Saturday, November 03, 2018


Nik Kershaw with Radio Musicola. Album Radio Musicola (1986).

English (more precisely Bristolian) singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and Eighties Golden Boy.

Steppenwolf with Born to be Wild. From their 1968 debut album Steppenwolf.

Canadian-American rock band, formed in late 1967 in LA by lead singer John Kay, drummer Jerry Edmonton and keyboardist Goldy McJohn. Guitarist Michael Monarch and bass guitarist Rushton Moreve joined later, reacting to ads. Kay named his band Steppenwolf after the novel by Hermann Hesse. I read that one while an engineering student in Ghent in the late eigthies and can't say I didn't find traces of Outlaw's personality in the Harry Haller character.

If you think Da DowneastBlog Sound is too dinosaurey, well, ain't my fault milennials only produce music that SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

Goede nacht.





Friday, November 02, 2018


Via The Telegraph:

"Austria said on Wednesday it will not sign a United Nations migration pact that is set to be adopted in December, in order to "defend its national sovereignty."

The United States and Hungary have already rejected the Global Compact for Migration, which aims to boost cooperation to address the world's growing number of migrants.

"The government has agreed... not to sign the United Nations pact and thus not to bind Austria," said a statement from the ruling coalition led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the centre-right OeVP, stressing "the importance of defending Austria's national sovereignty".

Mr Kurz's coalition partner, the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe), has been pushing for Vienna to reject the pact.

The coalition, which took office last year, won votes on an anti-immigration platform following the 2015 surge in arrivals of asylum seekers.

"Austria rejects the possibility that the migration pact could establish new customary international law which would be binding on Austria or could be interpreted as such," Heinz-Christan Strache, vice-chancellor and FPOe leader, said in a press conference.

However, the UN has stressed that the pact is "non-legally binding" and "grounded in values of state sovereignty".

The opposition has accused the government of damaging Austria's international reputation by rejecting a pact that Austria had itself taken part in shaping while Mr Kurz was foreign minister in the previous government.

Green MEP Michel Reimon said the decision showed that Austria "is not only part of the reactionary eastern block, but is actually leading it"."

Check out this video, courtesy Gates of Vienna, in which the Austrian Interior Minister Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) sheds his light on the many negative aspects (for the receivers of the migration flow!) of the UN’s migration pact. MissPiggy translated, Vlad Tepes did the subtitling:

The UN Migration Pact is a disgusting piece of paper which will not only serve as an outright invitation to unfathomable hordes of would be migrants, but also as a stepstone to further binding legislation.

Indeed, out there tens of millions are just waiting for an excuse to start packing. When Angela Merkel said that Germany would open its borders for Syrian refugees, the Syrian refugees started boarding trains from Mauritania to the Hindu Kush in the hundreds of thousands, if not more.

Then of course 1.5 million swept into the Heimat, and there was that. Whereupon after some time Frau Merkel admitted she hade made a mistake but since they were there, they were there and Hans and Gretl just had to get used to it.

It will be the same with this crock of a pact, only far worse. The UN Migration Pact will encourage the formation of hundreds of 'caravans' each numbering at least as many invaders as the ones currently on the road in Mexico, and set in motion unprecedented flows of unqualified welfare seekers. These will over time effectively destroy Western countries, because it is obvious that they, and only they, will be the end destinations.

What is truly appalling is the deliberate dearth of coverage, and that is no coincidence. For some reason Western Media channels are almost without exception populated with a particular brand of self-loathing people, and they realize full well that IF this UN "Pact" would get the airplay a thing of this size is worth, it would upset the populations in the entire West.

What has happened now is that only as recently as July, the text was ready, all of it under the radar, so to speak, so that only adoption by the signatories remained - scheduled for December 10-11 of this year, in Morocco!

Here we find ourselves, with BARELY ONE MONTH TO GO before our gullible and/or complicit politicians sign what is in effect a betrayal of their populations, and only the US, Poland, Australia, Hungary and now Austria have announced they reject this disastrous plan.

If therefore you live in a Western country other than the ones just mentioned, contact your local politicians and confront them with the disaster that is waiting to happen - under their watch. Tell him or her in no uncertain terms that it is not OUR responsibility to welcome the spoils of failed societies, because the to be expected migration flows will not come from successful nations like Singapore, Taiwan or Chili. Instead, count on it that they will come primarily from muslim and African countries. The existence of a reported volume of 250 million people on the move globally is primarily a clear sign that the countries these people come from have FAILED, and with these migrants will come the culture, mindset and customs that are the reason for the failures. Facilitating, and later on even legalizing their invasion of successful nations, in casu in the West, is SUICIDAL.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Is it just me, or would this movement never have seen the light of day with another President than Donald Trump in the White House?

Meet Blexit.

Learn more on David Harris' site.

Anyway, the emergence of an organization like this is long overdue. It would be very nice if out of all the tens of thousands of sociologists out there, there would be one, JUST ONE, who would decide to do a study about the income/employment/health/housing/general happiness situation of those African Americans who live conservative lifestyles, i.e. they got married before having children, finished high school, embarked on some form of higher education, stayed away from drugs and crime, got themselves a decent job etc etc etc.

But of course we won't see such a study soon, because sociology is one of those fields where leftist types seem to gravitate to as if by magic, and the only studies they do are those where they have already determined the outcome before even beginning them: that African Americans are left behind in all strata of society because, wait for it, evil whites and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism!

I don't need such a study, because I am convinced African Americans (I actually don't like the term, but so be it) who do live 'the conservative way' are mucho mucho mucho better off - than the ones still pinning their hopes on demoncraps, the NAACP, sluts à la Beyonce, anchors like Don Lemon and other assorted frauds.

I wish the men and women of Blexit all the best! Escaping from the Democrat Thought Plantation must be an exhilarating experience.


Monday, October 29, 2018


Another headline becoming all too common:

Gates of Vienna has the goods. The following is a video plus transcript from the major German magazine BILD, translated for GoV by MissPiggy:

"Up to 15 Men Involved in Group Rape of 18-Year-Old Girl in Freiburg

Freiburg — Two weeks ago the evening started with a techno party in a Freiburg disco. For a girl (18) the night ended in a nightmare: the Syrian Majd H. (21) raped her in front of the club in the bushes. After the deed, the refugee brought his friends, and at least seven other men (19-30 years) raped the defenceless woman (she was drugged) for over four hours. The seven perpetrators are Syrians; another suspect (25) has a German passport. Everyone is now in custody!

Unbelievable: According to BILD’s information, the main culprit, Majd H., was already being sought for another arrest warrant by the police before the gang rape. He should have been in custody at the time of the crime!

The unbelievable act: On the night of October 14, the victim went to the disco with a friend. The girls met Majd H. and one of his friends there.

Majd H. is said to have sold an ecstasy tablet to the 18-year-old. After taking the pill, Majd H. gave her a drink. Whether there were knockout drops in it will be clarified through the police investigation.

According to the latest findings, Majd H. led the girl out around midnight. What happened next the police described on Friday as follows: “In nearby shrubbery it came to a sexual assault, according to the victim. After this, more perpetrators are said to have raped the incapacitated girl.”

The girl told the police that she was unable to move or call for help in the bushes. BILD learned: Investigators believe that up to 15 perpetrators raped the 18-year-old! It was not until four o’clock in the morning that the tormentors left her."

Multiculturalism, the gift that keeps on giving. Naturally, not a peep from CDU, Buendnis90-Gruene, SPD, FDP aka Fifty Shades of Red auch bekannt wie Fuenfzig Toene Rot. But why would they? After all, the girl was already TWICE the age of Aisha when she was penetrated by the big hero of their friends the muslims, so why all the fuss?


Sunday, October 28, 2018


As has been our custom for the past 4 years, our family spends Easter vacation in England's south. We only take a 5-day break, so Scotland or even Northern England aren't practical, but the South is just fine because from where we live it's a mere 2 hours to the Shuttle terminal at Coquelles near Calais, and from there, woosh, 25 minutes later you come above ground near Folkestone.

This year we stayed at a B&B in Hutton, near Weston-Super-Mare, and on one of our day trips we visited Bristol. That city boasts some great attractions, among them the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Isambard Kingdom Brunel's SS Great Britain (an absolute MUST-SEE), and... the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

They have damn fine collections there, and I'll have to thank the BMAG for enlightening me on the subject of British Impressionism. Indeed, for a very long time I thought that Albion's only noteworthy impressionist was Alfred Sisley (who even spent most of his life in France). It turned out I was mistaken.

Here's The Mackerel Shawl, a breathtakingly beautiful work crafted in 1910 by Algernon Talmage, a turn-of-the-century artist who lived and worked in a studio called 'The Cabin' in St Ives, Cornwall (we may very well visit there next year).


And this is Holidays, by Talmage's contemporary Harry Watson. From ca. 1920.

It is possible that Watson did not think of himself as an Impressionist per se, but since he was a strong believer in en plein air painting, typical for the movement, his works almost invariably breathe Impressionism.

And oh, I'm pleased with getting the colours of The Mackerel Shawl somewhat right, even though from my ole iPhone 4 you know, but the Holidays shown here I copied from the web (since unable to find it right away in the labyrinth that is this laptop). Trust me, Watson's painting in real is far more thrilling.