Saturday, September 30, 2023


Via Nius, yesterday, 29 SEP 2023:

"Gang violence in Sweden has reached such dramatic proportions that the Swedish PM is now considering deploying the military. Minister President Ulf Kristersson announced that the feasibility of such a measure is being investigated.

After the latest conflicts between rivalling criminal gangs in Sweden, during which three people died, PM Kristersson is obviously shocked. Now he wants to ask the military for help.

In his televised address to the nation last Thursday, Kristersson vowed his government is determined to put an end to the escalating gang criminality. "We will hunt the gangs, besiege them and bring them to court", said the conservative leader. "These callous murderers won't stop shooting each other and others, until we stop them." Swedish citizens who are complicit in these crimes, face tough judicial punishment. Foreigners may be deported.

Wanton violence in Sweden, in particular shootings and bomb explosions, has seen an escalation in the past years. Merely last month saw numerous killings following shootings and an explosion, which claimed a dead victim, a young woman. And internal conflict in the criminal Foxtrot network could be one of the reasons for the escalation."

The cincher is this one, of course:

"Er betonte, dass eine „verantwortungslose Einwanderungspolitik und eine gescheiterte Integration“ zu dieser Krise geführt haben."

"He emphasised that an "irresponsible immigration policy and a failed integration" led to this crisis."

Aha. And WHO came BEFORE Mr Kristersson??? Why, the world's first feminist government!!!

A fucking bunch of feminazi bitches, oh so brave when lambasting a President (Trump) who DID take the folly and the dangers of open borders serious. Sweden has now had 8 years of "Refugees Welcome" madness and this is the legacy of the insane twats picture above: in September alone, 11 people were killed in shootings, thus making it the deadliest month for gun violence in almost four years.

It ain't much better in Germany. These are images from Stuttgart, where about 200 Eritrean Culture Enrichers™ battled it out among themselves. 24 police officers who were trying to quell the unrest, got wounded:

I am starting to wonder if there is any upward limit for my hatred for "progressives".


Friday, September 29, 2023


Here's another sci-fi flick that got trashed on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic and it's all bull. Like Screamers, Impostor, also based on a short story by Philip K. Dick and starring a.o. Gary Sinise and Madeleine Stowe, is no grand cinema, but it's a decent mid-level player.

Here's the thing. Impostor, directed by Gary Fleder, didn't win any cinematographic prizes and tanked - seriously. It was a gross box office failure. Michael Cimino's The Deer Hunter won 5 Academy Awards, 1 Golden Globe Award and 2 BAFTAs, amongst others. It cost 15 million US$ to make and earned more than thrice that amount. But Impostor kept me, if not on the edge of my seat, at least captivated until the final dénouement, while halfway through The Deer Hunter I started asking myself when it would ever end (alas, I would be tested for yet another hour and a half). The only reason I kept watching is that afterwards I'd be able to boast that I had seen it!

It's all relative. But trust me, Impostor is *not* the train wreck Rotten Tomatoes would want you to believe. Have a nice weekend.


Thursday, September 28, 2023


Maybe. Not sure yet they are taking over. In Belgium, EV's make up perhaps 5% of the market for personal cars and that percentage is steadily rising. The trend is there, sure, but perhaps we are only seeing the higher incomes switch to EVs. When that slice of the market has made the transition, we may see a standstill or at least a pause, since purchasing power of especially the peasants (and I mean not only the peasants) is in decline and EVs aren't exactly cheap... and neither are new batteries. As for the technological and practical drawbacks: limited range and roadstress, queues at charging stations, faster degradation of batteries when fast charging, depletion of precious minerals... I don't think that's going to be a problem in the long term, since I expect graphene and solid state batteries to replace Li-ion ones by the mid-forties. When muskets and other handheld firearms were emerging, few if any thought that one day they would render the deadly longbows obsolete. But they did. I expect a similar evolution in the battle between EVs and ICE vehicles.

No, my biggest beef with EVs is that if a country becomes too reliant on electricity for ALL its needs, it risks to be almost literally paralyzed in case of war or another huge calamity. And don't say, 'that can't happen anymore': in early FEB 2022, I thought Putin was bluffing too. Consider this: in 1999 NATO bombed Serbia's power grid infrastructure with BLU-114/B graphite bombs, disabling 70 per cent. For the Serbs it was a disaster: no radio or TV, no electrical cooking, no traffic lights, no electrical trains etc... Today, not only are domestic and industrial requirements for electricity MUCH higher than in the Balkans 25 years ago (can you imagine missing the internet?), but suppose that almost all cars and trucks are EVs. If something REALLY BAD happens, the few dinosaurs who stuck to ICE vehicles will be like Ray Ferrier in War of the Worlds:

And that's why, if we do have to say ICEs using fossil fuels goodbye, I'm more sympathetic to hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. With all the bruhaha around EV's, one would tend to forget great progress is also being made in that field:

The future will tell.


Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Another day, another sign that multiculturalism is a big, fucking LIE.

The Daily Mail:

A teenage boy knifed a 15-year-old girl to death 'with a machete after an argument that began with him trying to give her flowers' while she was getting a bus to her £19,350-a-year private school in south London today.

The victim, a pupil at Old Palace of John Whitgift School in Croydon, was attacked at 8.30am - less than a mile away from the school gates.

Chevanice Thomas, whose friend claims to have witnessed the stabbing, said the girl had rejected flowers from the boy moments before he attacked her with a knife that resembled 'a sword'. Another witness claimed she heard the girl saying she 'didn't want to go out with him any more'.

The bus driver and a passenger tried desperately to save the girl's life but she died at the scene at 9.21am. Officers arrested a 17-year-old boy in nearby New Addington at 9.45am.

Via The Evening Standard:

Aha. Silly me. I should have known. Yet more blessings from the black community. Luckily more are on their way, landing in Dover and surroundings by the hundreds every day! And of course the sole white in the picture is 'clueless' and 'shocked'. "We remain in the early stages of our investigation". Pardon me if I read that as "We enter the last stages of our civilization."

Anyway, so the future rocket engineer cum neurosurgeon tried to give her flowers and when she didn't want them he knifed her to death. The boundary between love and hate is razor thin with this particular brand of Culture Enrichers. So far, this is the SIXTEENTH teenager who gets murdered in London this year, the thirteenth with a knife or machete. Trust me, there's not too many - if any - cream white boys or girls among either perps or victims. And trust me on this too: if and when it happened in the London of my youth, it was an absolute rarity. In the New and Improved Britain, it's daily bread.

I'm sorry for the girl, but the problem is the black community's 'culture', or what passes for it. F*cking and screwing around from a very young age, and deadly violence that spills over in the blink of an eye when their demands aren't met. No fathers to speak of: once they have squirted their stuff in yet another vagina and it appears a baby will be the result, off they are like rabbits, looking for another hole. The behaviour of the mothers, heavily promiscuous, is simply the other side of the evil coin.

Our continent is being torn apart by islamization and africanization. It won't end well. I'm SO tired of reading and hearing about this shit. Our politicians, who happily facilitate the catastrophic Umvolkung for G*d knows what dark reasons, deserve to be LYNCHED.



Every g*dforsaken city where democrats, socialists, greens, 'progressives' rule, or anyhow you want to call that rabble, becomes a shithole.

Alas, there's more to it than that. Even with a starved, understaffed PD, you won't see Asians do this - real Asians that is, not the newspeak code for Paki muslims grooming underage White girls e.g.. I'm talking Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipinos...

Blacks do have a problem of their own. A very serious one. And it's the same whether they live in the US, Europe or in their own continent.

More here.

I'm getting tired of this shit.


Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost (1874-1963)


Monday, September 25, 2023


I actually HATE it to post this. I really do. I'd rather post more stuff on science and technology, aviation, new novels I have discovered, history...

...yet looking the other side is no option. This goes on day after day, without pause or slacking off - on the contrary.

How I miss the England of my youth... cycling through Kent and East Sussex through sun-drenched fields in SEP 1984, coming across the Runnymede Memorial by chance, cycling back smack through London, when there was no risk whatsoever of getting stabbed...

... that's all over now. In summer 2021 I drove back from Whitby, which I had visited for a day, to my hotel in Borrowdale, the Lake District. I had decided to take secondary roads through the Yorkshire Dales because that's another Brit piece of real estate that enamors me. Must have been 8pm when I passed through Keld, yes, KELD, and about the only living souls on the street I saw were some 8 or 10 Pakistanis in djellabas or some such. In KELD! But dare to have reservations about this group and you are labeled, you guess it, a racist.

Our politicians deserve to be lynched.


Sunday, September 24, 2023


Almost three years ago, on OCT 24, 2020, I had this post up re the successful touchdown and sample taking of the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft on asteroid Bennu, at that time at a distance of a whopping 320 million kilometers from Earth, or more than twice the distance of our planet to the Sun!

Today, OSIRIS-Rex (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, and Security–Regolith Explorer) came back and delivered that sample:

More info here.

This is the only part of OSIRIS-Rex that made it back to Earth: the Sample Return Capsule:

The SRC’s structure consists of a graphite-epoxy material covered with a Thermal Protection System making use of NASA’s PICA (Phenolic-Impregnated Carbon Ablator) heat shield technology.
PICA is a lightweight material designed to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress. The technology was developed at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Interstingly, SpaceX modified the PICA technology for its Dragon and Dragon 2 spacecraft, enabling the re-use of heat shields.
The principle behind ablative heat shield technology is that a boundary layer is created between the shield’s outer wall and the extremely hot shock layer gas by allowing the heat shield material to slowly burn away and, in the process, generate gaseous reaction products that flow out of the heat shield, keeping the shock layer at a separation distanceand reducing the overall heat flux experienced by the outer shell of the spacecraft.

The processes occurring at the heat shield material include a charring, melting and sublimation on the one hand and pyrolysis on the other.

Pyrolysis creates the product gases that are blowing outward and create the desired blockage of convective and catalytic heat flux. Radiative heat flux is reduced by introducing carbon compounds into the boundary layer gas which make it optically opaque.

There's charring indeed, that's for sure:

For the next two years, about 30% of the sample will be analyzed at a dedicated clean room inside Johnson Space Center as well as in labs around the globe, including OSIRIS-REx mission partners at the Canadian Space Agency and Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (the latter of which has already an asteroid sample, obtained from Asteroid Ryugu by its Hayabusa 2 mission, which came back with it in 2020). About 70% of the Bennu sample will remain in storage, anticipating the arrival of better technology to investigate it.