Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hi there. Sorry for the hiatus, but I - we - have been on holiday to Wales and Ireland, more precisely in Snowdonia and Ireland's southwest, and though I did intend to post some stuff now and then, technical problems made that impossible. Well - it was great, absolutely. Saw a lot, learned a lot, did a lot. Brought home a stack of books, amongst others biographies from Eamonn De Valera and Michael Collins and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Climbed the Snowdon (a piece of cake) and the Carrauntohil (a tougher nut to crack). Observed quite a lot in the English, Welsh and Irish societies, and there is much to ponder. If I find the time, will do a couple of posts about it.

But now it's time for Lou Reed with Satellite of Love:

Then the New Radicals with You get what you give:

Good night from Outlaw Mike, back in Belgium. Thank you for tuning in.