, or so I kid myself, but sometimes… sometimes I can’t restrain myself from a little pottymouthing no more than Eric Bana could restrain himself from turning green. So Mrs. Giuliana Sgrena, SCR*W YOU! And if I could, I’D KICK YOUR BUTT!!!

MFBB, feeling better afterwards.