Saturday, December 03, 2005


I guess most of you learned this week that Belgium finally sent fighters to Iraq. One of them was 38-year old Muriel Degauque, a Wallonian woman from Monceau-sur-Sambre near Charleroi. On November 9 she blew herself up near a US convoy in Baquba, Iraq, thus becoming the first European woman suicide bomber, at least for Allah’s cause. Fortunately, she was the only one killed. Zeg niet te gauw ‘t is weer een vrouw, like we say over here, a tad unrespectfully translated Don’t say too quick it’s again a chick. Paul Beliën of The Brussels Journal offers some perspective. Anyway, about one year ago I posted on these pages that in the West we should focus on Islamic converts and dang, there it is. Dutch daily De Telegraaf writes that police increasingly gets info on converts radicalising. Closer to home, one of the five or six schtoopid cunts wo whore, wooooooooooops sorry, who wore, burqas in Maaseik, is a Flemish woman, a certain Maureen R. For the record, Maaseik, eastern Belgium, is where Khalid Bouloudou is from, one of the thirteen suspected GICM members in Belgiums fourth terror trial currently going on in Brussels. The GICM, or Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain, is one of the outfits responsible for the Madrid bombings. But back to Our Lady of the Exploding Hollowness.

Muriel Degauque had always been the trouble child in Jean Degauque’s family. As a teenager, she drank, smoked and used drugs. She was unable to find a steady job and had relationships with a Turk and an Algerian, whom she married in her early thirties. She herself asked her husband to teach her Arabic so that she could read the Quran. She also started to wear a headscarf. The marriage was short-lived, for in 2000 the couple divorced. Muriel’s parents Jean, a retired steelworker, and Liliane, a medical secretary, were flabbergasted when a couple of months later she married again to a certain Hicham Goris, a Moroccan of mixed parents (in some publicatins he is referred to as Aissan). To her parents she explained that "marrying so soon after divorce was easy in Islam". Her new husband had the most radical influence on her, since from then on she appeared in burqa with only a slit letting the eyes free. She even wore gloves so that the skin of her hands would not be visible anymore.

After a while Hicham started to demand that father Degauque quit drinking beer and that men and women ate separately. This finally led to a breech in the relation with her parents and the radical couple moved from Charleroi to Sint-Gillis, Brussels, where they learned suicide methods. I am told it's one of the very few courses Methodist Vanuatuans truly excel in there, apart from, under certain circumstances, farting in the general direction of Reykjavik. A couple of months ago, they travelled to the Middle East and the Degauques got a last telephone call from their daughter from - but what a coincidence!!!! - Syria. The next and final stop was Baquba, Iraq. As for the woman, my greatest concern is that she damaged the precious paint, dutifully paid for by American taxpayers, on the trucks in that convoy. As for the man, he was shot dead by US forces. Thanks for cleaning up our garbage America!

Don’t you now think too bad of Belgian women. Mark Steyn’s mother is Belgian.



Brigitte GrouwelsBelgium is a federal state with both Flanders and Wallonia having their own regional governments. Little known is the fact that Belgium’s capital, Brussels, is a separate region of its own, since neither Flemings nor Walloons would ever accept Brussels being an administrative part of either region. So in the Belgian federal framework Brussels is technically the Brussels Capital Region, with its own (small) government as well as a parliament. One of the "ministers" in this government is Brigitte Grouwels, from the Christian democratic party CD&V. Her official title is State Secretary for Equal Opportunities. This is what she had to say last Friday:

"In large parts of Brussels women are called names and reproached of being whores by young immigrants, often of Moroccan origin. It suffices that they are fashionably dressed with tight skirts and a flash of a bare belly. Some native women don something on their heads, because then they are not troubled anymore."

Mrs. Grouwels has her own site, where you can read the interview she gave with the daily Het Laatste Nieuws in full:

Q: "Have you been harassed yourself?"

A: "Yes, and my daughter repeatedly, just like her friends. These are young women aware of fashion, with sometimes tight skirts and a glimpse of a bare belly. Immigrant girls are reprimanded if they don't wear a headscarf, but also just because they walk on the streets, or if they dare to laugh among each other. Take the Zuidlaan across the Zuidstation. It used to be a very mixed neighborhood, where many Belgians had shops. Now it is a quarter where immigrant shops dominate, which are controlled by a certain type of men. They watch from cafes who passes and intimidate women. Gradually these disappear from the street. There is an atmosphere of intolerance. Women can't dress the way they would like to. Well, we are fed up being called whores because we are not dressed the way certain men would like us to be. It is an offensive and disrespectful attitude towards women."

Q: "What do these men say then?"

A: "Remarks like you don't belong here, how are you dressed, you are a prostitute. It is no longer only along the Zuidlaan, but there it strikes that less and less women walk on the streets. It just as well happens in Sint-Joost, in Molenbeek, in Schaarbeek, when they shop along the Louizalaan (Avenue Sainte-Louise) and very frequently on the tram. Respect is extremely important in those men's culture. Well, we demand respect for ALL women. It is a form of verbal violence, which is very annoying. There are women who say that if we don a headscarf, we are no longer called names. Well, that's a step too far."

Q: "It's the Belgians who have to adapt to the immigrants?"

A: "That's it yes. Women must be able to walk day and night on the street in safety. We have not fought 50 years for our emancipation just to be beaten back in time. We don't want that in a single quarter of Brussels."

Q: "Who are those men?"

A: "They are mainly Moroccan youths, who think that they have the right to impose their rules on girls. With Turks it's similar, especially in their own commmunities, but it is just as well unacceptable. They must also have the right to dress the way they like."

Look, it's not that I like to post those things. In fact I hate it. I have a company to run and I had better spent the last hour on doing some necessary paperwork. But I think it's of paramount importance that everyone who cherishes freedom ought to know what is happening in Europe. Because it's not in Brussels alone. If the usual multiculti dorks show up, throw them stories like these in their faces. These assholes are going to let it come to the point of no return, and then it's too late.

Mind you, Mrs. Grouwels is not someone whom you would categorize in the Belgian rightwing political sphere, certainly not the quarter occupied by the Vlaams Belang. In fact, the remedy she proposes: an action plan with a sensitive approach costing 670,000 EUR to make people aware and "reach out" to immigrants, is purely socialist by nature: throwing money away while avoiding to step on sore toes. So when a lady like her bluntly says this like "Gradually these (women) disappear from the street" and "but there it strikes that less and less women walk on the streets", bells ought to ring.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The economy is kicking ass

Ok, let's make a pact: Everyone has to agree to not let any liberal in their presence get away with any "the economy is bad" BS.

Here's an article if you need one to forward, although since the evidence is completely overwhelming it's not hard to find others.

I can understand people being against the Iraq invasion or any number of other Bush policies, but if you think we're in the middle of a struggling economy you're just ideologically blind or just plain stupid.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Michael Barone on Unions

Barone lays out in plain English what a disaster labor unions have been for the US. And forget about all the "unions brought us the weekend" crap. The sooner we get rid of these parasitic organizations the better it will be for everyone, including union members.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Molotov Cocktail Party1939. Commies ally themselves with Nazis… The photo shows a jovial Stalin addressing Nazi Germany’s Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop, on August 23, at the signing of the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact or Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact. The guy scribbling his name onto the rag is the USSR’s Foreign Minister Molotov and in case you wonder, yes, that’s the fella the French youths’ drink of choice is called after. I am not going to elaborate on this document, ain’t the place nor the time, suffice to say that Article 1 stated that:

"Both High Contracting Parties obligate themselves to desist from any act of violence, any aggressive action, and any attack on each other, either individually or jointly with other Powers."

and it must be said that Both High Contracting Parties behaved themselves admirably till, duh, June 22, 1941.

Article 2 furthermore stated that:

"Should one of the High Contracting Parties become the object of belligerent action by a third Power, the other High Contracting Party shall in no manner lend its support to this third Power."

And indeed, when the Polish Army fought back when the Nizis invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, that could be interpreted as Nazi Germany becoming the object of belligerent action by a Third Power, subsequently Uncle Joe in no manner lent his support for the Polish but rather chose to stab them in the back.


2005. Maybe it’s just MFBB’s mean f*cking bad behaviour, but as I learn these days of certain suspicious alliances I can’t resist musing about that 1939 gentleman’s agreement.

Take Copenhagen, Denmark for example. There a Muslim immigrant and city counsellor by the name of Wallait Khan participated in the November 15 municipal elections as a Venstre candidate (Venstre = center-rightwing party; it is also the party of Denmark’s courageous PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen - MFBB). A political scandal of the first order developed when Mr. Khan, immediately after a poor showing, decided to defect to to the city council’s left wing when promised the post of 2nd deputy mayor along with some other functions. Now, if gaining a post cheaply was the only issue, Khan’s treason would be mere political backstabbery. However, it has also emerged that he supports two radical Islamist organizations, Minhaj-ul-Quran and Hizb-ut-Tahrir. Moreover, undoubtedly as a sign of his near perfect assimilation in Danish society, he simultaneously ran for elections in his native Pakistan, and I bet it wasn’t for the Pakistani Christian Democrats. Danish daily Weekendavisen has the story (translation by Viking Observer):

In the November-issue 2005 of the urdu-language monthly Sahil, that is distributed in Copenhagen, it says in reference to Wallait Khans own campaign materials: "There has been this whole campaign against Minhaj ul-Quran and Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wallait Khan has always supported these organisations and schools and institutions all that he could."

If a Hizb-ut-Tahrir supporter isn't a good candidate for deputy mayor of a Eurabian capital then I don't know what is, don't you agree. Note also that Wallait Khan does NOT have Danish citizenship. So with only slight exaggeration you basically have here a Pakistani who gets to decide whether he will spend public money for fixing the potholes in the street in front of Lars Q’s house or funding Copenhagen’s mosques. Some of you may recall that this whole travesty of allowing non-residents of a country to participate in local elections, a pet idea of the despicable European Left, is precisely the reason why I joined the Vlaams Belang.

anna rytterAn even more striking example of Islamic radicals joining up with the Danish Left is offered in the city of Odense, where the Islamic convert Anna Rytter of the Communist Party Enhedslisten (Unity List), was elected to the city council. Que???? So here we have someone who is supposed to be a Sophisticated God Bashing Vatican Spitting Post Modernist Quintessential Atheist Non Believer, and yet she has submitted herself to the will of Allah???? Things are getting goddam f*ckin' weird in the Leftist Brainhole-O-Sphere you know. In October Wouter Bos, Chairman of the PVDA, the Dutch Social-Democrats, announced that he would join the Muslims in the Netherlands in a day of fasting during Ramadan. Bos’s day of fasting like a devout Muslim was recorded and aired on television. Now you have to understand that this is the same Mr. Bos who recently insisted that the traditional "Bede", the Prayer in the Dutch Queen's annual speech in Parliament, was abolished. I get it Wouter. I am not that dumb! Christianity is makroob, and Islam is halal!!! And anyone who suggests that your Ramadan fasting had sumpin to do with the municipal elections in Holland on 7 March, well, that is just a mean racist xenophobic Flemish redneck!

Sikandar SiddiqueBack to Copenhagen. Where we also have the case of a certain Sikandar Siddique who was the Social Democrat’s candidate for mayoral post in Copenhagen. Danish blogger Sappho reports that Mr. Siddique may be a member of the radical Islamist organization Hizb-ut-Tahrir:

Today Sappho can reveal, that a vote for Siddique in all likelyhood also is a vote for the radical moslem organisation Hizb-ut-Tahrir, that advocates the establishement of a caliphate run along 1400-year-old principles, where there is neither freedom of speech, democracy, freedom of the courts nor rights for women and non-believers. So far, Hizb ut-Tahrir has always claimed, that these conditions would not be introduced in Denmark, but that they exclusively had far-off Oriental regions in mind. Danes thus had no reason to be nervous about the organisations agitation and big influence on especially the moslem youths in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Something indicates, that Hizb ut-Tahrir now also is seeking direct influence on Danish politics - and that Sikandar Malik Siddique has been chosen as the spearhead of these aspirations.

Duh. MFBB's simple brain draws some conclusions from this. First, the Danish, and by extension the European Left is clearly whoring for votes among its Muslim communities whom they have given in most European countries the right to vote in municipal elections (for starters). Given their very high fertility rates as compared to the natives' catastrophically low ones, one could argue that from the Leftist POV this is a smart move to stay in power. Of course, what these doofuses don't seem to foresee is that once Islam is in power there will be precious little love left for fancy lefty issues such as gay marriage and/or adoption, your right to grow cannabis in your backyard or get stone drunk while enjoying that new sex-inciting drug I heard about. Well, in 1939 Uncle Joe too thought he was being smart.

Second, if you want to see that famous braless li'l mermaid in Copenhagen's port, you might want to book a ticket to Denmark presto, since I can't guarantee for how long these famous Danish boobies will remain halal.