Saturday, September 21, 2013


Out of respect for the dead and wounded in the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, no Saturday Night Music this time. I feel even a lighthearted note is inappropriate now - especially as at this very moment the carnage doesn't seem to be over yet.

As always, we have to see the carnage as yet another sign of the sheer and utter inability of the muslim world as a whole to come to terms with the reality of its own worthlesness. Humanity wants to move on. Islam can't. And at least subconciously muslims know it.

 photo ISLAM_rabies_zps6958ca6e.jpg

Explain away what you want - the only valid conclusion is that there is no place for islam on this world.

Say a prayer for the victims of this callous act.



From the You Got To Be Kidding Me Department. Althought these days, it's getting harder and harder to be surprised by anything coming from across the pond.

To cut a long story short: if you thought the National Park Service was about, uh, National Parks, hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

No dumbo, it's about promoting the virtues of Islam of course! I'm tempted to think you didn't make it past seventh grade!!! Check out these videos, courtesy of, TA-DAA!!

 photo NationalParkService_zps7f8f7b85.jpg

In the first video, a young girl enlightens us Dumb Infidels:

"People think that Islam oppresses women and there’s no equality, but they’re wrong – there’s equity.

In 7th century A.D. Islam gave women the right to be involved in politics, the right to earn and keep her own money. Islam gave women the right to work outside of the home. Islam gave women the right to own property. Islam gave women the right to divorce. Islam gave women the right to choose who she marries. Islam gave women a whole bunch of rights that Western women acquired later in the 19th and 20th centuries and we’ve had these rights since the 7th century A.D. and it’s just not acknowledged worldwide."

Golly. Islamic broads enjoying women's rights superior to ours in 632? Who would have thunk it?????

And here is another one. Call me if you hear any reference to the birds and the bees.

Now mind you, the National Park Service was supposed to be hit hard by the sequestration cuts, with fewer park rangers around, reduced visiting hours, even the closing of visitor centers. And yet... deep in the NPS's bowels there's people who found the dough to produce these videos, which have nothing to do with Old Faithful but everything with another kind of faithful. And so the bigger question is not, how on earth does the NPS find the money to make these crappy videos, but exactly why - WHY???? - is it necessary that an agency supposedly occupied with managing and preserving America's natural assets is engaging itself in promoting islamic supremacy????

Wanna hear my opinion? I think that the scoundrels responsible for this should be fired from the NPS pronto. And if whoever or whatever is shilling for sharia does not get it, in the near future more and more of us will be tempted to no longer take that 'firing' just figuratively.

Sheesh. EVERYWHERE on the planet where muslim countries border non-muslim ones there's fucking war, EVERYWHERE muslims live they are a pain in the ass for their neighbors and surrounding communities, EVERYWHERE muslims live women's rights are systematically violated, and EACH AND EVERY women's shelter is our countries is brimming with muslim women. But some ASSHOLES in the NPS are tripping over each other to ram a fucking fairytale down our throats.

With OUR money, no less.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


In the wake of the terrible murders by Navy Yardman Aaron Alexis at a military facility in Washington - and I wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the dead, may they rest in peace - I thought the following article deserves a fair lot of attention. American Thinker's Derrick Wilburn very eloquently explains why gun-free zones don't work and never will. It is so spot-on and at the same time so simple to understand that we can safely assume that no left-leaning person will be able to understand it.

That means that once again we're preaching to the choir here: 'Rahm Emanuel's gun-free zones':

"Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing the institution of more so-called "gun-free zones" in the city, emulating but not surpassing the record-holder for illogical anti-gun mayors, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, who is in a league all his own.

With its record-breaking number of 500 homicides in 2012, 435 of which were by gun shot, and 318 homicides thus far in 2013, 264 shot and killed, 1,363 shot and wounded, Chicago is clearly one of the best places in America to be if you have the desire to get shot. Entire websites are dedicated to tracking the numbers shot and killed or wounded weekly in the Windy City. Measured on a daily, weekly even annual basis, the number of people shot and killed in Chicago eclipses those of gunshot casualties by U.S. service members in Afghanistan.

These Chicago statistics are perplexing to those on the extreme left of the gun-control legislation debate. It's a well-known fact to all on both sides of the issue that Chicago has some of the most stringent gun-control laws in the United States. The city of Chicago and/or the state of Illinois have banned "assault weapons", restricted magazine capacities, prohibited automatic firearms, prohibited short-barreled shotguns, prohibited silencers, to possess or purchase firearms or ammunition Illinois residents must have a Firearm Owner's Identification card issued by the state police, on and on the sea of gun-control, 2nd-amendment eclipsing legislation goes. It's a gun-control legislation enthusiast's utopia. Yet the city's mayor has seen fit to propose the implementation of city-wide "gun-free zones." Why? Why would such "zones" even be necessary in a city where gun-control legislation is supposed to have guns under control?


As a reaction to his city's skyrocketing shooting death statistics Mayor Emanuel is pushing to have more "gun free zones" all across the city of Chicago. Mr. Mayor, let's do a little sanity check here, let's look at the last five mass-shootings in our borders, then examine one would-be mass shooting.

On April 20, 1999 two twisted and deranged teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered Columbine High School in the city of Littleton Colorado and massacred 12 students, one teacher and wounded 21 more. Columbine High was a posted "gun-free zone."

April 16, 2007 in Blacksburg, Virginia Seung-Hui Cho entered a building on the campus of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) where he shot 32 people to death and wounded 17 others. Virginia Tech was a posted "gun-free zone."

Calling it a "good beginning for more gun-control legislation", in March of 1993 as one of his first acts while in office President Bill Clinton signed one of the most asinine pieces of legislation ever to cross a president's desk. Ensuring that terrorists would face no return-fire while on base, Clinton disarmed our own soldiers with a law prohibiting U.S. servicemen and servicewomen from carrying their own firearms while on a U.S. military base. The most finely trained in weapons-handling people in the world, yet able to do little more than serve as target practice in the event of a mass murderer bent on destruction. One such man was a jihadist in Killeen, Texas. Major Nidal Hasan fatally shot 13 and injured more than 30 others on Fort Hood. An act of terror that is classified by the Department of Defense to this day as "workplace violence." Fort Hood was and is a "gun-free zone."

On July 20, 2012 James Holmes chose not to attend a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at any of the six movie theater complexes that were closer to his home than the Century 16 multiplex at the Town Center at Aurora in Aurora Colorado. He shot and killed 12 that morning, injured 70 others. None of the six theaters he ignored bore signs declaring them to be "gun-free zones". Century 16 did.

On December 14th of 2012 Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. The second deadliest mass shooting in American history after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. Sandy Hook Elementary was a "gun-free zone."

Chicago is the nation's death-by-gunshot capital. The mayor of Chicago's solution to the problem is to create more "gun-free zones." To even the casual observer the commonality among all the tragedies described above is clear ---"gun-free zones." It seems the only place we see people getting shot up is in "gun-free zones", so Mr. Mayor please explain, why in the world would we want more of them?

There is one mass-shooting incident not appearing on this list, however. That's because it never occurred. On December 9, 2007 at approximately 1:00pm Matt Murray walked into New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado heavily armed and ready to kill as many as he possibly could. With over 10,000 congregants New Life is a large, some would say, a "mega" church. The 11:00am service had just let out and people were everywhere. Murray shot and killed two in the parking lot then entered the building. And that's where his rampage ended. Once in the building Murry ran into Jeanne Assam, a woman with a concealed weapons carry permit, training in the handling and use of firearms, and who was packing heat. Mrs. Assam quickly assessed the situation, pulled out her pistol and dropped him.

 photo murray000_zps55fbf574.jpg

Matt Murray entered New Life Church that Sunday intent upon killing. However in the final analysis only one person was shot and killed inside of the church that day -- Matt Murray. Had New Life Church been a "gun-free zone", there would be yet another list of dead and wounded to mourn, Jeanne Assam most likely would have numbered among them. But she refused to be a victim.

What might have happened if a teacher, administrator, vice-principle, heck, the janitor at Sandy Hook Elementary was trained and had access to his or her firearm in December of last year? We'll never know. But this we do know. For one of those teachers or administrators to have had a gun inside of Sandy Hook Elementary would have been against the law. Those teachers are law-abiding citizens, if the law says "no guns", then they bring no guns. The one thing they were not allowed to do was protect the children they saw daily and learned to love. Thing is, there apparently is no such thing as a "gun-free zone." Just a "law-abiding citizen's gun-free zone." And now the mayor of one of our largest cities wants to expand those "zones" far and wide. How could anything be more ill-logical than this?"

Check out this interview with Jeanne Assam, an unknown heroine. Unknown, because her story DOES NOT FIT our moral betters' gospel.

Jeanne Assam probably saved around a hundred lives. MFBB.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Lawrence Alma-Tadema was a prominent Dutch born British painter in the later years of the Victorian era. A proponet of Academic Art, he is famous for his depictions of Classical Antiquity, notably of the Roman Empire in its latter days. This work is called Expectations. It was painted in 1885.

 photo expectations_alma_Tadema_zps74ce9286.jpg

Click on it to see it in full and enjoy its glorious beauty. Sorry, no time to elaborate.


Sunday, September 15, 2013


Over at Townhall, Humberto Fontova had a damn good article on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Chilean coup d'état by General Augusto Pinochet: The other 9/11 - when commies tasted their own medicine.

"...On September 11, 1973 the Chilean military led by General Augusto Pinochet slapped Fidel Castro so smartly that his Stalinist regime (and its dutiful U.S. Media minions) are still sniveling and sniffling and wiping away tears of shock, pain and humiliation.

True to form, The New York Times leads the sniveling. They just published an article decrying the Chilean “tragedy” (i.e. Chile saving itself from Castroism with a military coup and today the richest and freest nation in Latin America.) The article’s author Ariel Dorfman is a former advisor to Chile’s Marxist president and Castro acolyte Salvador Allende. This same “columnist,” by the way, proclaimed Che Guevara as “Hero and Icon of the Century!” for Time magazine back in 1999.

“To our American friend Herbert Matthews with gratitude,” beamed Fidel Castro during a visit to the New York Times offices in April 1959 to decorate their star Latin America reporter with a newly-minted Cuban medal. “Without the help of the New York Times, the Revolution in Cuba would never have been,” Castro congratulated.

For once, Fidel Castro wasn’t lying. In fact, our crackerjack State Department’s Latin America “experts” were in such thrall to the New York Times’ Herbert Matthews that a pre-requisite for U.S. ambassadors posted to Cuba in the late 50’s was a “briefing” by him!”

“One can’t get much closer to communism without becoming one” J. Edgar Hoover wrote in July of 1959 to Vice President Nixon about Herbert Matthews, who he was closely monitoring.

"We’re following the example of the Cuban Revolution and counting on the support of her militant internationalism represented by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara!” boasted Chilean president Salvador Allende’s minister Carlos Altamirano in January 1971. “Armed conflict in continental terms remains as relevant today as ever!" he declared.

And he wasn’t bluffing. By the time of Pinochet’s coup, an estimated 31,000 Cuban and Soviet bloc operatives and terrorists infested Chile, including Castro’s top KGB-trained terrorist spymasters, Antonio De La Guardia and Manuel "Barbarroja" Pineiro." Among the hundreds of Soviet personnel were KGB luminaries Viktor Efremov, Vasili Stepanov and Nikolai Kotchanov.

By 1973, 60% of Chile’s arable land had been stolen by Allende’s Marxist regime, often with the aid of Cuba-trained death squads. "In the final analysis only armed conflict will decide who is the victor!" added Allende’s governmental ally, Oscar Guillermo Garreton. “The class struggle always entails armed conflict. Understand me, the global strategy is always accomplished through arms!"

Allende’s deputy economic minister, Sergio Ramos, didn’t mince words either: "It’s evident," he proclaimed in mid-1973, "that the transition to socialism will first require a dictatorship of the proletariat!"

"Stalin was a banner of creativity, of humanism and an edifying picture of peace and heroism!" declared Salvador Allende during a eulogy in 1953 to the Soviet mass-murderer whose crimes left Hitler’s in the dust. "Everything he did, he did in service of the people. Our father Stalin has died but in remembering his example our affection for him will cause our arms to grow strong towards building a grand tomorrow—to insure a future in memory of his grand example!"

In September 1973 General Augusto Pinochet, his military colleagues and a majority of the Chilean people (Allende had won in 1970 with a slight plurality not a majority of the Chilean vote) failed to recognize Stalin’s Great Terror as a “grand example.” The Chilean legislature and Supreme Court had already declared Allende’s Marxism unconstitutional...."

Mr. Fontova rightfully mentions here a 'detail' that is always wilfully ignored by the Allende-sympathizers among our politicans (basically all of them, of course) and media (all of them, period). Indeed, Chile's Suprem Court, on 26 May 1973, unanimously denounced the Allende government's "disruption of the legality of the nation in its failure to uphold judicial decisions. It refused to permit police execution of judicial resolutions that contradicted the Government's measures." Following in the footsteps of the Supreme Court, on 22 August 1973, the Chamber of Deputies, with in the vanguard the Christian Democrats and the National Party, passed 81–47 a resolution that asked "the President of the Republic, Ministers of State, and members of the Armed and Police Forces"[25] to "put an immediate end" to "breach[es of] the Constitution . . . with the goal of redirecting government activity toward the path of Law and ensuring the Constitutional order of our Nation, and the essential underpinnings of democratic co-existence among Chileans."

The resolution stated specifically that Allende sought ". . . to conquer absolute power with the obvious purpose of subjecting all citizens to the strictest political and economic control by the State . . . [with] the goal of establishing a totalitarian system", claiming it had made "violations of the Constitution . . . a permanent system of conduct." Most of the accusations were about the Socialist Government disregarding the separation of powers, and arrogating legislative and judicial prerogatives to the executive branch of government. In the resolution, Salvador Allende's government was accused of:

* ruling by decree, thwarting the normal legislative system
* refusing to enforce judicial decisions against its partisans
* ignoring the decrees of the independent General Comptroller's Office
* sundry media offences; usurping control of the National Television Network and applying ... economic pressure against those media organizations that are not * unconditional supporters of the government...
* allowing its socialist supporters to assemble armed, preventing the same by its right wing opponents
* . . . supporting more than 1,500 illegal ‘takings’ of farms...
* illegal repression of the El Teniente miners’ strike
* illegally limiting emigration

Hm, does this ring a bell among americanos, by the way?

Anyway, like I said, nothing of this has EVER made the headlines, has EVER been mentioned in our thorughly leftist media, with the State Television and newspapers like De Standaard and Le Soir up front. To the contrary, it's always the same old song, the same old points, half truths, and lies. And so it was that when Pinochet died in 2006, De Standaard's Ine Roox thought it necessary to refer to the man who had actually SAVED Chilean democracy as the 'Engel des Doods', the "Angel of Death":

 photo ine_roox_engeldesdoods_zps3be1b182.jpg

I don't doubt for a second that in the wake of Pinochet's coup a number of innocent people died. I have however great reservations about the number that's always posited, 3,000, since it is being offered by the same media who are wilfully denying our citizens knowledge of the Allende government's illegal moves, it's cozying up to marxist regimes, indeed, it's deliberate evolution towards just such a regime. Never expect from an editor like Roox revelations about the stance of the Chilean Supreme Court or its Chamber of Deputies, no, Allende was a saint, period, and Pinochet, if not Satan, then at least an 'Angel of Death'.

But Pinochet put Chile back on the tracks economically, and left the political scene seventeen years after the coup, following a plebiscite of which he respected the results. Compare that to the Castro regime's unbroken dicatorial hold on power since... 1959. Just think about that, seventeen years vs fifty-four, and still the Castro regime basically imprisons its own people. As for the death toll in Cuba since 'their' coup:

To date, Cuba Archive ( has documented more than 8,200 fatalities or disappearances caused by the Castro communist government since January 1, 1959. Until 2003 it took almost exclusively from the investigation by one of its directors and founders, Armando Lago, PhD (1939-2008), for a book project he researched mostly from existing bibliography. In recent years, the project has focused on gathering direct testimony and reviewing sources of information previously unexamined. Collaboration with the group “Cuban Memorial” ( has helped access the Cuban exile community to improve on documentation efforts.

Up to December 15, 2008, 5,732 cases of execution, extrajudicial killings, and disappearances have been documented. In addition, 515 deaths in prison for medical negligence, suicide, or accident have been recorded. These totals, which constitute partial yet growing numbers, already amount to more than twice the 3,197 disappearances and killings by the military regime led by General Augusto Pinochet in Chile. Yet while Pinochet was subject to solid worldwide condemnation, Fidel Castro has been lauded by many celebrities and influential global figures.

In 2008 alone, 42 deaths have been registered, all in prison except one – 2 extrajudicial killings, 23 for lack of medical care, 11 reported suicides, 2 in accidents resulting from negligence, plus 1 death for undetermined causes. Between January 1, 1959 and December 15, 2008, a partial tally of deaths attributed to the Castro regime totals 8,237 documented cases, if combat actions against the communist government are included.

Hmmmm. Mind you, these are data from 2008. And I'm not even taking into account the thousands who drowned trying to flee Fidel's workers paradise by boat.

I said I'd begin to expose the FUCKING LEFTOZOID LIARS who keep spoonfeeding the population false narratives thought up in leftist wonderland. HERE is a pic of Madam Ine Roox, dedicated lefty and without a doubt morally infinitely superior to you and me, the Great Rightwing Unwashed:

 photo INEROOX_zps7bf65227.jpg

Now ask yourself: if tomorrow the Old Monster in Havanna croaks, with this tally of around 6,000 Cubans murdered for opposing his communist regime (I somehow fear it's actually far worse), would Ine Roox refer to Fidel Castro as the Cuban 'Angel of Death'?

Count on it.