Saturday, December 07, 2013


The Moments, aka (in a later incarnation) Ray, Goodman and Brown, with Girls.

American R&B group. This 1974 hit was actually performed together with The Whatnauts, a soul band from Baltimore, Maryland.

Then it's the turn of Gilbert O'Sullivan with Nothing Rhymed.

Irish singer-songwriter from Waterford, Ireland, who achieved considerable success throughout the seventies. This hit is from 1970.

Today's Saturday Night may seem somewhat cheesy but it's essential Outlaw Mike music nevertheless. This is what I grew up with in the seventies. Mom and dad were no concertgoers and were not up to date with the fads of that age. They were simply working their *sses off day and night to get me and my three siblings a comfy youth. They did have some Gilbert o'Sullivan records however (amongst others). And you know what? It ain't bad at all. Not then and not now, forty years later.

As for The Moments, that hit is so quintessentially mid-70s that I HAD to include it someday.

Both are nice companions. Snapshots of a past age gone forever. Chords, fragments, sounds, moods and impressions, all unbreakably linked and intertwined with memories of an innocent carefree epoch, which will stay with me however till the end of my days. From 1980 onwards the strain would start, slowly at first, then it'd become my own private hell. I'm grateful for what I got before the shit hit the fan.