Saturday, September 17, 2016


The Human League with The Lebanon. Album Hysteria (1982).

New wave band from Sheffield, formed in 1977. Were quite hot in Belgium in the first half of the eighties. Still around.

X Ambassadors with Renegades. From their 2009 debut album VHS.

American rock band from Ithaca, New York. Formed in 2009. FYI, music starts at about the 1:00 mark.

Slaap wel.



Via HLN Online, last week:

 photo catwalk_NYC_hijab_2016_zpsvcrwlw55.jpg


"Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan wrote history with her latest collection during New York's Fashion Week. She sent a string of beautiful models on the catwalk, with hijab. Fashion for muslimas seems to become trendy, earlier brands like Mango, Oscar de la Renta and Uniqlo designed collections especially for muslim women.

Although Anniesa Hasibuan is only 28 years old, she already is the first Indonesian designer showing her collection during the NYC Fashion Week. She sent her models onto the catwalk, with a lot of attention for details. Still, it was the headgear in particular that drew attention. Because all models wore hijabs - or veils - on their heads, something no other designer dared before."


Over at American Thinker, Carol Brown has some thoughts about the real character of this hijab in-your-face-flaunting PLUS on the appalling dhimmitude from the audience, the press and even a teen magazine:

"... A hijab is not a fashion statement. It’s not an accessory like a hat or a scarf. It’s a statement about Islam and sharia. These models (none of whom, I speculate, are Muslim) had no business wearing hijabs. In so doing, they normalized them and made them seem innocuous when they’re anything but. What next? Will they have to recite the shahada before strutting their stuff on the runway? (See here for an excellent discussion of what a hijab means, presented by Bill Warner.)

As for the audience at fashion show, after the sharia-on-the-runway display they went wild with excitement. CNN reports:

~ The show concluded with a standing ovation from audience members.

~ Lori Riviere, the press manager for the event, said: “I have been doing this for a really long time and I have never seen a standing ovation at the end of a show. We all had goose bumps.”

Why a standing ovation? Oh that’s right. That’s what dhimmis do. Muslims are a special class as Islamophilia spreads like wild fire across the West.

Meanwhile, no event like this would be complete without the now-predictable reference to “making history,” as reported in Teen Vogue:

~ A designer just made history at NYFW in the most inclusive and inspiring way. Designer Anniesa Hasibuan marched an army of gorgeous girls down the catwalk, all in full hijab. While the collection boasted intricately embroidered gowns, metallic brocade tops, and lust-worthy jewelry, it was the headwear that stole the show.

Yeah, you heard that right: “teen.” Let’s get our girls ready to don their hijabs and brainwash them to perceive Islamic garb as normal and not indicative of anything problematic."

Again, HLN Online. This time on 18 August, couple of weeks back, with a topic on Flemish shoe giant Torfs allowing muslima sellers wearing hijabs:

 photo torfs_idioot_zpsigixlekh.jpg


Flemish shoe giant TORFS (a chain with franchises all over Flanders) allows shop personnel to wear hijabs. Recently muslimas wearing a veil were hired. They are employed in the Wijnegem and Leuven franchises. The goal of the remarkable initiative is to attract more customers from the muslim community, De Standaard writes today. Shoe tycoon Wouter Torfs announced the move in January already during an interview with daily Het Laatste Nieuws."

And so it goes on, and on, and on, and one day you find yourself living in a muslim country. All of this enabled and facilitated by a far too large number of gullible multiculti goons.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


A thought-provoking article by Dennis Prager over at Townhall:

"There are many recent developments in the godless West. To name a few:

--The Supreme Court of Italy last week ruled that public masturbation is legal (except in front of minors).

--The New York City Council voted in May that public urination is not a criminal act.

--The San Francisco City Council decided, by one vote, to continue the city's ban on public nudity -- not, of course, on the grounds of "decency" but on the grounds of public health. Since that can easily be resolved by use of a towel on public benches and chairs, it is only a matter of time, probably a couple of years, before people will be permitted to walk around naked in San Francisco.

--A few weeks ago, teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina, were instructed not to refer to their elementary school students as "boys and girls" but as "students" and "scholars." The reasoning is presumably for inclusivity -- there may be a student who has no gender identity -- and that adults should not impose a gender identity on young people.

--In a New York Times op-ed column, a professor of philosophy noted his shock at learning that most young Americans do not believe that moral truths exist. They are incapable of asserting that anything, including killing for fun, is wrong beyond personal opinion.

These are all inevitable consequences of the death of belief in God and Judeo-Christian values, and of the Bible as society's primary moral reference work.

The West has been in moral decline since World War I, the calamity that led to World War II and the death of national identity and Christianity in most of Europe.

There has always been one exception: the United States. But now that is ending. The seeds of America's decline have been sown since the beginning of the 20th century, and they came to fruition with the post-World War II generation, the baby boomers.

Radical and aggressive secularism and atheism have replaced religion in virtually every school and throughout American public life.

 photo civilizational_suicide_zpsnf28ct0y.jpg

We have gone from President Abraham Lincoln reading the Bible every day to Alaska Airlines feeling forced to stop passing out prayer cards with meals. In a hundred years, we've gone from near-total biblical literacy to near-total biblical illiteracy. One wonders whether half of America's college seniors could correctly identify Cain and Abel, or whether more than 1 in 10 Americans could cite the Ten Commandments. We have gone from President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaiming the need to save "Christian civilization" in World War II speeches to a virtual ban on American presidents mentioning the word "Christianity." And, as is widely noted, Americans are no longer supposed to wish strangers "merry Christmas," and they must refer to a Christmas party as a "holiday party."

Similarly, the European Union constitution never mentions Christianity, despite the fact that it was Christianity that formed Europe.

The prices that we Americans and Europeans are paying for creating the first godless societies in recorded history amount to civilizational suicide. Boys and girls are not to be referred to as boys and girls; Western elites dismiss national identity as protofascism; the belief that moral truth exists has been destroyed and replaced by feelings and opinions; fewer people are marrying; and more people live alone than at any time in American history.

Western European countries have become empty, soulless places. They are pretty and appear materially secure (for now), but they stand for almost nothing (except "multiculturalism" and "tolerance"). They have replaced a Jewish population that overwhelmingly wanted to assimilate with a Muslim population that does not want to. And nearly all European countries are headed to Greece-like insolvency as fewer and fewer workers pay enough in taxes to support those who collect welfare, and as tensions with their Muslim inhabitants increase.

But the good news is that now, beginning with Italy and New York, citizens can watch each other masturbate or urinate in public.

There is no way to prove that God exists. But what is provable is what happens when societies stop believing in God: They commit suicide."

And commit suicide they do. I am baffled, absolutely baffled, by the appalling attitude vis-à-vis what should be a natural impulse among my "fellow" Europeans. The authochtons, that is. I can't count anymore the number of individuals and couples for whom procreation is the least of their worries. Don't attempt to, either. It's too depressing.

My daughter came home yesterday with news from her teacher chemistry. Guy had been showing parts of Al Gore's pseudo documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". To show that after so many "facts" in it have been debunked so mercilessly, means he must be a dedicated lefty. Don't worry, I told my daughter the inconvenient truth (for her chemistry teacher) of the polar bears doing swell.

Anyway, her teacher is 35 years old...

... and a childless bachelor.

His brother, younger by two or three years, and who is in a relationship with a Slovakian soprano, doesn't have kids either. I suppose his wife - sorry, girlfriend; marrying is SO 20th century - apparently has no childwish either.

There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many people like that in my circle. Which, btw, is quite large.

We are committing suicide. It won't be nice.


Monday, September 12, 2016


On September 12, 1683, when all seemed lost for Vienna, King John III Sobieski of Poland lifted the siege, which by then had been going since 14 July.

 photo Sobieski_victory_Vienna_1683_zpsy7rk5yju.jpg

The Christian side was in fact a grand coalition between the defenders of Vienna, mainly troops from the Habsburg Empire, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the Holy Roman Empire. Notably absent in the coalition was France, although it called itself Europe's greatest Christian nation. Louis XIV actually, perversely, hoped for a Turkish victory so that he could gain some extra territory from an Austria lying in the ropes.

Even without France, it was a large coalition indeed. However, among all the troops involved, it was the Polish Winged Hussars's magnificent charge which was decisive in destroying the Turkish Army:

The following pamphlet celebrating the Christian victory was printed in England:

 photo Vienna_Pamphlet_zpstjgphw9e.jpg

Tell your children.


Sunday, September 11, 2016


15 years ago 19 frenzied servants of a monstrous cult called 'islam' murdered close to 3,000 innocent citizens.

'Frenzied' because their rage and frustration ultimately sprang from their own subconsciously felt impotence. Impotence following a thousand years of stagnation, of getting nowhere.

So worthless are the followers of the prophet and their culture that they are simply unable to produce anything but terror. I don't add oil for certain ME countries, because if these did not have the expertise of the hated infidels at hand, they would not even be able to extract it themselves.

When was the last time you bought a laptop Made in Syria? When was the last time you drove an SUV Made in Pakistan? When was the last time groundbreaking advancements in nanotechnology were announced in Indonesia? When was the last time you noticed a 'Made in Mauritania' on that printer you ordered?

As if the utter incapability of muslim countries to give the world something useful is not enough, islam as a societal model is a complete and utter failure of an astounding, incomparable magnitude, to the detriment of all those unfortunate enough to live under its yoke. But what is even more astounding is that it still gets so much credit.

I don't give it credit. It deserves NONE. Islam is CANCER. The sooner Humanity neutralizes it in one way or another...

 photo Owego911memorial_zpsada4zhxo.jpg

... the better.