Saturday, February 13, 2016


Tomorrow it's Valentine's Day, so you'll forgive ole Outlaw the saccharine.

David Soul aka Hutch (from the 1975-1979 cop series Starsky and Hutch) with Don't give up on us, a 1976 smash hit pretty much worldwide.

Kind of far away from his role as renegade San Francisco cop John Davis in Magnum Force, huh?

Roger Daltrey with Without your love.

1980 hit from the soundtrack of the movie McVicar.

Good night, and take care of your sweetheart tomorrow.



Mark Steyn is in Oz, and he mentions an all too familiar observation by one Claryssa Bye, who writes for the Daily Telegraph there:

Australia's population has just hit a new high of 24 million. But, as in Britain, Canada, France and elsewhere, the question is what's driving that population growth. Clarissa Bye reports in the Aussie Daily Telegraph that there are strange discrepancies between the robust fertility rates in certain parts of Sydney (Lakemba, at right) and the dearth of births in others (Surry Hills, Potts Point). As she notes, Lebanese- and Syrian-born residents have an average of four and 3.5 children respectively, whereas Australian-born women have 1.86.

 photo lakemba_sydney_24_january_2015_zpsegwyxyie.jpg

Muslims in Lakemba, 24 January 2015, defending their leering illiterate murderous fucker of 9-year old children, aka 'the prophet mohammed' (Piss be upon him in royal quantities). Why is it that we never have these troubles with the Thai, Armenian, Chinese or Chilean immigrants in our midst? (I name just a few of the nationalities in my own hometown, pop. 34,000)

Along the way in Ms Bye's story, a certain demographic doom-monger puts in an appearance:

IT'S the biggest story of our times, but political correctness has stifled debate so badly that politicians are too afraid to even talk about it.

According to visiting ­Canadian author and free-speech advocate Mark Steyn, low birth rates have put Western societies into a "demographic death spiral"...

"Normally for a population transformation you need a Black Death, the Plague or a world war," he said. "But in this case we are having it without any of that. That's why it's the most fascinating question of our times."

People underestimate how fast this change takes place. A small minority having four kids doesn't sound that big a deal. But, to keep the math simple, take a population of 100,000, 90 per cent of whom have 1.86 kids per woman and 10 per cent of whom have four:

The 90,000 have 83,700 children;
The 10,000 have 20,000 children.

In turn:

The 83,700 have 77,841 children;
The 20,000 have 40,000 children.

And thereafter the minority is the majority. And all that growth is without a single new immigrant...


Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Via Riposte Laïque, a site I should actually link more to:

Simone is a citizen of the northern French town of Calais, infamous for having the "Jungle" right next door. Hear her testimony:

Hat tip Gates of Vienna.


Sunday, February 07, 2016


A chilling article in that leftozoid rag De Standaard.

 photo DS_kanaalplan_zpsadftucbi.jpg


In 2019, Belgian Police will draft another 1,000 officers in the fight against radicalisation and terrorism, the federal government announced in a press conference. [Of these] the plan involves three hundred extra officers for Brussels.

The so-called "Channel Plan" [named after the ABC-Channel which runs in a SW-NE angle through Brussels] is a result of the Paris terrorist attacks, which were linked to Brussels, and the heightened terror alert. Interior Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA), who prefers the label "Federal Action Plan against violent extremism and terrorism", emphasizes that the Cha
nnel Plan for Brussels fits in the Federal Action Plan.


Three hundred officers are scheduled to be deployed in eight communes in Brussels, among them Molenbeek, Schaarbeek, Vilvoorde en Anderlecht. To tackle radicalization a different approach on several levels is necessary, said Jambon. And therefore good communications are necessary.

 photo kanaalplan_jambon_zpstpvw3va4.jpg

The Channel Plan is built around four chapters: Prevention, Administration, Operational and Judicial. One of the cornerstones of the plan is getting to know who exactly resides in the communes and where. Returned Syria fighters must be watched closer and the illegal economy supporting terrorism, like identity fraud and gun trade, will be taken on. Apart from that, "centers of hate preaching" must be snuffed out.

State Security gets 103 extra staff and the border controls in the airports will be reinforced. There is talk of a "Coast Plan" to avoid the emergence of refugee camps. There, too, police will be reinforced. Justice Minister Koen Geens (of the Christian Democrat party CDV) will step up efforts to reinforce Prosecution in Brussels and Halle-Vilvoorde.

Some of the measures included in the Judicial Chapter:

* Reinforcing the (follow up of the) registration mechanism of mosques and prayer houses
* Courts and Prosecution will be reinforced with 42 magistrates and 126 staffers
* Deradicalization programmes in Ittre and Hasselt will be reinforced with 36 prison guards
* State Security will be reinforced with 103 personnel
* CTIF, the joint Judicial and Police organization charged with wiretapping and communication interception will get 6.9 million EUR extra
* The budgets for the growing investigation costs like trace analysis, DNA analysis et al will be enhanced with 16 million EUR

In all, the measures approved by the government encompass 300 million EUR for a scheduled budget of 400 million EUR. One hundred million EUR is held in reserve, to be used later in the year. 72 million EUR goes to the Justice Department."

Why do I write "chilling"?

Can't you see for yourself?

What we have here are a set of measures which would be WHOLLY, TO-TAL-LY UNNECESSARY if past governments had not pursued insane policies dictated by the vile idelogy of multiculturalism. This may sound over the top, but it is not.

In March 2000, the then government Verhofstadt I passed the notorious Snel-Belg Wet (Quick Citizenship Bill), a wreck of a law on a par with other "jewels" of measures like the Euthanisia Law, Gay Marriage, and, in 2003, the official refusal to participate in the liberation of Iraq.

But the Quick Citizenship Bill would perhaps prove the most disastrous of all. It made becoming a naturalized Belgian so easy that not even proof of willingness to integrate, the minimum of which was learning one of Belgium's three official languages, was needed.

Although never officially stated so, it is clear that the Quick Citizenship Bill was in reality meant to electorally cut off the ascendance of the Vlaams Blok, Belgium's only truly conservative party. Indeed, under its Chairman Frank Van Hecke, who in 1996 had taken over the post of Party Chairman from Karel Dillen, the VB's founder, the Vlaams Blok (after 2004 called Vlaams Belang) would continue to achieve electoral successes, ultimately culminating in the party acquiring 25 per cent of the Flemish vote in the 2004 elections.

The Quick Citizenship Bill was, not surprisingly, first and foremost the brainchild of the socialists and greens, apart from the liberals the other two factions in the Verhofstadt I government (it should be noted that this was the first and thus far the only time the greens participated in a federal government).

The socialist parties, SP.a in Flanders and the Parti Socialiste in Wallonia, had at the time already strongly established muslim political players, especially in Brussels.

The green parties, Groen! in Flanders and Ecolo in Wallonia, had smaller contingents of them but were economically even more to the left vis-à-vis their socialist counterparts.

The results of the Quick Citizenship Bill were disastrous, and over about the decade following its passing in the Belgian Parliament, an estimated 600,000 foreigners residing on Belgian soil acquired Belgian nationality and were henceforth allowed to vote in either municipal, regional or national elections.

Together with other legislation aimed at facilitating family reunions, and socio-demographical phenomena like the astounding fecundity of the "New Belgians" vis-à-vis the autochton population, the QCB changed the Belgian political landscape forever.

If today, Brussels, the European Capital so to say, is a staggering 25% muslim already, it is legislation like the Quick Citizenship Bill we have to "thank" for that.

With the enhanced muslim presence in all matters and strata of society, have come the near insurmountable problems so characteristic for basically every muslim society on the planet...

... so that today, in early 2016, vain idiots like Jan Jambon now have to resort to "Channel Plans" to try to counter the appalling results of fostering and allowing large communities in the heart of the country which are basically SUPPORTING TERRORISM.

Take Molenbeek, for example.

It is 80 per cent muslim.

If Molenbeek were, say, 80 per cent Japanese, it would in all likelihood be a tremendous bonus for Brussels and Belgium.

Molenbeek would almost certaily be very low on crime, and it would very probably be a veritable cash cow for Brussels. There would be high tech companies and the streets would be very tidy. There would be no "need" to hire city personnel in futile efforts to reduce rampant youth unemployment. To the contrary, youth unemployment and general unemployment in a "Japanese" Molenbeek would almost certainly be in the single digits.

But alas, Molenbeek is not 80% Japanese.

Molenbeek is 80% muslim.

And therefore, youth unemployment is something like 50 per cent.
The streets are dirty.
The shops are shabby.
Most eateries are unhygienic.
The city administration is bloated to no end (Among the hundreds of city employees paid handily to do nothing and vote Parti Socialiste, is a certain Mohammed Abdeslam, brother of Salah and Brahim Abdeslam, who participated in the November 2015 terror attacks).
Molenbeek boasts very few high tech companies, but a tremendous number of car import and export firms.
Fiscal oversight of businesses in Molenbeek is a joke, since VAT or Taxes officials dare not look too closely at the books of the kebab shops, garages or whatever.
Police dare not enter certain neighborhoods in Molenbeek.
Molenbeek is bankrupt.
Molenbeek is the jihadi capital of Europe, and at least a sizeable part of its population knows very well about the terrorists in its midst, but will do nothing to at least finger them to the police.

And that is why anno 2016 400 million EUR for a "Federal Action Plan" is needed.

And exercise in futility if ever there was one.

Not only is Belgium's muslim population deficient, in that it requires more money to "sustain" it than it contributes to the greater Belgian society...

... but also do the activities of certain, ah, individuals among that population require massive amounts of money to prevent widespread slaughter at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, to finance it all, the gullible autochton population pays taxes...

... and taxes...

... and taxes...

... and taxes...