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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Over at American Thinker, Selwyn Duke has a sad and sobering article on the recent murder of a French teacher, a Mme. Fabienne Calmes, in the southern French town of Albi. In my country's written and televized news, the perpetrator was described as a "mother", and it looks like this was basically the same everywhere in the politically correct, erm, enlightened parts of the globe.

Before we proceed to Dukes story, let us recap how Belgium's "prime" "newspaper" De Standaard covered the story:

 photo DS_Fabienne_Calmes_zps2c049b1a.jpg

So... this morning a French teacher in grade school was stabbed to death in front of her pupils...

... it happened in Albi, in the south of France...

... the perpetrator, the MOTHER of one of the pupils, could right away be arrested...

... it is a woman known to have PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS...

I must admit that upon reading it, I somehow knew right away something was fishy. But I had so much other stuff on my head - I still have - and it seemed to me there was about a gazillion other topics to write about, that it slipped away from my conscience.

Until half an hour ago I was reminded of it again. By the American Thinker article.

Selwyn Duke:

"It was headlining AOL on Friday: a story about a woman stabbing a schoolteacher to death in front of a class of five and six-year-olds. The gruesome and bloody crime occurred in the southern French town of Albi; the victim was a 34-year-old mother of two.

But a certain bit of information is conspicuously missing from virtually all the reportage. We’re told the killer was under the impression that the teacher had accused her five-year-old daughter of theft. We’re told she had a history of child abuse and “severe psychiatric problems.” We’re told she’s 47. And we’re told she’s a she. But her name is nowhere to be found, and information about her background is...well, you’ll see.

This isn’t true of the victim. Every news source I checked provided her name. The International Business Times (IBD) even led with it in the title: “Deranged Mother Kills Teacher Fabienne Terral-Calmès in Front of Class.” The killer, however, is almost universally identified as “the mother.” But I was sure I knew what the big secret was. Those tow-headed Norwegians are at it again.

The AOL piece, from the AP, did the "The Mother" thing exclusively. Other sources, such as IBD, reported that the police have not released the attacker’s name but that she’s of Spanish origins. Ah, okay, a Franco supporter, no doubt. But I still thought I knew the truth.

So I dug further. New York’s Daily News reported that “[a]uthorities would not comment on what spurred the horrific stabbing.” The BBC said that The Mother used a “long knife.” The Telegraph identified The Mother as a “Spanish national” (emphasis added). We’re getting closer…

I even checked the French publication L’Expresse, which, after being spit out the other end of Google Translate, told us about The Mother, “[I]t would be of Spanish nationality” (obfuscation is always a bit more interesting when processed through artificial unintelligence). The paper also tells us that the school “is located in the district Lapanouse in sensitive urban areas.”

“Sensitive urban areas.”

My, that could be the electronic translation of “scary ghettos where angry, unassimilable North African immigrants will rob you blind and beat you within an inch of your life while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and where, when you call the gendarmes, they say, ‘Are you crazy, Monsieur? We’re not setting foot in there!”

Or it could be that we’ve got nothing on the French when it comes to euphemizing.

Anyway, the “sensitive urban areas” link takes you to a demographics page that, while telling you nothing about race that I can see (I hear they can’t collect that kind of information in France), gives you all sorts of statistics relating to income, education, employment, etc. Because hey, we know that everything boils down to economics. Allahu Milton Friedman.

But now we come to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. Ah, the headline-hungry Mail. It actually tells us in a subtitle that The Mother – get the digitalis and hold on to your hat – is “Moroccan-born.”

Of Spanish descent and of Catholic background, I’m sure.

Now, come on, lamestream media, you can do it. Say, “Mus…lah…” That’s it, come on, concentrate. “Musl…l…l…ugh…”

Okay, clear your throat, take a sip of water, and, you know, if at first you don’t succeed…


There ya go! Was that so hard? I know it doesn’t roll off the tongue when doing negative pieces quite like “Christian,” “conservative,” or “Tea Party” does. But no one ever said journalism would be simple and easy, especially since it is mainly practiced by the simple-minded of easy virtue.

Of course, what will now easily roll off the tongue, in reaction to my commentary here, is “racist!,” even though Islam isn’t a race. “Okay, then Duke must be a religionist. Hmm, no, that’s not it. But he’s got to be some kind of -ist.”

I’m a realist. Some will ask why any of this matters, what purpose it serves to identify the Islamic faith of criminals other than to inspire hatred toward Muslims. Well, why identify a perpetrator as a woman, mother, “youth,” or man? We could just write, “Sentient biped disrupts the function of other sentient biped with forged implement.” That is, until the National Organization for the Advancement of Sentient Bipeds gets in on the act.

It’s no doubt true that people aren’t too likely to persecute more basic groups such as men or youths, since we all usually have men and youths in our families. Racial, ethnic, or creed-oriented hatred can be dangerous. But then why was George Zimmerman quite tendentiously branded a “white Hispanic,” an approach that led to attacks on whites? Why is it that all and sundry claim to this day that mass killers are inordinately white when even just a cursory examination of the facts proves that this isn’t so? Don’t believe for a moment that the media really care about racial harmony. They care about political correctness.

The point here is that when the media steadfastly suppress the facts about crime – skewing people’s grasp of reality with respect to it – there’s a problem. And when the media consistently exercise a double standard, twisting truth to demonize whites or Christians while calling those who speak the truth demons, we have to ask: where does the prejudice really lie?

It lies with the liars."

There's another line of the Mail Online article which struck me:

"François Hollande described the killing as a 'horrific tragedy'."

But oh yes!!!! Certainly a 'horrific tragedy'!!! You know what, when at the end of May a gunman murdered four people in the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the crême de la crême of our political sophisticates tripped over each other to let the world know via their twitter accounts that that too, was a horrific tragedy!!!

Just look at their twitter messages, people! How compassionate they all are!

Didier Reynders, Minister of Finance, Walloon Liberals; Paul Magnette, coming man of the Parti Socialiste; Wouter Van Besien, chairman of the Flemish Greens; Kris Peeters, Flanders' Minister President (of the Flemish "Christian" "Democrats"):

 photo reacties_JM_a_zps301a7d50.jpg

Elio Di Rupo, Belgian PM, of the Parti Socialiste; Charles Michel, chairman of the Walloon Liberals (MR); Gwendolyn Rutten, chairwoman of the Flemish Liberals; Annemie Turtelboom, a liberal minister in the federal government:

 photo reacties_JM_b_zps951a4e51.jpg

Brigitte Grouwels, top "christian" "democrate female politician for Flemings in Brussels; Freya Vandenbossche, leading lady of the Flemish Socialists; Geert Bourgeois, NVA-minister in the Flemish Government:

 photo reacties_JM_c_zps2c57d4d3.jpg

Wow. All of those people are shocked, shocked, SHOCKED!!!!! But curiously, they all seem to be completely ignorant of the nature of the attack, of the motives of the perpetrator. Now, killing JEWS, of all people, on a sunny afternoon in a JEWISH museum in Brussels, who could possibly DO such a thing?? Members of the Saint Andrews Golf Club? The Scouts? The National Bank of Finland? Papa Smurf?

And the reaction of Jozef De Witte, CGKR President? Hint: 'CGKR' stands for Centrum voor Gelijke Kansen en Racismebestrijding, or 'Centre for Equal Opportunities and Combating Racism'. Well, I myself must have missed it, but over at Steynonline I discovered in mark Steyn's mailbox a message from a compatriot of mine living in Antwerp, a certain (name removed upon request by the individual):

"Concerning the column you wrote a couple of days ago about the shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, I must say you are absolutely right. Jozef De Witte, head of the Centre of Equality and Fight Against Racism (one of our many Orwellian institutions) declared shortly after the shooting that it is racist to suspect the perpetrator to be a Muslim. Police officials also urged our press not to make suggestions as to the identity of the killer. But according to a newspaper, the killer had fled to "De Marollen", one of our many flourishing multicultural neighborhoods. Today, it was reported that a Brussels-born Syria-fighter is suspected to have committed the attack."

 photo jozefdewitte_zps33c069ef.jpg

DowneastBlog readers may be acquainted with Jozef De Witte, a notorious leftist shmuck and very, very anti-Israel. "to suggest that the Jewish Museum Killer is muslim is racist". Yes indeed.

Alas for mr De Witte, time and again Reality smashes his utopian pipedreams to cinders, and this was no different. A couple of days later, conveniently AFTER the elections, the perpetrator was arrested in Marseille. Many, many news outlets described this fella as a 'Frenchman':

 photo mehdi_nemmouche_zpseaeff3fd.jpg

But people with their heads screwed on right know what they see. This is not Jean-Claude Dupont, but Mehdi Nemmouche, a muslim of north african origin. Who coincidentally had also had some field training in Syria.

That squad of fucking hyporcites above are exactly the kind of people who cheerfully opened the sluices to let types like Nemmouche in. If Brussels, Europes "Capital" is right now at least 25 per cent muslim, we have people like Elio Di Rupo, our openly gay PM, to thank for it - a decade ago, they just couldn't wait to get the Quick Citizenship Bill passed, which gave at least 600,000 foreigners who don't give a jolt about integrating into our society a Belgian ID.

We have people like Geert Bourgeois to thank for it, who, as a Flemish Interior Minister is hellbent on recognizing mosques and providing taxpayer money for it.

We have Annemie Turtelboom to thank for it, oh so brave when lambasting the Vlaams Belang and priding herself on her 'feminism' - then staying mute when she was OPENLY ridiculed, in April 2012, by the Moroccan PM who continued to pretend she was an interpreter:

 photo marokkaanse-premier-ziet-turtelboom-voor-tolk-reynders_zps61af1a52.jpg

In 2012, during a visit to Morocco, Foreign Minister Didier Reynders and Justice Minister Annemie Turtelboom were met by Moroccan PM Abdelilah Benkirane. While the latter heaped praise onto Reynders, he did not deem Turtelboom worth a glance. To Reynders he remarked at some point: 'You speak French fluently. You should not have come with an interpreter'. And this while he had been thoroughly informed, on several occasions, that Turtelboom was Justice Minister'.

The above personages are heartbreakingly typical for the kind of spineless, principle-less, and ultimately ball-less creeps who make up our establishment political class and who bear a murderous responsibility for comfortably installing ISLAM in our lands.

Neither of them are pro-Israel. The only pro-Israel party in Belgium is the Vlaams Belang.

I do not share PM Netanyahu's point of view that the anti-Israel attitude cultivated in Europe by our moral betters is responsible for the murders in the Jewish Museum and other sinister deeds of terror. Their hostility vis-à-vis Israel has certainly led to a degree of resentment amongst the broad population against the Jewish State and Jews in general. But that will not lead to Jan Van Steenbergen in some run of the mill Flemish town deciding 'I've had enough of those pesky Jews, I'm gonna fry some Jewish ass today'.

But responsible for flooding our originally Christian lands with MILLIONS of followers of the 'prophet'? YES.

And in that sense, the likes of Hollande and the likes of Di Rupo... certainly have the blood of Fabienne Calmes on their hands:

 photo Fabienne_Calmes_zpsa3d69393.jpg

These girls will have to grow up without their mother. Courtesy a muslim savage. And courtesy our insane political class which is hellbent on importing islam in Europe. Jozef de Witte, that scoundrel who stated that suggesting that the Jewish Museum killer was a muslim would be 'racist', famously remarked a couple of years ago that he did not see the difference between churchbells ringing and the sound of a muezzin calling to prayer. And François Hollande, who just as Elio Di Rupo, Paul Magnette, Annemie Turtelboom, Geert Bourgeois, Gwendolyn Rutten et al was 'shocked', and who would not admit in a million years that a molecule of islam was somehow involved in this 'horrific tragedy', was elected by the muslim vote and is presiding over the European country par excellence that will inevitably turn into the first muslim country in our continent.

We will have to deplore many more Fabienne Calmes, and at each occasion have to endure even a lot more crocodile tears from our perpetually 'shocked' hypocrite political class, before enough people realize how we have been BETRAYED by those swines.