Monday, October 10, 2016


Over the weekend I had a post detailing with muslim cultural enrichment in Europe and why Trump's underwear humor of 11 years ago is so much much much much more important.

Here are some more details on one of the Cultural Enrichment topics, namely the one in Viry-Chatillon, France, where a muslim mob tossed a molotov cocktail inside a police vehicle with two officers still in it. The vehicle's doors were subsequently hit by such a veritable hail of stones that the officers could not get out at first. Only in the nick of time did they escape with their lives... barely.

 photo viry-chatillon2016_zps6zpju47y.jpg

Via François Desouche, some videos:

On this video you can see the officers being treated on the spot:

"One of the two officers is right now between life and death, after the Molotov cocktail attack on two police vehicles, yesterday, Saturday 8 October. His state of health is very worrisome. "The man in question is a 28-year old security agent whose body has been burned more than 30 per cent. He will certainly need skin replacement in the face. He risks losing one of his hands", the journalist said.

The officers' lungs have also been extremely damaged by the fumes. His co-rider, a 39-year old "gardienne de paix" [not sure what the English translation is - MFBB] has also been badly burned over 15 per cent of her body. According to witnesses, just after the attack her first words were for her children". The two officers are still hospitalized and Bernard Cazeneuve has visited them."

The officer who was burned for 30% is for the moment being held in an artifical coma.

In other news, a poll conducted by the private TV broadcaster VTM News and the weekly Humo revealed that one in five muslims in Flanders, Belgium's northern, Dutch-speaking part, has sympathy for IS and the way it wages war.

 photo flemish_muslims_2016_zpsi32oxquq.jpg

Those one in five represent only the ones who had guts enough to claim loud and clear they were IS supporters.

Count on many more who secretly are IS sympathizers but did a taqqiya on the VTM and Humo pollsters.

Yes, by all means, let's allow more muslims in the West, by the millions if possible! Merkel and Obama say so!

Be all that as it may, it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT that a video from 2010 has surfaced in which Trump has said that country singer Emily West needs a damn dermatologist.




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