Saturday, October 15, 2016


Dinosaur Jr. with Feel the pain. From the 1994 album Without a sound.

Rock band from Amherst, MA. Formed in 1984.

Then some raw but cool grunge sounds from Love Battery: Between the eyes. From the 1991 album with the same name.

From Seattle (of course). Formed in 1989. Still around, after a couple of hiccups.

Goede nacht.



A short but great stump speech by a damn good actor, Jon Voight:

And eternal scorn for a bunch of godforsaken GOP TRAITORS, first and foremost among them Paul Ryan. It's unbelievable, but hearing and watching this creep makes me long for John Boehner. When all this is over and Trump does become POTUS, HEADS MUST ROLL.


Thursday, October 13, 2016


Déjà vu all over again. By which I do not mean the spirited resistance of ordinary - our moral betters might say deplorable - Romanians against the planned neo-Ottoman invasion in the heart of Bucharest, Romania's capital, but the willingness with which PM Victor Ponta gave permission to construct Eastern Europe's second largest mosque.

Soeren Kern reports for the indispensable The Gatestone Institute:

"Opponents of a proposed Turkish mega-mosque in Romania's capital, Bucharest, have filed a lawsuit against the government in an effort to halt the project. The court is set to begin hearing the case on October 14.

The lawsuit seeks to reverse a June 2015 decision by the Romanian prime minister at the time, Victor Ponta, to approve construction of what could become the largest mosque in Eastern Europe — second only to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul — on a large tract of city-owned land in northern Bucharest.

The property, valued at more than four million euros ($4.4 million), is being provided for free by the Romanian government, while the construction costs, estimated at three million euros ($3.3 million), are being paid for by Turkey.

Ponta said the mosque will reap economic benefits for Romania because Turkey is the country's leading non-EU trading partner. The mosque's critics, including an array of Romanian academics, historians, politicians, anti-immigration groups and even some Muslims, counter that not only will it increase Turkish influence over Romania, it will also encourage Muslim immigration to the country.

The Bucharest mosque is the result of more than a decade of talks between the Romanian and Turkish governments. The original deal called for a "mutual exchange" in which Romania would build a new Orthodox Church in Istanbul, while Turkey would build the mosque in Bucharest.

In July 2015, however, Ponta revealed that the Romanian government had abandoned the Istanbul church project because it is "not allowed under Turkish law." Ponta approved the Bucharest mosque project anyway, saying it was a multicultural symbol of Romania's acceptance of the Muslim community.

Ponta's decision to approve the mosque, which will mimic Ottoman-era architecture, was greeted with outrage in a country that was under Ottoman Turkish domination for nearly five centuries until 1877.

"Turkey attempts a symbolic conquest of Europe through these mosques," said Tudor Ionescu, leader of the anti-immigration Noua Dreaptă (New Right) party. "I don't know why we are the recipients of such a 'blessing.'" Noua Dreaptă has organized protests against the project where people have chanted, "Romania is not a Turkish province.""

 photo no_mosque_bucharest1_zps3ttqmjil.jpg

"Critics say the large size of the mosque is out of proportion to the small size of Bucharest's Muslim population. The 13,000 square meter (140,000 square foot) project, to be situated near the Romexpo trade fair grounds, includes a mosque for 2,000 worshippers, a Koran school, a library and a recreational center.

Bucharest is home to around 9,000 Muslims who are being served by ten mosques scattered throughout the city. The Muslim population of Romania is 65,000, or less than one percent of the country's population of 19.5 million. Most are ethnic Turks and Tatars living in the Dobrogea region of eastern Romania.

In an interview with Balkan Insight, historian Ionut Cojocaru said:

~"It is a bit surprising, building such a big mosque in a country where the number of Muslims is very small. This is just a sign of Turkey's neo-Ottoman policy, which is designed to promote its economic and political interests all around the Balkans."

Turkey has been on a mega-mosque building spree across the Balkans and Eastern Europe as part of an effort by Ankara to expand its influence — and its brand of Islam — in the region.

In interviews with Balkan specialist Michael Bird, several observers said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's international mosque-building program is part of a plan to project Turkey as the pre-eminent Muslim nation."

 photo no_mosque_bucharest2_zps6xq7nkbr.jpg

"... Islamic State has repeatedly stated that Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe and the Balkans are part of its "pan-Islamic Caliphate." Omar Bakri Muhammad, a prominent Sunni Islamist cleric who has recruited British jihadis for Islamic State, has alleged that Romania is Islamic territory. In an interview with the Bulgarian daily 24 Chasa (24 Hours), he said:

~"Once Islam enters a land, that land becomes Islamic and Muslims have the duty to liberate it someday. Spain, for example, is Islamic land, and so is Eastern Europe: Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia..."

Basescu has also said he believes the mosque — the first purpose-built mosque in the Romanian capital (the existing places of Muslim worship in the city are buildings converted into mosques or prayer rooms) — is not actually meant for Bucharest's Muslim population, but for Muslim migrants who will arrive in the years ahead.

During a visit to Romania in April 2015, President Erdoğan said the mosque will be the "the most beautiful expression of dialogue and solidarity between the two countries.""

What a stinking piece of shit. Erdogan, I mean. And what he says too. How can a one-way building "exchange" be a "most beautiful expression of dialogue"??? One will quicker have tea with BigFoot than a sensible, respectful dialogue with a muslim.

"... During an official visit to Turkey in March 2016, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis tried to reassure Erdoğan that the mosque project is moving forward, despite mounting opposition at home. Commenting on the trip, the daily România Liberă wrote:

~"Apparently Iohannis demanded nothing but a measly Orthodox chapel that will probably be built somewhere on the outskirts of Istanbul in exchange for the construction of the mosque.... Erdoğan has inherited from the Ottomans the skill of making his guests feel more important than they are. ... Iohannis was welcomed with a military ceremony including the firing of 21 cannon salvoes which only sultans offer their guests. ... In the end, however, Erdoğan will despise him for letting himself be tricked and making it so easy for him to turn the president of an EU state into a vassal of his court."

Some Romanian politicians are now calling for a referendum on the mosque. More than 90% of the public is opposed to the project, according to an online survey conducted by the mainstream newspaper Gândul.

Meanwhile, the pending lawsuit calls on the court to annul the government's grant of free city land for the mosque project. The lawsuit states:

~ "We consider the disposal of free land which, ironically, belonged to the family of Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu, who was beheaded by the Turks on August 15, 1714, to be a betrayal of the Romanian people. In the current context in which all of Europe is being brought to its knees by terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists, we are entitled to fear the establishment of Islamic learning schools. We believe the Romanian state is unable to ensure the security of its citizens, and approving a mega-mosque in Romania could set a precedent with unintended catastrophic consequences."

Support the brave Romanians in their battle not only against neo-ottoman imperialism, but first and foremost against their own traitorous leaders!


Monday, October 10, 2016


Over the weekend I had a post detailing with muslim cultural enrichment in Europe and why Trump's underwear humor of 11 years ago is so much much much much more important.

Here are some more details on one of the Cultural Enrichment topics, namely the one in Viry-Chatillon, France, where a muslim mob tossed a molotov cocktail inside a police vehicle with two officers still in it. The vehicle's doors were subsequently hit by such a veritable hail of stones that the officers could not get out at first. Only in the nick of time did they escape with their lives... barely.

 photo viry-chatillon2016_zps6zpju47y.jpg

Via François Desouche, some videos:

On this video you can see the officers being treated on the spot:

"One of the two officers is right now between life and death, after the Molotov cocktail attack on two police vehicles, yesterday, Saturday 8 October. His state of health is very worrisome. "The man in question is a 28-year old security agent whose body has been burned more than 30 per cent. He will certainly need skin replacement in the face. He risks losing one of his hands", the journalist said.

The officers' lungs have also been extremely damaged by the fumes. His co-rider, a 39-year old "gardienne de paix" [not sure what the English translation is - MFBB] has also been badly burned over 15 per cent of her body. According to witnesses, just after the attack her first words were for her children". The two officers are still hospitalized and Bernard Cazeneuve has visited them."

The officer who was burned for 30% is for the moment being held in an artifical coma.

In other news, a poll conducted by the private TV broadcaster VTM News and the weekly Humo revealed that one in five muslims in Flanders, Belgium's northern, Dutch-speaking part, has sympathy for IS and the way it wages war.

 photo flemish_muslims_2016_zpsi32oxquq.jpg

Those one in five represent only the ones who had guts enough to claim loud and clear they were IS supporters.

Count on many more who secretly are IS sympathizers but did a taqqiya on the VTM and Humo pollsters.

Yes, by all means, let's allow more muslims in the West, by the millions if possible! Merkel and Obama say so!

Be all that as it may, it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT that a video from 2010 has surfaced in which Trump has said that country singer Emily West needs a damn dermatologist.