Saturday, March 09, 2013


Nickelback with How you remind me. From the 2001 album Silver side up.

Canadians from Hanna, Alberta. Currently based in Vancouver. Frontman is Chad Kroeger.

Heart with Crazy on You.

From the iconic album Dreamboat Annie (1976).

Goede nacht.


Friday, March 08, 2013


In Deventer, a Dutch town in the north of The Netherlands, the mosque's muezzin has been allowed to call muslims to prayer every day.

It wasn't bad enough that until now, the filthy infidels living in the neighborhood had to bear with the muezzin's call to prayer 'only' on Friday. The lunatics sitting in Deventer's municipal council, in their infinite wisdom, have ordained that from now on the azan can be heard every day of the week. IN ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES, islam is proving itself a daily nightmare for the hapless non-muslims living there, who are either being terrorized or downright forced to flee. There's no such niceties there when it comes to facilitating the worshipping of other gods than allah, to the contrary. But over here, the historically ignorant multiculti scum that passes for our rulers are litterally tripping over each other to accommodate a hateful, mysogynistic, homophobic and utterly backward 'religion' that has given the world very little - and then only a thousand years ago and to a large extent not even something original.

From HLN, March 8, 2013:
"The Centrum Moskee in Deventer (Overijssel province) can from now on call the faithful to prayer every day between midday and 2pm.
Until now the azan (call to prayer) was only allowed on Friday, but the mosquegoers wanted to hear the sound every day. Thereupon the town council investigated where the characteristic sound would generally be heard and subsequently distributed among 495 households around Smyrna Street a bulletin of inquiry, in which people could indicate whether or not they objected to the azan.
Of those questioned, 167 households let it be known, anonymously, that they did not want to hear the noise, a spokesman for the town said. Because that's a minority, the city council now allows the daily call to prayer. The mosque has to install a volume limiter to keep the noise level under a certain treshold.
According to Henk Kelder who lives a stone's throw away from the mosque, the noise isn't bad at all. "I 've been living here since before the mosque was built and I never bothered about the azan and actually I'm always at home on Fridays" he explains. "Our churches make noise too and you never hear someone complain about that." Kelder is chairman of a neighborhood committee and says that his committee doesn't involve itself with the mosque. "The only thing that's bothersome is parking. And then especially on Friday noon, then it's very busy in the street" says Kelder."

Het Laatste Nieuws wouldn't be Het Laatste Nieuws if the only Dutchman they gave a forum too wouldn't be one who couldn't be bothered with a half-crazed muezzin yelling the neighborhood together every day of the week. The HLN editors probably got a boner upon finding out that very same Dutchman was found willing to rip Christianity en passant, since 'churches make noise too and no-one complains about that'.

Apart from this very saddening 'interview', one can note AGAIN that islam never gives an inch back. First they started with their mosques in garages. Then they built, partly with infidel taxpayer money, a brand new mosque. Then they tinkered and negotiated until they got permission for a call to prayer on Fridays. And now they have gotten permission for a call to prayer EVERY DAY.

Next thing you know, they'll be asking for sharia. And while the Deventer city council is anxious to accommodate its muslim invaders so as not to appear 'intolerant', an estimated 100,000 Copts have fled Egypt since the Morsi takeover.