Monday, February 27, 2012


As we live in the Age of Sissies, there's no escaping the ooohhhhs and aaahhhhs emanating from the she-men over at Het Laatste Nieuws or De Standaard whenever a soi-disant bombshell reveals a square inch of skin on strategic territory. This always reminds me of the doofus who kids himself he's a wine connoisseur when he uncorks, with an air of benign professionalism, a 'Cabernet Sauvignon', expecting his audience to be impressed... when he's actually merely displaying his ignorance [Cabernet sauvignon is simply the world's most common wine grape variety - it's about as special as a Ford Pinto in a parking lot full of Mercedeses and Maybachs].

It was the same again over at Het Laatste Nieuws today, when some wussie thought Angelina Jolie showing off her right leg was the end of the world:


"Brad Pitt's spouse once again stole the show. She wore a Versace dress in black velvet with a gigantic split to the right side. This gave some insight in one of the world's most attractive people...

The 36-year old actress appeared on the podium to receive the trophy for the best adapted scenario. As a diva with tons of experience - which she IS of course - she assumed a challenging pose making fools of a lot of men..."

'Making fools of a lot of men???' You got to be kidding me??????? That's a SCARECROW's leg for crying out loud!!! Jesus, just WHO is writing stuff like that? A twelve-year old nerd who'd piss his pants if he saw one nekkid female from a distance of 1,000 yards? Do I have to teach these people EVERYTHING?

You want legs? I'll show you legs. HERE, stolen from Theo:


THERE pussy, THOSE are legs worth looking at!

[wanders off to the kitchen shaking his head, to pour himself a STRONG cup of coffee]