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In case you missed it, last summer the text of the United Nations Migration Pact became available. That pact is, officially at least, a UN effort to "manage the millions of migrants moving from country to country, overcoming “mistrust” and “difficult” issues", according to Reuters.

The UN Migration Pact "aims to make migration safe and orderly amid issues of national sovereignty and international cooperation", according to U.N. officials. And the impetus to draft this Pact "came after the migration crisis in Europe in 2015, which saw the biggest influx of refugees and migrants since World War Two". The same officials "concluded" that "the crisis strained resources and triggered fear of foreigners and nationalist tensions."

If all goes according to plan, the UN Migration Pact will come into effect in December.

Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof is a retired Major General of the Bundeswehr, the German army.

He analyzed the text.

His chilling conclusion for his own country is that implementation of the Pact will result in Germany becoming an authoritarian Islamic and African nation in two generations. Via The Rebel Media:

More info on this sham of a pact, of which the net result will be the destruction of Western countries, can be found in the following videos.

First, some analysis of the texts by Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone:

Hungary - of course, Hungary - pulled out already. As all sane nations should:

It is no surprise that in August, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton also ruled out that Australia would sign the pact.

Mr Dutton cited his main concerns, which are only normal:

* The pact encourages governments to develop "education" campaigns for the media to encourage "positive narratives about migrants and migration in order to counteract discrimination, ­racism and xenophobia”.

* Especially European countries would lose their identities after being flooded by millions of undocumented immigrants.

* With regards to Australia, he said the pact would undermine the government's efforts to crack down on people smugglers.

As in so many issues since January 2017, the most encouraging sign came from the United States, which already in DEC 2017 made it clear they would not sign it:

With so many issues capturing the attention of the Western populations, it is easy to overlook the gigantic impact ratifying this sham of a "pact" will have on our societies. I highly suspect that the almost complete radio silence about this topic is deliberate, in that our media, over-whel-ming-ly leftist and globalist, expressly put a damper on coverage lest the ensuing unrest among authochon populations would endager the passing of the pact, due in December.

Contact therefore any politician you might now, above the municipal level or even of that level if otherwise you know no others, and cite your concerns. Confront him or her with the terrifying consequences of the pact, once gigantic fluxes in the order of tens of millions of unskilled welfare seekers and social security tourists will be aided, organized and set in motion towards our countries by the UN.

I might add that the time to analyze the UN itself and reform it is LONG OVERDUE. It is crystal clear that this supranational organization is acting more and more as an agent on behalf of its failed state members to demand "compensation" for supposed western "sins", and as a facilitator for global "wealth redistribution".

And in especially western countries, politicans who want to keep their societies intact, should take note of this highly undesirable evolution of the UN, and prepare... if it refuses reform...

... to quit it altogether.


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