Friday, March 14, 2014


Sorry for the hiatus, but I've been feeling completely f*cked up for the past few weeks and haven't been able to post anything simply 'cause I've been too tired for it.

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I am a small business owner. I employ four people and our turnover is about 800,000 EUR. Small as the company is, it nevertheless drains away nearly all my energy. Sure, there's been my own physical problems, and I still need follow up following Kahler's Disease every two months, plus my wife and kids have been having some health issues as well. But the most pressing issue is simply keeping my company afloat.

The blame lies squarely with the government. I predicted that this would happen long before NOV 2011, when christian democrat and liberal idiots preferred to form a government with the socialists, and allow the biggest scumbag of all, the openly gay Parti Socialiste bigshot Elio Di Rupo, to become Belgian PM.

As a common sense politican, you DON'T negotiate with the Parti Socialiste. Not now. Not in times past. Not Never. The PS deliberately drove Wallonia dirt poor in order to create a Lumpenproletariat that would always vote for them. Sadly, fucking idiots Alexander De Croo and Wouter Beke decided to put Di Rupo on the chair of PM. Both De Croo and Beke are thirtysomething doofuses, ergo they have been spoonfed leftist mantras since they were in their mother's wombs. Even though theoretically they are nominally center or center right, you would be hard pressed to put a sheet of carbon paper between them and their socialist counterparts, ideologically.

If Belgium has until now weathered the crisis relatively good, that's solely the result of the heroic efforts of its entrepreneurs and the disciplined part of its workforce. It's not because of the government's efforts, but DESPITE them.

But the cracks are showing everywhere. In two and a half years, the Di Rupo government has had a devastating effect on employment, with both major, medium sized and small entreprises shedding tens of thousands of jobs, and haemorraging money in the process.

The sad thing is that all this was utterly predictable, with mathematical precision and certainty.

I warned of this beforehand.

It is true that in my case, I invested rather heavily in some real estate.

The costs of financing that are dwarfed however by labour costs. Social contributions are now basically double that of what my personnel receives net.

This is untenable.

I am trying very hard to stay afloat financially but the strain is beginning to tell and the effort is completely exhausting me, besides truly harming family life.

There's elections in May. I hope the bunch of crypto-communist scoundrels that has the audacity to call itself 'the Belgian government' gets BOOTED BIG TIME... for I fear we will not survive a Di Rupo II.

So if you haven't heard from me lately, it's not that I want to quit.

It's simply because I've been too goddam tired. Don't want to sound like a crybaby - though I fear I do - but.... that's how it is.

Leftism is a disease of the mind.