Saturday, November 17, 2012


First Richard Wagner's ouverture of Tannhauser, his opera in three acts centered around the historical personage of Tannhauser, a medieval Minnesaenger and poet.

The soundtrack of the movie Gettysburg (1993), by film music composer Randy Edelman, contains some memorable pieces. The score starting at about 2:24 deserved further development. It accompanies General Buford, commander of the 1st Division, the Cavalry Corps, riding past the Selinary and spotting beyond it the temporarily retreating Confederate troops, probably Pettigrew's division.

Good night.


Friday, November 16, 2012


The disastrous news of the Romney/Ryan defeat was only one reason, though probably the main reason, of my light blogging over the past weeks. There's been, too, the terrible electoral loss of my party, the Vlaams Belang, in Belgium's municipal elections on October 14. To top it all off, I have been suffering from serious health-related problems that have been going on for almost three months now, and which may only now, very slowly, begin to grow somewhat easier to bear.

Anyway... I too, have been pondering long and hard about the reason, or reasons, why an creature of smoke and mirrors which sprang up from nowhere, brought an absolutely void and worthless message, and had a devastating effect on the US's economy, not to mention its standing in the world and its defence... was able to win a second term. And win it hands down.

Maybe I should not be so surprised. Have I not seen how Spain's Zapatero, after grounding Spain's economy to a sputtering halt in 2004, got re-elected easily, only to finish his work so completely that he left Spain with a staggering 25 per cent unemployment rate... for starters?

And have I not seen in my own country how the Walloon Parti Socialiste has turned Belgium's south in an economic quagmire, casting perhaps half the population in abject poverty and humiliating state dependency, only to be stronger than ever in the ballot box? Even to the point of delivering one of its icons, an openly gay communist, for Belgian PM?

It looks like I will have to adjust to the fact that while the ideal of fending for yourself, of leading a productive life, of holding high ideals like labor ethic, honor, truth, of living according to conservative rules, appeals to me, it just doesn't seem to appeal to a huge majority of people... especially people of color (though there is some hope yet for certain categories of Asians).

I was reminded of these thoughts when I came across this article:

A compelling article over at American Thinker: The Big Tent is empty.

"The day after amnesty is passed, a common response from the Latino community will be, "Thanks suckers. We'll never forget what racists you Republicans always were. Now, where is my handout?" All of the Republicans' soaring rhetoric about the creative power of capitalism and the moral imperative to limit government -- this is nothing but hot air to the hungry mouth that stands to benefit from a fatter Nanny State and the cuckold Uncle Sam. Immigrants, for whatever reason, are predisposed towards state largesse; 43 percent of immigrants who have been in the U.S. for more than 20 years are using welfare benefits. 57% of Mexican immigrants are on some form of welfare, compared with 6% of immigrants from the United Kingdom. It's an equally troubling fact that these immigrants are being indoctrinated in public schools. Liberals are cultivating hostility towards free markets and individual accountability, and they have found willing allies in the form of poorly educated, impoverished immigrants. Contrary to mainstream conservative wishful thinking, Hispanics do not become significantly more conservative as they move into the economic mainstream. Even Cuban young people are turning away from the conservative voting patterns of their forefathers here. Like blacks, Hispanics adopt the oppression fantasies of their indoctrination, and carry that ideology into the middle and upper class. Their racial solidarity has fused with a political ideology of liberalism, together fueling a monstrous expansion of the welfare state. These are patterns of behavior that can be observed and measured..."

Well then, here's another thruth.

We conservatives, and especially white conservatives, are better. We are stronger, smarter, tougher.

And we cannot allow liberals and their misguided acolytes among people of inferior cultures to ruin our homelands.

How do we turn the tide however, when we are clearly a minority, and even a shrinking minority at that?

Time to ponder.

In the meantime, we can and should at least prepare for ourselves and our loved ones to create our own personal strongholds to whither the coming storms.