Saturday, October 13, 2018


Over at American Thinker, a spot on article by Patricia McCarthy: "Toxic masculinity? Try toxic feminists...they hate men!"

"Kiss Me Kate was a wonderful remake of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, which was set in the late 1500s. It is the story of a strong and difficult woman and the man who loved her. One of the most hilarious songs from the 1953 musical is "I Hate Men." Here is the first verse:

I hate men.
I can't abide 'em even now and then.
Than ever marry one of them, I'd rest a maiden rather,
For husbands are a boring lot and only give you bother.
Of course, I'm awfully glad that Mother had to marry Father,
But I hate men.

In the film, the song is funny. People have enjoyed humor from the days of Shakespeare through the glorious musicals of the 1950s and then some...until now.

The American left has completely lost any sense of humor. Things that used to be funny are now microaggressions or triggers, cultural appropriation or racist. Now they loathe the First Amendment and want speech they don't like proscribed.

"I hate men" is the mantra of our radicalized modern feminists, only it's not one bit funny. Their college experience, their entire education, has been all about race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and the evils of toxic masculinity. The history books and the literature they are assigned must have a race, class, gender, or social justice emphasis. Books that were written before the mandates of political correctness were discarded long ago. Their women's studies profs aver that "the nuclear family is the most destructive institution in the West."

In other words, they have been carefully taught to hate men, especially white men. White men should be killed and castrated. (Another lyric from the song: "They should be kept like piggies in a pen.") No white man should be president or gain a seat on the Supreme Court. Why? Because they are all evil perpetrators of that ancient scold, patriarchy. Meanwhile, hundreds of women (and men, children) mounted their "Slut Walk" in downtown Los Angeles. They objectify themselves and then blame men for objectifying women. How's that for sanctimonious hypocrisy?

The disgraceful behavior of all those demented women protesting the confirmation of Judge Kavanugh these past two weeks was appalling. As Megan Fox has written, they have set the cause of women back a hundred years. These women perceive themselves as victims of a horrific male-dominated world, as though they were characters in The Handmaid's Tale, a silly dystopian novel and TV series beloved by the left. They are ridiculous.

Misandry, hatred of men, especially white men, is the defining characteristic of the left these days, particularly these toxic feminists. Why are progressives so intent upon convincing women to see men as victimizers? How does this serve their agenda? Impossible to grasp, but it is what they do: pit the groups they relegate people to against each other. This is a defining difference between the left and the right: the left does not recognize individuals, only groups by race, class, and sex or sexual orientation. Character is of no interest to leftists. The right sees individuals, not skin color, not class, not sexual orientation, and judges by character.

That the left's campaign against men is destructive to our culture, to marriage, to the future of our civilization does not enter leftists' consciousness. All they really care about is preserving their right to abortion on demand. Hard to figure, since they hate men so much. Will they ever really need an abortion?

The left, not only here, but around the world, is about one thing: power. Leftists crave power in order to control how we live and how we think, what we drive, what we eat, how we educate our kids. They've done a bang-up job over the last two generations.

That there are enough women who are recruitable for the ridiculous protests in D.C. these past two weeks is pathetic. It is a tragedy that so many young women are no longer capable of thinking for themselves. So mind-numbed, so blinkered by the indoctrination of their professors in colleges like the one Christine Blasey Ford "teaches" at, they are incapable of any critical thinking at all.

This is why Blasey Ford assumed she could submarine Kavanaugh's nomination with a ridiculously vague, wholly uncorroborated allegation of groping thirty-six years ago. So immersed in the culture of victimhood and identity politics, it likely never occurred to Ford that there are people who do still value the tenet of "innocent until proven guilty." Her crowd of toxic feminists who hate men actually thought her obviously fabricated and unprovable accusation would sink the Kavanaugh nomination. They never gave a thought to the terrible damage they were doing to a good man and his family.

This is how insidiously powerful such women think they are. They dress up in silly Handmaid's Tale costumes and think that is going to change minds and shame men. What it did is infuriate millions of regular people who do not separate people into victim groups, by skin color or sex. Most Americans judge people by their integrity, by how they treat others.

Conservative women love their men, their sons, their fathers and brothers. That is why they are so horrified by those angry, screaming mobs of man-hating women. That is why conservative, man-loving women are so much happier than these deluded harpies. "But, ladies, you must answer, too, what would we do without 'em?"

Mrs McCarthy's article reminded me of a news item I spotted about one month ago, the "Statement Festival" in Gothenburg, Sweden. Via The Independent (no less):

"A “cis man-free” festival has been held in Sweden, in response to a string of alleged sexual assaults at the country’s biggest music festival.​

The Statement music festival in Gothenburg claims to be the world’s first major music gathering for women, transgender and non-binary people only. It took place on Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September at Bananpiren in Gothenburg.

Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare came up with the idea after reports of multiple sexual offences at Bravalla festival last year and in 2016. The event was crowd-funded with more than 300,000 donations.

Emma Knyckare, organizer of the festival. What better place for people who have gone completely bananas than to hold a festival at Banana Pier?

“The whole area is free of cis-men,” Ms Knyckare told Euronews. “We work exclusively with women, non-binary and transgender persons. This ranges from artists to catering to security personnel.”

Cisgender is the term applied to an individual whose gender matches their assigned sex at birth. A trans or non-binary person is someone whose gender or gender identity is different to their birth-assigned sex.

What a pathetic bunch of vile creatures. If anyone still doubted it, leftism *is* a mental disease. Sheesh, look at them! Would you do any of them, even if stone drunk?

“No one will be questioned at the entrance,” Ms Knyckare said, when asked how organisers were going to stop men getting in. She said that the festival was working with a specialised security company to develop a specialised “access system”.

However, she called the festival a “reaction” to the problem of sexual assault at music events, “not the solution”.

Bravalla festival 2018 was cancelled after widespread sexual assault cases at the event in 2017 and 2016.

​“Certain men... apparently cannot behave. It’s a shame. We have therefore decided to cancel Bråvalla 2018” organisers said.

So certain men cannot behave hmmmm? What kind of men would that be? These well groomed, civil, polite, eloquent chaps photographed during and after recent violent riots in Sweden:

Or this rowdy mysoginist macho bunch?

How typical for feminazis to resort to a non-solution, holding a men-free festival, instead of acknowledging the obvious. It's even a non starter. For if they had allowed the specimen on the photo above to enter, it would still have been a woman-only event.


Friday, October 12, 2018


But you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until RBG retires!


Thursday, October 11, 2018


One can't let him or herself be cast down by too much negativity. It's been a bit too much lately, world is going bonkers. So my mind wandered off to more interesting realms - for me at least: hiking up some nice hilltop for instance.

One of these is the Great Gable in the west of the Lake District, Cumbria, UK. At 899 m (2,949 ft) it is not yet a Munro; in these parts, they call 'em Marilyns.

To be sure, I never went up Great Gable although I definitely intend to do so one day, hopefully sooner than later. Closest I came was in 2013 when I went up the parent peak, Scafell Pike, which at 978 m, or 3,209 ft, passes the 3,000 ft mark making it a Munro.

I recently discovered the British Mountaineering Club is compiling nice short videos detailing hikes up Munros, Marilyns and the likes. Here's the one describing the climb up the Great Gable:

Here's the view from Westmorland Cairn, almost on top of the Great Gable:

So named after two brothers who erected it in 1876 to mark what they claimed was the finest view in the whole of the Lake District. On a sunny day, or even a half-sunny, it's hard to disagree.

In the distance you can see Wast Water, which reportedly is England's deepest body of water.

Can't wait to get back there.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Yet another nail in the coffin of Christianity in Europe. Via Voice of Europe:

"The Muslim leaders of Europe and Asia have laid the foundations of a new bureau that will study the building of a great mosque in the city of Barcelona.

As part of the meeting between spiritual leaders from different countries held this Monday in Barcelona, the principal imams of Europe and Asia area have decided to study the suitability of building a great mosque in Barcelona.

The forum’s president, Malik Abderrahman Ruiz, lamented that Barcelona, despite being “the city with the largest Muslim community in Spain,” does not have a representative mosque, and that is why it is necessary to “carry out a large-scale project”.

During the meeting convened by the “European Muslim Forum” there were also in favour of promoting the Muslim presence in culture, economy, politics and institutions.

Barcelona will be the headquarters of this bureau because it has been considered an “ideal” place. In other words, it will act as a beachhead for Spain’s Islamisation, since Catalonia has almost 25% of all Spain’s Muslim population.

This bureau will also be dedicated to promoting cultural activities, promote relations with institutions and foster social action – especially in favour of immigrants. Leading the meeting was Abdul Vakhed Niyazov, president of the public arm of the Russian Mufti Council.

Niyazov has explained that “Barcelona is a big city with a large Muslim population” and that, unlike the mosques that now exist, they are working to make the new mosque “emblematic and beautiful”.

Only 3 years ago there had been rumours that Barcelona’s old bull ring would be converted into a super-mosque. Now Barcelona has a far more radically left wing mayor, Ms Ada Colau of the far left “Barcelona en Comú” Party (affiliated with Unidos Podemos), and she is very likely to give the go-ahead to this, given her track record."

I briefly mentioned Ada Colau in the previous post, Shithole Paris. From what I've read so far about Colau it's, say, 97 per cent certain she will give the green light for this newest mosque project. In the photo below, she's the woman to the left:

Another extreme leftist whacko fighting male "oppression" from Bio Spanish men - while simultaneously rolling out the red carpet for wifebeaters and clitoridectomists.

Europe is committing suicide before my very eyes.


Monday, October 08, 2018


If you still think of Paris as the City of Light, think again. Paul Joseph Watson has the goods:

It's true. Our daughter visted there last year with school, and upon coming back told us Paris is dirty. As always, if you import the Third World you become the Third World.

I myself haven't been there since 2000. I was too upset with Saint-Denis, where I encountered, if memory serves, only two or so genuine Frenchmen. The rest wore djellabas. Now, that was 2000. I don't want to think what Saint-Denis looks like now. Oh wait, there's some footage in Watson's video.

Like San Francisco and London, things are going from very bad to much worse when the somewhat normals vying to be burgomaster have to give way to the parasites. In Paris, a fine example of the latter category is Anne Hidalgo, a leftist twat if ever there was one, formerly a deputy of Bertrand Delanoë, Paris' first openly gay mayor, like Hidalgo a socialist. Though truth to be told, Barcelona's Ada Colau is offering stiff competition.

Now, here is a small info sample to help you get to know Mme. Hidalgo, via The Independent no less:

"The Socialist mayor of Paris has said she wants to make all public transport free in order to reduce air pollution.

Anne Hidalgo announced plans for a study into the feasibility of free city-wide transport.

She told the French daily newspaper Los Echos many of world's big cities were looking into developing clean mobility and boost air quality by reducing the number of cars on the roads."

Yeah, I'm sure that will help. To The Independent's credit, it does mention that "the Regional transport authority cautions such a move would hit taxpayers". No shit Sherlock, who would have thunk it?


If you're planning a visit to Paris, do it now, cause the way it is going you will soon need poop maps like in SF.


Sunday, October 07, 2018


In case you missed it, last summer the text of the United Nations Migration Pact became available. That pact is, officially at least, a UN effort to "manage the millions of migrants moving from country to country, overcoming “mistrust” and “difficult” issues", according to Reuters.

The UN Migration Pact "aims to make migration safe and orderly amid issues of national sovereignty and international cooperation", according to U.N. officials. And the impetus to draft this Pact "came after the migration crisis in Europe in 2015, which saw the biggest influx of refugees and migrants since World War Two". The same officials "concluded" that "the crisis strained resources and triggered fear of foreigners and nationalist tensions."

If all goes according to plan, the UN Migration Pact will come into effect in December.

Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof is a retired Major General of the Bundeswehr, the German army.

He analyzed the text.

His chilling conclusion for his own country is that implementation of the Pact will result in Germany becoming an authoritarian Islamic and African nation in two generations. Via The Rebel Media:

More info on this sham of a pact, of which the net result will be the destruction of Western countries, can be found in the following videos.

First, some analysis of the texts by Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone:

Hungary - of course, Hungary - pulled out already. As all sane nations should:

It is no surprise that in August, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton also ruled out that Australia would sign the pact.

Mr Dutton cited his main concerns, which are only normal:

* The pact encourages governments to develop "education" campaigns for the media to encourage "positive narratives about migrants and migration in order to counteract discrimination, ­racism and xenophobia”.

* Especially European countries would lose their identities after being flooded by millions of undocumented immigrants.

* With regards to Australia, he said the pact would undermine the government's efforts to crack down on people smugglers.

As in so many issues since January 2017, the most encouraging sign came from the United States, which already in DEC 2017 made it clear they would not sign it:

With so many issues capturing the attention of the Western populations, it is easy to overlook the gigantic impact ratifying this sham of a "pact" will have on our societies. I highly suspect that the almost complete radio silence about this topic is deliberate, in that our media, over-whel-ming-ly leftist and globalist, expressly put a damper on coverage lest the ensuing unrest among authochon populations would endager the passing of the pact, due in December.

Contact therefore any politician you might now, above the municipal level or even of that level if otherwise you know no others, and cite your concerns. Confront him or her with the terrifying consequences of the pact, once gigantic fluxes in the order of tens of millions of unskilled welfare seekers and social security tourists will be aided, organized and set in motion towards our countries by the UN.

I might add that the time to analyze the UN itself and reform it is LONG OVERDUE. It is crystal clear that this supranational organization is acting more and more as an agent on behalf of its failed state members to demand "compensation" for supposed western "sins", and as a facilitator for global "wealth redistribution".

And in especially western countries, politicans who want to keep their societies intact, should take note of this highly undesirable evolution of the UN, and prepare... if it refuses reform...

... to quit it altogether.