Monday, October 29, 2018


Another headline becoming all too common:

Gates of Vienna has the goods. The following is a video plus transcript from the major German magazine BILD, translated for GoV by MissPiggy:

"Up to 15 Men Involved in Group Rape of 18-Year-Old Girl in Freiburg

Freiburg — Two weeks ago the evening started with a techno party in a Freiburg disco. For a girl (18) the night ended in a nightmare: the Syrian Majd H. (21) raped her in front of the club in the bushes. After the deed, the refugee brought his friends, and at least seven other men (19-30 years) raped the defenceless woman (she was drugged) for over four hours. The seven perpetrators are Syrians; another suspect (25) has a German passport. Everyone is now in custody!

Unbelievable: According to BILD’s information, the main culprit, Majd H., was already being sought for another arrest warrant by the police before the gang rape. He should have been in custody at the time of the crime!

The unbelievable act: On the night of October 14, the victim went to the disco with a friend. The girls met Majd H. and one of his friends there.

Majd H. is said to have sold an ecstasy tablet to the 18-year-old. After taking the pill, Majd H. gave her a drink. Whether there were knockout drops in it will be clarified through the police investigation.

According to the latest findings, Majd H. led the girl out around midnight. What happened next the police described on Friday as follows: “In nearby shrubbery it came to a sexual assault, according to the victim. After this, more perpetrators are said to have raped the incapacitated girl.”

The girl told the police that she was unable to move or call for help in the bushes. BILD learned: Investigators believe that up to 15 perpetrators raped the 18-year-old! It was not until four o’clock in the morning that the tormentors left her."

Multiculturalism, the gift that keeps on giving. Naturally, not a peep from CDU, Buendnis90-Gruene, SPD, FDP aka Fifty Shades of Red auch bekannt wie Fuenfzig Toene Rot. But why would they? After all, the girl was already TWICE the age of Aisha when she was penetrated by the big hero of their friends the muslims, so why all the fuss?


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