Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Yet another nail in the coffin of Christianity in Europe. Via Voice of Europe:

"The Muslim leaders of Europe and Asia have laid the foundations of a new bureau that will study the building of a great mosque in the city of Barcelona.

As part of the meeting between spiritual leaders from different countries held this Monday in Barcelona, the principal imams of Europe and Asia area have decided to study the suitability of building a great mosque in Barcelona.

The forum’s president, Malik Abderrahman Ruiz, lamented that Barcelona, despite being “the city with the largest Muslim community in Spain,” does not have a representative mosque, and that is why it is necessary to “carry out a large-scale project”.

During the meeting convened by the “European Muslim Forum” there were also in favour of promoting the Muslim presence in culture, economy, politics and institutions.

Barcelona will be the headquarters of this bureau because it has been considered an “ideal” place. In other words, it will act as a beachhead for Spain’s Islamisation, since Catalonia has almost 25% of all Spain’s Muslim population.

This bureau will also be dedicated to promoting cultural activities, promote relations with institutions and foster social action – especially in favour of immigrants. Leading the meeting was Abdul Vakhed Niyazov, president of the public arm of the Russian Mufti Council.

Niyazov has explained that “Barcelona is a big city with a large Muslim population” and that, unlike the mosques that now exist, they are working to make the new mosque “emblematic and beautiful”.

Only 3 years ago there had been rumours that Barcelona’s old bull ring would be converted into a super-mosque. Now Barcelona has a far more radically left wing mayor, Ms Ada Colau of the far left “Barcelona en Comú” Party (affiliated with Unidos Podemos), and she is very likely to give the go-ahead to this, given her track record."

I briefly mentioned Ada Colau in the previous post, Shithole Paris. From what I've read so far about Colau it's, say, 97 per cent certain she will give the green light for this newest mosque project. In the photo below, she's the woman to the left:

Another extreme leftist whacko fighting male "oppression" from Bio Spanish men - while simultaneously rolling out the red carpet for wifebeaters and clitoridectomists.

Europe is committing suicide before my very eyes.


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