Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Is it just me, or would this movement never have seen the light of day with another President than Donald Trump in the White House?

Meet Blexit.

Learn more on David Harris' site.

Anyway, the emergence of an organization like this is long overdue. It would be very nice if out of all the tens of thousands of sociologists out there, there would be one, JUST ONE, who would decide to do a study about the income/employment/health/housing/general happiness situation of those African Americans who live conservative lifestyles, i.e. they got married before having children, finished high school, embarked on some form of higher education, stayed away from drugs and crime, got themselves a decent job etc etc etc.

But of course we won't see such a study soon, because sociology is one of those fields where leftist types seem to gravitate to as if by magic, and the only studies they do are those where they have already determined the outcome before even beginning them: that African Americans are left behind in all strata of society because, wait for it, evil whites and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism!

I don't need such a study, because I am convinced African Americans (I actually don't like the term, but so be it) who do live 'the conservative way' are mucho mucho mucho better off - than the ones still pinning their hopes on demoncraps, the NAACP, sluts à la Beyonce, anchors like Don Lemon and other assorted frauds.

I wish the men and women of Blexit all the best! Escaping from the Democrat Thought Plantation must be an exhilarating experience.


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