Thursday, April 22, 2010


First, Weezer with Buddy Holly. From their title-less debut album, 1994.

Great guitars.

Then, Faith No More, with a cover of Midnight Cowboy's immortal theme by Toots Thielemans.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Mark Steyn has an ominous topic on my country, Belgium. He begins with a quote from Belgian daily Le Vif/l'Express:

"...Brussels, overwhelmingly Muslim in 20 years? It can't be totally ruled out... Today, families with children - 'Whites' and of the middle class - are leaving the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Region, attracted by the convenience and low prices of the Walloon Brabant, Flemish Brabant and Hainaut provinces. The birth rates of immigrants, which is slightly higher than that of natives, and the international immigration (mainly through family reunification), compensate for this exodus and reinforces it. In reality, Brussels is experiencing what French demographer Michèle Tribalat calls a "process of demographic substitution". One population replaces another [Le Vif/l'Express quote ends here].

Which is pretty much what I said in America Alone - although my comparison of the native European exodus with the "white flight" from failing US cities in the Seventies seems more relevant than rosy-hued paeans to the "low prices of the Walloon Brabant".

Unlikely as it sounds, my book is required reading at some colleges, and the other day I was taking some questions from students who were a bit skeptical of the thesis. And one of them asked how critics refuted my argument. Well, there's been a bit of nitpicking about the rate of demographic transformation from people who say it's absurd to think Europe will be semi-Muslim by 2030 or 2050 - a line of attack which concedes implicitly that that's where the Continent's headed, and we're merely quibbling about the date of arrival. But far more common on the progressive left is to deny there's anything worth arguing over. The more militant types, as Right Girl says, cry that it's racist even to raise the question. But the more benignly deluded do as various interviewers from Canada to Australia have done and respond: "So what if Europe becomes Muslim? What would be wrong with that?" Robert Voorhamme, Antwerp's alderman for education is a bit like that, explaining why there's nothing to worry about in the news that over 40 per cent of elementary school students choose Islam for their religious studies class (versus 31.5 per cent for "non-confessional morals" and 26.5 per cent for Catholicism):

'People see a threat where there is none,' says the alderman for education... 'It is a statement that the composition of our school population is changing. But that is not a reason to be schizophrenic and to exclusively aim at students who choose Islam for their religion class subject. Has anybody ever seen it as a threat that children choose Catholic religion, or for morals class?'

Well, whether or not it's a threat, it surely means something. I take a particular interest in Belgium because my mother grew up not far from Antwerp. If you had said to her in 1960 that within 50 years 40 per cent of the city's elementary school children would be Muslim, she and most other Belgians would have thought you were nuts. If you'd said it in 1970 or 1980, likewise. Yet it's happened, and it's now estimated that by 2012 a majority of grade-schoolers will be Muslim. Which means that in ten years' time Antwerp may not yet technically be majority Muslim, buts its energy, its character, its culture, its cusine increasingly will be..."

Violence in Brussels at the hands of moroccan "youths" is exploding. Weapons caches containing AK-47's and Scorpio submachineguns have been found. On April 2, police intervened when moroccans were destroying an electricity cabin and streetlights near the Lemmensplein in Anderlecht. While there they found clear evidence of preparations for an ambush: the streets round the Lemmensplein had been covered with oil, and oil and gasoline canisters, wooden blocks and car tires were found.

Last wednesday, Brussels railway police went on strike because two officers had been lured into an ambush. When encountering two young immigrant women who were apparently being harassed by males of north african extraction, they wanted to intervene. The scene proved to be a trick though, since they were immediately jumped upon by 30-40 moroccans who beat them to a pulp.

And the following video, obtained from security cameras on New Year's Day, shows how a Bulgarian student in the Brussels underground is horribly beaten and then thrown over a railing onto the tracks a level below. Miraculously the guy, a certain Lyuben Tyulekov, survived a fall which could easily have meant his death. Security cameras clearly show the faces of two moroccans and one black. To this date, they have not been found.

Long before muslims constitute a majority in Brussels, the city will be unlivable.

Of course, it don't have to be that way. If they would only listen to my plan.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Quick recap. Anita "Mao Tse Tung is one of my favorite political philosophers" Dunn. Former - until early November 2009 - White House Communications Director.

When this cunt disappeared from the stage, I thought we had seen the last of her.

I was wrong.

In the UK, general elections will be held on 6 May in all UK constituencies to elects MP's (these MP's only sit in the House of Commons, since members of the House of Lords are not elected - not kidding btw). 650 seats are contested, and basically it's a clash between the three big parties, Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats.

I am not going to waste words on Gordon Brown. I was far too optimistic when I endorsed him on this blog a couple of years back. In my defense I'd like to say that I based my opinion on his relatively good record as Chancellor of the Exchequer - I had the impression that he was a tax slasher, since he lowered both income and corporate taxes. It was only recently that I learned that all the time, he was in fact stealthing taxes rather than slashing them.

I am also not going to dwell on what many see as the wildcard in these elections, the Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg. Far too smooth, far too green, far too multiculti, far too metrosexual - I have just gotten SICK of characteristics like that. To top it all off, I'm sorry, but someone who still insists that "the invasion of Iraq was unjustified" is a doner with me, period.

That leaves David Cameron. What to say? I don't recall a single instance in recent euro politics whereby a conservative party in dire need of an inspiring leader was saddled with such a soft mellow doofus. No honestly, I have no words for it. Just take this, for example:


Actually, Labour is very lucky that Margaret Thatcher's shoes are not filled by a personality who even measures up to her shadow, or they'd be blown to smithereens. But if I thought I had seen it all with Cameron, I was mistaken. It must somehow have escaped my attention, but...

... Jesus Christ, read it yourself. Via The Two Malcontents, April 11:


And that since February!!! Can you f*cking believe it??? The leader of a major "conservative" party HIRING THE SERVICES OF A MAO SYMPATHIZER?????? It's perhaps a blessed thing that Mrs. Thatcher is demented - she might drop dead from shame if she would be consciously aware of what that drooling idiot of a Cameron is pulling off.

I actually have no time to do this post - company chores call, what do I say, scream out loud - but I thought it was my goddam duty. I will give Britons only one advice: vote either UKIP or BNP. The rightwing/libertarian UKIP because they have sound ideas about direct democracy (referenda), because they oppose the evolution towards a EUSSR, and because they want less state and less taxation. The BNP because they are Britain's best hard-hitting weapon to combat islamization. They also allow non-whites now, and it is clear to me they are going thru the same sanitization process that has made the VB a respectable party fifteen years ago.


Take Britain back. Take - Britain - back.

Nite all.