Tuesday, February 05, 2008


As I am writing this, it's 1.28am. Outside, the wind is howling. In here, it's cozy and warm. It was a busy working day, which lasted until around 10pm. The house is asleep. I can see my wife lying in the sofa - she surrendered to Morpheus about one hour ago. Inside their respective rooms, our kids - aged 6 and eight-and-a-half- months - dream with little angels' faces of Ratatouille (perhaps) and mommie's milk (almost certainly). Downstairs, the cat is either out (madness) or preferred a spot for the night where I couldn't detect her. And here I sit, wasting precious sleeping time again because I am glued to the computer screen, swapping as I am between CNN, FOX, the BBC or even our own goddam media. I would never have guessed I'd become such a news junkie for the American elections. But in this age of limitless and ultrafast data, news about the hottest elections in decades crosses the Atlantic slower than a schooner, or so it seems. I will quit any moment now - gotta get up early tomorrow, rough day ahead. But I seem not to be able to say the Toshiba goodnight.

So come on. Spill.