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Thursday, December 15, 2011


By now you must all have heard about the nutter who on Tuesday, December 13, walked onto the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège, Belgium, and started to throw grenades and shoot at random in the shopping crowd. Two teenagers and an elderly woman were killed instantly, a toddler died shortly thereafter. More than a hundred people were wounded. Actually it's no small miracle that the number of dead - the perpetrator included, who reportedly shot himself - can still be counted on the fingers of one hand. Some good background can be found here - and don't forget to have a peek at the guy's cannabis farm.

The name of the killer? Nordine Amrani. Of Moroccan descent. Ahem.

As per usual, Belgian whorenalists tripped over each other in their frantic attempts to whitewash the killer. De Standaard was behaving as usual - horrible - but this time round it was Het Laatste Nieuws which went home with the Nobel Prize for Political Correctness. Barely a couple of hours after the massacre the Belgian population were kindly invited to have some compassion with poor Mr Amrani:


"AMRANI WAS AFRAID TO GO BACK TO JAIL." Golly. It really stands there. Well yeah, if you water about 2,800 cannabis plants a day and are the proud owner of enough handguns to equip a battalion, you may be beginning to suspect you might end up behind bars. Not for long of course, at least not in Belgium (after all he was free on parole). But having to interrupt your daily business at regular intervals to admire one of the numerous Belgian Holiday Resorts for Victims of Society from the inside may become a nuisance, true.

On the same day, four hours later, I took the following screenshot from the same newspaper's online edition:


"AMRANI DID NOT FEEL LIKE A MOROCCAN AND WAS NO MUSLIM". Sheesh. You can imagine the reporter's misty eyes when he wrote that tearjerker.

Anyway phew! THAT's reassuring!!! He did not feel like a Moroccan, he felt like a Belgian? Wonderful! Finally a fully integrated immigrant! Hey, btw asshole, why do you actually think in the first place we would be interested to know whether the murderer did not feel like a Moroccan? Why is it exactly that we have to be reminded that he was no muslim????

As things stand now, Amrani may be declared a Saint come December 13, 2012.

Now over to some headlines from the recent past.

Let us start with another gem from Het Laatste Nieuws. Do you remember this poor sod?


"BLOODBATH ON ARMY BASE BECAUSE PSYCHIATRIST HAD TO GO TO IRAQ". Yes, poor, poor poor Major Hasan killed 14 of the people he lived and worked with because he had to go to Iraq!!!! Well, as they say over here, 'je zou voor minder'. You'd do so for less.

Y'all can believe it? Do you notice the similarities between the excusing, soothing explanations in both cases? Under no pretext are we to suspect that the killer might have done his gruesome job out of some inbred hatred against the West and/or because of his cultural and religious background, even if the former chose to unleash hell on a Christmas market and the latter shouted 'Allahu Akbar' when emptying his automatic weapons on his colleagues.

However. There's less empathy when the killers are potential instruments to smear parties or schools of thought which are anathema to the regime. In 2006, an 18-year old madman called Hans Van Themsche murdered three people in Antwerp - a white two year old toddler, its Mauritanian nanny, and a Turkish woman. Since the guy's aunt was a VB member, the tragedy was gefundenes fressen to attack the VB, then Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht going as far as proclaiming that all those who had voted VB were responsible for the murder too. De Gucht, a notorious shmuck, is currently under investigation for possibly fraudulent homeownership of a villa in Tuscany, but I digress.

Another example, again with a Het Laatste Nieuws screenshot. In January, a lunatic by the name of Jared Lee Loughner gravely wounded Democratic US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killed several other people. Over at Het Laatste Nieuws , De Standaard et al champagne bottles were uncorked and wild parties held. After the hangovers, the editors crafted gems like this one:


"SHOOTINGS PUT PALIN IN THE HOT SEAT AFTER HATE CAMPAIGN". In the same breath, the author of the article sees fit to smear the Tea Party forchrissake, adding that 'it is a movement bent on obstructing President Obama's health care reforms'. Yeah right.

Then there is of course Anders Behring Breivik, who for the record I consider indeed 'our own terrorist'. FYI, Breivik's analysis I consider correct, his acts I condemn. Anyway, No sooner had he committed his gruesome murders or De Standaard published this article by Seumas Milne, who by a hair's width equalled the Norwegian killer to... American conservatives:


In a sane and honest society, people should have the possibility to hear different bells. As the above screenshots illustrate, in Belgium.... the population at large is fed a meticulously crafted media mix of highly subjective content, expressly designed with the aim to demonize ANYTHING that's a shade to the right of Stalin.

Poor, poor country of mine.