Saturday, February 03, 2024


Saw it many years ago but the favorable impression remains: 7.5 to 10, worth your time.

It's a psychological drama directed by Nicolas Roeg and starring a.o. the beautiful Theresa Russell (at the time Roegs spouse) and Gary Oldman. Russell plays Linda Henry, a doctor's wife in rural Wilmington, North Carolina, who leads a dispiriting life and feels neglected by her husband, a doctor in a local hospital. Then a young drifter shows up, Martin, who claims to be her son, separated at birth from her since as a teen mom she was judged incapable of caring for her baby; and she never had children afterwards.

All rather intriguing and then there's the final Shyamalan twist at the end. See it if you can, it's okay.



Friday, February 02, 2024


In most of Western Europe, farmers have taken to the streets in an unprecedented way, ostensibly - or principally - to protest high fuel prices and low profits, but what it really boils down to is their resistance to the EU's INSANE plans to curtail their number to meet... insane climate goals:


Spain, France:


The Netherlands:




The past couple of years have shown us that globalisation has more than its share of disadvantages. In the wake of the covid crisis, Europe suddenly woke up to the fact that, as international shipping of consumer goods from Asia got severely curtailed, it had dispatched an enormous swath of its industrial production to China, Thailand etc. The result? Waiting for that new car for a year for want of essential electronics components from South Korea; only two types of Miele dishwashers available etc... Apparently Western Europe had been dreaming it could afford not to make its hands dirty any longer and become a services economy. It was a rude awakening.

Then came the Russo-Ukraine War and suddenly Europe discovered it relied to a gargantuan extent on Russian fossil fuels, a situation aggravated by green parties' insane war against nuclear energy coupled with their utopian desire to completely switch to renewables. Reality showed the dangers of that approach.

In my country there's a saying: "Een ezel stoot zich geen tweemaal aan dezelfde steen", which translates as "a donkey won't stumble twice over the same rock". But Ladies and Gentlemen, EU ministers and lawmakers are proving time and again that it would actually be better to fill the EU Commission and the EU Parliament with donkeys, since after the production crisis of 2020-2021 and the energy crisis of 2022-present, they are now to stomp on that third stone by outsourcing YET ANOTHER vital sector: farming! Indeed, what could go wrong with, say, forcing at least 3,000 Dutch farmers - who run in all likelihood the cleanest and most environmentally friendly agricultural enterprises on the planet - out of their job and import inferior quality meat and vegetables from far flung places where they don't care ZILCH about nitrogen emissions. Oh yeah, that produce has then to be shipped here by hundreds of reefer vessels and bulk carriers burning gazillion tons of diesel fuel, but for green lunatics one kind of CO2 emissions is not like the other.

The current crop of EU politicians (and most national ones in power) are all obsessed with leftist dadas, even the ones who pose as nominal center or center right. They won't stop at farmers, farmers are just the canaries in the coalmine. It is therefore advisable to Europe's citizens of whom many were indeed hampered this week getting to their jobs, what with all these tractor blockades, to not get too angry...

...for once our 'elites' have got the farmers (taken away their livelihoods, that is), they will come for YOU. And the instruments for that: CBDC, FitFor55, DSA... it's all in the works.

Therefore, FIGHT these smug, obscenely overpaid Davos bastards with ALL YOUR MIGHT, because if they have their way, a decade hence you might not even have a vehicle anymore to shore up a blockade to protest your livelyhood under threat.