Saturday, September 09, 2023


In a world where normals start to think, 'Now I've seen it all re transgender lunacy' Netflix says 'Hold my soya latte':

Checked it out, it's true:

"In the new series Vikings: Valhalla, the diverse city of Kattegat might seem like an outlier to those who aren’t familiar with Viking history. But fact is closer than fiction. In the show, a war rages between the Vikings and the English over political indifferences rooted in intolerance of religious worship and other cultural practices. In the midst of the fray is a seaside province ruled by Jarl Estrid Haakon, a Black Scandinavian ruler who manages to strike a balance between the tense intermingling of religions and the vibrant intercultural exchanges in the port city's open-air marketplace. In real life, and as depicted on the show, Vikings often traveled and settled down all around the globe in the Middle Ages, stretching across Constantinople, Russia, North Africa, Spain and even Canada. While other characters are based on real people, Estrid Haakon is an invented character, whose Viking grandfather met her royal African grandmother while in the great trading city of Alexandria, Egypt. They fell in love and returned to Kattegat, eventually passing on ruling duties to her..."

"Diverse". Check.
"intolerance of religious worship and other cultural practices" Check.
"vibrant intercultural exchanges" Check.

Netflix. You STINK.


Friday, September 08, 2023


If you are looking for a decent sci-fi flick that sites like 101 Science Fiction Movies You Must See Before You Die won't ever list, watch Screamers, from 1995. Directed by Christian Duguay, it's based on the 1953 short story Second Variety by acclaimed author Philip K. Dick, whose prodigious output also inspired movies like Total Recall, Minority Report, Blade Runner etc, so that's saying something.

The protagonist is played by the underrated Peter Weller (Robocop, Robocop 2, Naked Lunch). Jennifer Rubin also stars. I'm aware Rotten Tomatoes gives it 29% approval, but that's bullcrap. Screamers is OK. Grand cinema it is not, but it is worth your time.

Only recently did I learn that in 2009 a sequel was made, Screamers: The Hunting, but I haven't seen it yet, can't comment. If one of you gents or ladies have, you can always leave a review in the comments. Nite.


Wednesday, September 06, 2023


This is actually GREAT news:

Over here in Europe we could use a healthy dose of Prager U in our universities and high schools too, but the mere mention of a rightwing politician ballsy, original and creative enough to propose it would unleash hell!


Tuesday, September 05, 2023


It goes further than a hate crime. If as a parent you allow THIS to happen to your child, you deserve to be put behind bars.

Some people who may indeed feel like they were born a male in a female body and vice versa, face a callous, genuine struggle. I'm convinced it's not a fad. They need a listening ear, compassion, good advice...

...Children however cannot reasonably be trusted when they claim their supposed inclination is strong enough to allow this most drastic of 'solutions' to go through. Genital mutilation depraves them for the rest of their lives of the possibility to procreate. Lunatics who allow this to happen are responsible for ruined lives and worse - I'm thinking of these poor kids growing up, realizing the enormity of what has been done to them, and somewhere down the line flipping - possibly murdering others. In this insane time and age, count on things like that to happen more and more.

I never once gave Charlize Theron the benefit of the doubt... me, she was an obnoxious, annoying twat from the very beginning.