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On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 a small gathering of about 200 people on Brussels Luxemburg Plaza was all that materialized of the predicted "tens of thousands" of concerned Europeans, set to demonstrate on that day against the islamization of Europe. Of course, the SIOE demonstration had been forbidden by the extreme leftwing mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans. Of course, the head of the German branch, Udo Ulfkotte, had but one week ago unilaterally decided to withdraw his support for the project. But still, two hundred people was an extremely meager number of people to address a very serious, pan-European problem.

The two hundred were not really demonstrating, but gathering.
They were not acting in a violent manner.
They were not destroying anything.
They were not hurling insults against the "authorities".
They were no vandals, no skinheads, no hotheads.

Yet the Brussels Police suddenly attacked in a coward and violent manner. Well-mannered, civilized, well-clothed and contributing European citizens and taxpayers were roughed up in the most appalling ways.

154 arrests were made.

September 11, 2007, was a day meant amongst others to commemmorate the victims of islamic terrorism.

The Brussels Police turned it in a Day of Infamy instead.

From a reader over at The Brussels Journal:

A Day in Brussels, A Fifty Yard View

Around 10:45, driving around the Luxembourg and Berlaymont areas in Brussels it became obvious the demonstration was en route to become “a whole lot ado ‘bout nothin’ ”. It’s hard to say whether there were 12 or 15 dozen demonstrators near the Europarliament Buildings, come noon, how many there were at the Luxemburg plaza or in between, I can’t say, but what was abundantly clear, was that these particular Brussels areas were under siege.

However much the Belgian media portray the SIOE demo as an anti-islam ralley, I wanted to be there because I’ve started reading the Koran about three years ago. I challenge any or other rational opponent of the demonstration to do the same and not be concerned. I happened to be in Brussels, since it matters to me personally, apart from the fact that 9/11 left a profound impression, and to this day still does, that is...

I wanted to see for myself how the authorities would react. Seeing is believing. As soon as I saw the might of the police and recognised the efforts the authorities had taken throughout the neighbouring communes, it was pretty clear most of those unorganised individuals who would have wanted to attend simply decided to do a 180 and got the hell out of Dodge. Police outnumbered demonstrators by some 300% (guesswork).

Impressive it was, and although throughout the surrounding area police forces kept to themselves, acting as inconspicuous as pink elephants near the north-pole, the cordon policiaire that had been thrown in front of the demonstrators, (keeping to the stairs of the roundabout opposite the Berlaymont-building), the flashing policecars, the horses, the dogs, and the riot-police stood their ground; in the side-streets numerous riot-cars went to all lengths to be overtly and utterly visible. Police in combat gear stood within shouting distance.

No crowds in their tens of thousands, not all too many banners or cards, some flags here and there, and most of the time the demonstrators were hidden behind the press-camera’s clicking away at God knows what. They didn’t wear combat boots, they didn’t carry any sticks, there were no baseball-bats, they didn’t wear face-masks, and they didn’t rip open the pavement, no window-panes shattered, no refuse-cans were lit, the café was open and sold cofffee and sandwiches, business as usual. The demonstrators probably just voiced grievances, although I can’t tell since I didn’t hear any of it. They may not have shaven their heads, they didn’t wear orange, or off-white sarongs, they didn’t fold their hands in front of them, and they didn’t seek any of their heads to forcefully meet with truncheons, yet…

Yet yes, the demo had been banned, and yes there’s probably laws against unlawfull manifestations, and yes, all those in the midst probably knew what to expect, if push came to shove.

However, … For some or other reason police made a dash towards selected demonstrators and singled out those, who for all intents and purposes didn’t in any way seem ‘aggressive’ from my 50 yard away-off-to-the-side view. All those that were brutally manhandled suffered the hyper-adrenaline anger of some eager roughshot-riding police, and although they put up with the assault, they didn’t as such retaliate. Although they did not quite “resist” the person in authority, one was hard put to tell whether the struggles that ensued, were not caused by the ‘brute way’ in which they were thrown to the ground, or it jus may be they simply wanted to prevent their three-piece suits from being torn. And when they voiced their disagreement with the way they were manacled, they protested the fact that they were manhandled. Some protesters even involuntarily ran in to 2-foot truncheons, that happened to be in the way.

It needn’t have come to that. There was simply no momentum. This was unnecessary. An overreaction to an out of control fenomenon. If the police hadn’t acted as they have,… they would have come out tops. As is the case, and under orders, they’re the losers,… Brussels lost face. If one is treated the way these politicians today have been treated for peacefully protesting against a ban on being allowed to peacefully demonstrate, then there’s something wrong. Acutely and perversely wrong.

For, for example the United States as constitutional democracy, specifically allows for peaceful demonstrations to address social and/or political grievances and specifically allows the freedom of assembly to express these grievances. In the ‘New-Europe’ Capital it is now abundantly clear one has no such rights.

Some appalling pictures over at this Danish site.

From another TBJ reader:

The police initiated violence without provocation and I personally witnessed and photographed the officer who appeared to be coordinating the assaults on people. This officer was busy throughout the encounter and was seen and photographed maneuvering frequently between groups of uniformed police and communicating with unknown others whereupon he re-directed the troops to another snatch operation against identified targets ... it was fascinating to watch and he became appallingly clumsy, predictable and blase about his nefarious actions - he obviously was having a really thrilling 'boys day out' telling 'the lads' who to pounce on next - a real hardline bully.

I witnessed first hand the un-provoked and un-warranted assaults on peaceful participants and stood near groups of armed officers waiting for their instructions listening to them in 4 separate locations whispering, nodding and calling up attention onto apparently specific participants who were moving around and circulating.

I am convinced the police were there deliberately to target specific individuals as they left many participants alone who clearly were not in their sights - myself included.

The vast array of armed 'stormtroopers' in backstreets and my witnessing of their subsequent initiation of unprovoked assaults against targeted participants leads me to firmly believe there was a counter-agenda. The SIoE demonstration was but a sideshow and Freddy-the-Mayor is just a stalking horse.


If you live in a free society and want to keep it so, fight its islamization if you are confronted with it.

But above all, Fight Leftism.


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Destroy. Them.