Thursday, October 11, 2018


One can't let him or herself be cast down by too much negativity. It's been a bit too much lately, world is going bonkers. So my mind wandered off to more interesting realms - for me at least: hiking up some nice hilltop for instance.

One of these is the Great Gable in the west of the Lake District, Cumbria, UK. At 899 m (2,949 ft) it is not yet a Munro; in these parts, they call 'em Marilyns.

To be sure, I never went up Great Gable although I definitely intend to do so one day, hopefully sooner than later. Closest I came was in 2013 when I went up the parent peak, Scafell Pike, which at 978 m, or 3,209 ft, passes the 3,000 ft mark making it a Munro.

I recently discovered the British Mountaineering Club is compiling nice short videos detailing hikes up Munros, Marilyns and the likes. Here's the one describing the climb up the Great Gable:

Here's the view from Westmorland Cairn, almost on top of the Great Gable:

So named after two brothers who erected it in 1876 to mark what they claimed was the finest view in the whole of the Lake District. On a sunny day, or even a half-sunny, it's hard to disagree.

In the distance you can see Wast Water, which reportedly is England's deepest body of water.

Can't wait to get back there.


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