Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hi everybody. For this weekend's Saturday Night Outlaw Mike has selected a.) Shine On, from House of Love.

Alternative rock band from London around Guy Chadwick. This hit was originally released in 87. I remember it well from my MTV looking days.

and b.) Where's my thing, a 1991 instrumental by Rush:

If you don't like Geddy Lee's voice, you have no excuse now. From the album Roll the Bones.

Slaap wel dames en heren.



John Hancock has a great piece over at American Thinker:

"In the fall of 1991, the relatively small and quiet university of Alfred University in New York State was engrossed in controversy. Indignant professors led students in protests, heated debates raged throughout the divided campus, editorials filled the school and local papers. At the heart of the controversy was the newly-installed statue of King Alfred, the medieval English monarch after whom the town and school was named. Ten years prior, when the monument was commissioned, no one could foresee the controversy it would eventually cause. Yet, its placement offended the sensibilities of the university's history professors.

By the strong and negative reaction one would think that Alfred must have been a tyrant, an oppressor of his people, a man deserving of the title Alfred the Terrible. Surprisingly, it is the opposite that that is true.

From 871 to 899, Alfred was the King of Wessex, one of the four kingdoms that would eventually become England. During his reign he revived the tradition of learning that had died with the fall of the Roman Empire. He required all of his nobles be literate and increased their education by translating the great Latin texts into English. Additionally, he has the honor of being the first king in English history to write a book, preceding King James by eight centuries. Thus, he is known as the "education king."

 photo kingalfred_zpsacb77241.jpg

King Alfred the Great

More significantly, for the first time, English law would be written and would establish the tradition of England being a land 'ruled by laws' rather than by the whims of powerful men. Within these laws we find the genesis the principles of due process, trial by jury, and respect for the individual; no matter how lowly. His laws protected the commoner from arbitrary and excessive punishment. Even slaves were protected by his laws. There were limits on the number of hours they could be forced to work and were granted 37 work-free holidays per year. Furthermore, the slaves were allowed to work on their own behalf and retain all proceeds from their endeavors. Through the church, Alfred created a system that fed the poor and provided them with medical care.

For the 9th century, Alfred was a very enlightened king who was loved by his people and for this reason he is the only king in English history to be bestowed the moniker "the Great." Alfred the Great, the father of England and education king.

So why would the history professors be opposed to a memorial to this great proponent of education?

The truth is that the opposition to Alfred had more to do with what he symbolizes rather than actual history. Linda Mitchell, who specializes in Medieval history, was one of the protesting professors. As she explained in a New York Times interview, Alfred "is not a good logo to promote a modern university because virtually any historical figure who had any social or political influence is undoubtedly going to be a D.W.E.M. -- dead white European male," she said, "it would be foolish to choose a symbol so exclusive and effective in emphasizing the straight white male power structure of history."

For Alfred, being a DWEM (Dead White European Male) means that his great achievements are to be ignored because they do not fit into the ideologically-driven, anti-Western civilization, revisionist history that is currently being taught in schools."

It is the legions of types such as "Professor" Linda Mitchell we have to thank for creating a yawning gap in our young peoples' inner self. Where instead of that gap there ought to be justified pride for the accomplishments of worthier predecessors in creating, even though it is imperfect, the most humane and successful societal model on the planet, there is instead doubt and loathing of the own identity and culture.

And among the seedier things you get are youngsters like Martin Couture-Rouleau or Bowe Bergdahl. Gee, THANKS A LOT Prof Mitchell. It is clear the ISIS flag was a cooler logo to them than King Alfred's statue, is it not, STUPID CUNT?


Thursday, October 23, 2014


Amid the whirlwind of scandals so typical for the Obamba Administration, this is one that caught my eye in particular. The Great Mark Steyn poignantly hammers the message down that US citizens' tax dollars never sleep:

"The Obama Administration operates on the sound principle that, if you're going to have a scandal, it's best to have dozens of them and then no one can keep up, and none of them becomes large enough to matter.

In this case, Jonathan Dach is the son of an influential Obama donor and Walmart lobbyist with ties to the First Lady's "healthy eating initiative". Two years ago, Dach Jnr was part of the White House advance team dispatched to Cartagena ahead of the President's visit. The evidence from the hotel register conclusively proves that he had a prostitute in his room. But the White House hushed it up, on the grounds that he did not actually bill US taxpayers for his hooker. How did that happen? Well:

Dach "was not charged for additional guest as a benefit of Hilton Honor Member."

 photo jonathan_dach_zpsa4a80963.jpg

So under the Hilton Honors program the first hooker stays for free. Who knew? Did young Jonathan Dach only have all those points on his Hilton card because he was doing so much presidential travel? In which case, his complimentary hooker was in a sense a perk of office.

Anyway, when he paid off the prostitute and came back from Colombia, Jonathan Dach was given a job at the White House "working on Global Women's Issues". In Cartagena, he was working on Global Women. Now he's working on Global Women's Issues. Ah, well. There's no real need for US officials to travel to Latin America, is there? We're trending quite Latin-American enough in Washington: The Democrats and media have trained the public to accept a certain level of government corruption as perfectly routine, no matter how absurd and obvious it is.

I think it's worth keeping an eye on the big picture here. First, as I wrote two-and-a-half years ago, there was no reason for Mr Dach or any of the other at least two dozen federal johns to be in Cartagena at all: They were cavorting with prostitutes all night long because there was nothing for them to do:

What we know so far is this: All eleven Secret Service men and all ten U.S. military personnel staying at the Hotel Caribe are alleged to have had "escorts" in their rooms that night. All of them. The entire team.

Twenty-one U.S. public servants. Twenty-one Colombian whores. Unless a couple of the senior guys splashed out for the two-girl special...

Why were 21 officials of the United States government able to enjoy a night of pleasure with 21 prostitutes..? The answer isn't difficult. Indeed, one retired agent spelled it out: "They just didn't have anything to do."

So they did Dania Suarez and her friends instead.

The 21 dedicated public servants jetted in on the so-called car-planes, the big transports flying in the tinted-windowed black Suburbans for the presidential motorcade. The "car-plane" guys show up a few days in advance, but usually two weeks or so after the really advanced advance team has hit the ground. And there was nothing for them to do. There is no reason for them to be there.

And now we know that the presidential-entourage hooker culture isn't confined to the agents but extends to the dweeby wonk aides as well.

So the obvious solution would be to lower the number of presidential flunkeys. Which is a standing joke at global summits - that the US President has to be accompanied by more hangers-on than all the other presidents and prime ministers put together. They're not there to do their duty, they're there to do the local booty.

In 2012, when I wrote about this incident, I quoted Congressman Peter King:

It was totally wrong to take a foreign national back to a hotel when the president is about to arrive.

And, after spraying coffee all over my desk, I commented:

It's wrong to take a "foreign national" up to the room, but it would have been okay if she'd been from Des Moines? We're all in favor of outsourcing, but in compliance with Section 27(e)viii of the PATRIOT Act this is the one job Americans will do?

The problem isn't that they're foreign nationals, it's that they're prostitutes. Nevertheless, a new regulation was subsequently introduced forbidding Secret Service agents to have foreigners in their hotel rooms. So at, say, last year's G7 summit in Northern Ireland, it would have been a firing offense for the Presidential advance team to invite the local MI5 guys to their suite to liaise on security, but if they'd flown in a dominatrix from Tuscaloosa, no problem.

As I said, I wrote about all this two years ago. Since then, we've had the Mandela funeral fiasco, where America's money-no-object security entourage stuck the President on stage two feet from an "interpreter" who turned out to be a violent, convicted criminal who'd been part of a "necklacing" gang. In the last few weeks, we've had a knife-toting intruder jump the White House fence, a gun-toting felon in the elevator with the President... There have been apparently more than a thousand security breaches in the last five years. And all for the perfectly obvious reason that, when it comes to security, more equals worse.

The federal motorcade hooker-culture is a symbol of government decadence, and a potentially catastrophic loss of government integrity.The Queen is safer with one car in front and one behind than the President is with a 40-car motorcade of expense-finaglers wondering if their Hilton Honors card will cover the two-girl special."

 photo jonathan_dach_businesscard_zps09bc8e88.jpg

Jonathan Dach's "business" card. Global women's issues are in the best of hands. Especially their tits and asses.

Though I must admit, I'm kinda having trouble seeing this dork doing a hot-blooded Colombian hooker. He rather strikes me as an overripe choirboy who, even with a GPS system and roadblocks, would have trouble finding his penis.

Oh well. Just so you know. And over here in Belgistan? Have we heard about Dach's exploits yet?

To ask the question is to answer it.

Over and out from my bunker,


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I guess we have all heard about the nutcase in Quebec who tried to run over two soldiers and managed to wound both, one of them with life-threatening injuries (update: unfortunately the latter, a distinguished 53-year old trooper named Patrice Vincent, succumbed to his injuries. RIP)

This is how Reuters reported on it Monday morning:

 photo rad_man_reuters_zps1b20a29d.jpg

"A Canadian man who was killed by police after trying to run over two soldiers in Quebec 'had become radicalized', the government said after the first such incident since the country joined the fight against Islamic State militants.

The Canadian government did not specify what it meant by radicalised but in the past has used the term to refer to Canadians who become supporters of militant Islamic groups..."

At least the Reuters blokes had the decency to leave open the slight possibility that the would-be killer was, uh, had become, erm, a fohollower of the, umm, prophet.

And now for the coverage provided to the good citizens of the State of Belgium by our self-proclaimed 'quality newspaper' De Standaard:

 photo rad_man_DS_zpsa46ff04c.jpg


In Canada police has killed a man who earlier had run over two soldiers. The incident took place in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec. The perpetrator would be a radicalised man. One of the soldiers was wounded very badly, the other one received only light injuries..."

It's unbelievable (or, actually not), but De Standaard manages to COMPLETELY OMIT any reference to the Religion of Peace. Jihad, muslim, islamic? Dude, where's my adjective? A radicalized man? Golly, radicalized how? Prolly an archconservative rightwinger, a devout catholic, a Canadian teabagger version. Must be.

Don't believe me? I just checked out the page in question on De Standaard Online, and at the time of writing it's October 22, almost 1am in the morning. Nossir, still no JIM acronym:

 photo ds_complete_tekst_quebec_zpseff60f22.jpg

One actually has to wonder, what a complete clusterfuck your brains have to be to be functioning at De Standaard's editorial staff? EACH AND EVERY DAY brings us more news about the appalling nature of the wicked moon cult known as 'islam', the brain'child' - make that brainmonster - of a leering, illiterate, murderous pervert. Each day brings more evidence of what islam is capable of once it gets hold of, and/or dictates, a man or woman's worldview. And yet the editors and columnists at De Standaard stubbornly keep insisting, even with the facts whizzing about their heads and ears, that islam has nothing to do with the steadily growing torrent of information that points in exactly the opposite direction: pure unadulterated islam is the motor behind the terror.

But NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! The Vision of the Sophisticates shall prevail!

So, no mention of islam in the above article. The man was just.... "radicalized", you know. Happens all the time. No big deal.

Like I said, it's late, or rather very early, but still I'm going to do the job the De Standaard's editors are supposed to do - provide decent information. Got that, you assholes? Doing YOUR WORK for you again, and for free! Well, it did not take me long to fetch some data re the killer's identity and motives. His name is - was, the fucker's a goner - Martin Couture Rouleau, a 25-year old divorced loser with issues with his ex-wife and child. He converted to islam in early 2013 and changed his name to Martin Ahmad Rouleau, a name he also used on an Islamic-themed Facebook page featuring a plethora of Quranic verses. His Twitter profile under the name @AhmadRouleau sports the ISIS flag. A comment he left on Time Online last May reads: "Islam is the only true religion. Anyone who want scientific proof of God that your terrorist Zionism Rothschild media hide, contact me or add me if you re open minded...”

He had also grown a beard and had started wearing a turban:

 photo martin-couture-rouleau_zpse288e61f.jpg

But, NONE OF THAT qualifies for linking islam with Martin Ahmad's Rouleaus actions on Monday.

At least, according to Quality Newspaper De Standaard.


Sunday, October 19, 2014


The day was excellent, and I figured it might be one of the last good ones this autumn, so me and my daughter off to the High Fens, Belgium's 'roof'. The High Fens is a wet moorland plateau characterised by raised bogs, peat moss, and forest, roughly between Eupen in the north, Monschau in the east, Spa in the west and Malmédy in the south. I wrote 'roof' because it's Belgium's highest area, averaging between 650 and 690 metres. The highest point is at Signal de Botrange, 694m, although a joker of an army officer, a certain Colonel Baltia, had about one century ago a small 6m high tower built on this spot so that Belgium would reach up to 700m.

Regardless, it's an beautiful place, as desolate as can be in a small country like Belgium. Since it has a subalpine climate with strong winds and severe, occasionally subarctic winters (lowest recorded temperature - 23.6°C in 1942), it's not populated and has never been. Here are a couple of pics of the Brackvenn, where we walked this afternoon. The Brackvenn is situated in the northeastern corner of the High Fens, straddling the N67, the road linking Eupen and the German town of Monschau, just across the border. The most beautiful part of the Brackvenn is the one to the south of the N67, imho:

 photo Brackvenn1_zpsf9de84e3.jpg

 photo Brackvenn2_zpsde3f5043.jpg

 photo Brackvenn3_zps3decab5b.jpg

 photo Brackvenn4_zps7d34bafb.jpg