Saturday, April 10, 2010


This morning, as we were packing our stuff to get back to Belgium - our family spent the Easter period with my mother-in-law's family in some small Polish town - the underground garage's security guy, very upset, broke the news to me that the Polish president had just died in a terrible plane crash in Smolensk, Byelorussia. At this point, it is still unclear to me how many people exactly perished in the crash. While still in Poland this morning, I heard TV first speak of 97 dead, then my wife picked up the number of 136 somewhere. FOXNews writes that Mr. Kaczynski headed a delegation to Byelorussia of 88, so, if we add him and his wife and assume a crew of 7, which seems like a reasonable estimation for a Polish Air Force Tupolev, the number of 97 is probably closest to the actual number.


Now having - through my marriage to a Polish girl - a certain affinity with this great country and its citizens, I feel that it is only right to offer, for what it's worth, my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

Apart from the president and his wife, Lech and Maria Kaczynski, the dead include:

* Ryszard Kaczorowski, the last Polish president in exile (during World War II, an anti-Communist government-in-exile had been set up in London. It was still there right before the Wall came down, and Mr. Kaczorowski held the post in 1989-90).

* Aleksander Szczyglo, the head of the National Security Office and a former Secdef

* Pawel Wypych and Mariusz Handzlik, presidential aides

* Jerzy Szmajdzinski, deputy parliament speaker and also a former Secdef

* Andrzej Kremer, the Deputy Foreign Minister

* General Franciszek Gagor, Army Chief of staff

* Andrzej Przewoznik, the minister in charge of WWII memorials

* Slawomir Skrzypek, the Chairman of Poland's National Bank

* Janusz Kurtyka, Chairman of the National Remembrance Institute, an institution investigating communist-era crimes

* Przemyslaw Gosiewski, Zbigniew Wassermann and Grzegorz Dolniak, MP's

Apart from the terrible human tragedy, this disaster is a serious blow for the European Right, since Mr. Kaczynski was a member of the Polish rightwing party PiS (Law and Justice). His twin brother, Jaroslav Kaczynski, a former PM, is actually still PiS Chairman. With several high-ranking PiS personages suddenly dead, it is no exxaggeration to state that PiS is in disarray. And the repercussions will be felt in the European Parliament as well, where PiS was an important member of the EU Group European Conservatives and Reformists. As for economic issues, PiS is a "traditional" Euro rightwing party: not wanting to touch too much on the welfare state, not entirely pro free market, and not really opposed to state intervention if it is deemed "necessary". The important thing in this regard is of course that Europe's rightwing parties, unlike its socialist parties, do not claim that they can "make" jobs, in short, they don't draft far-reaching "plans" to "help" the economy. PiS's importance lies rather in the fact that it is ardently pro-US (participant in both Iraq and Afghanistan), very much pro the US's missile screen in Eastern Europe (a moot point now of course given the current WH occupant), pro a strong defence apparatus, and of course unashamedly Christian and strongly opposed to the utterly insane gay marriage and gay adoption legislation promoted in Europes "enlightened" member states. Mr. Kaczynski himself, while still mayor of Warsaw, once forbade a gay pride march in Poland's capital.

In a tragic twist of fate, the delegation led by Mr. Kaczynski was on its way to a commemmoration of the horrible murder seventy years ago in Katyn, back then in the Soviet Union, of thousands of Polish Army officers by NKVD executioners.

On orders of Lavrenty Beria, some 22,000 Polish officers were killed during fall 1939 and throughout the subsequent winter and spring, an appalling tragedy approved by the entire Politburo including, of course, Stalin. April 10, 2010, will now be another date connected to that fateful name.


Friday, April 09, 2010


One story among a plethora of them. In November 2007, a Moroccan immigrant, Omar Sellami, strangled his muslim wife Karima, born and raised in Belgium. Their marriage, a few years previously, had exactly been the reason why Omar Sellami had been allowed in the country, since our notorious family reunifiaction laws allow for such a possibility.


From the Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, March 30, 2010:

Karima Sellami (24) got little credit from her own parents for her marriage troubles. That much was clear from their testimonies before the Antwerp Judicial Court today. They had bluntly shown her the door [when she came to explain her troubles - MFBB], because she wanted to work outdoors while her husband Omar Sellami (38) was against it. That he beat her was only normal according to her father. "She didn't want to listen."

Father Abdelkader gave his eight children a traditional Moroccan education. He taught them the principles that a woman must show respect for her husband, that she has to obey him and that he may beat her when she does not listen. In Abdelkader's eyes, Karima caused her marriage troubles herself by not respecting Omar and as a result deserved it to be beaten.

"I was afraid."

Mother Rahma did not agree with her husband. "A man may not beat his wife. I told Omar [her son-in-law, MFBB] that if the problems continued, he had to divorce." Yet she too had shown her "disobedient" daughter the door. "I agreed with Omar, because I was afraid that otherwise he'd beat Karima."

On Karima's alleged possession by evil spirits they did not issue an unanimous opinion. "Because she had been beaten by Omar she had gotten scared and therefore she had to go to a koranic healer. There were no djinns involved." said Abdelkader. Rahma first agreed with her husband, but nevertheless said later on that three djinns inhabited Karima.

"Strangled like a chicken."

Abdelkader and Rahma recall their daughter like a joyous, humorous girl. Rahma still has some difficulty with they way Omar killed her daughter. "He strangled her like a chicken. It was not a quick death, Karima suffered. He has not only killed her, but me as well. It hurts too that he lied for so long."

Karima and Omar's children are now being raised by her parents. "I do hope dat Omar realizes well that he leaves them as orphans", Rahma concluded.

And here is an expert opinion by Latifa, one of Karima's sisters:

"Her belly sometimes moved like a functioning wasching machine. According to an imam she was possessed by three jewish djinns. Sometimes I believe she was possessed, but on the other hand, sometimes I think djinns do not exist."

A few observations:

1.) islam is such an appalling, diabolical belief system that it leads fathers to justify son-in-laws killing their own offspring if they do not adhere to "muslim rules".

2.) the complete and total backwardness of this evil belief system is furthermore apparent from the continued presence of djinns - evil spirits - in the daily worldview of adherents to the muslim faith

3.) the set of rules still to be followed by muslim females in our "modern" societies is as out of touch with western values as icecream on a steak.

4.) the muslims females who do observe the rules develop into unschooled, dumber than dumb brainwashed breeding machines

5.) the backward parents, Abdel and Rahma, had eight children

6.) the end result is that the children of Omar and Karima will now be raised by Abdelkader and Rahma.

Take a good look at Omar Sellami, wife-killer and a good muslim. Before the murder, he beat Karima with a belt and not only forbid her from working outdoors, but also from meeting friends and even her sisters.


This human filth has now been sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment.

Mister Bellami was allowed into our country by a law drafted by socialists.

In 8 years, if he "behaves" in prison, he will be set free by another socialist law, which reduces a sentence to one third of the verdict if the convicted is a model prisoner.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Just to add some features to DowneastBlog, I wanted to equip it with some Java applets. In practice these should look like applications in the side"bar" to the right. Now, when you scroll down you'll see there, at the bottom, a blank rectangle. That's supposed to be a Java applet. I named that applet simply "AppletDemo". Normally, the only thing it should do, since it is merely a test, is show a black rectangle and circle. The code I included in DB's web page is:

applet codebase="" height="200" width="200" code="AppletDemo.class"

... which I wrote of course between the appropriate brackets, and afterwards terminated with a closing applet-tag, and...

... wherein the argument "codebase" points to the absolute domain where I have stored the binary code of AppletDemo, and the file that contains it, AppletDemo.class. Since I cannot store the file AppletDemo.class on the same server as DowneastBlog, I have to place it somewhere else, and luckily I have this junkyard site of mine,, which I use mainly for storing pics. So that's why the codebase arg. As a sidenote, I might add that I wrote the sourcecode of AppletDemo using ECLIPSE (which I can recommend, btw), and that it compiled this sourcecode,, in AppletDemo.class. Also as a sidenote, the uploader software I used to get the AppletDemo.class file to OUTLAWMIKESSITE is "Classic FTP", which looks very much like Ipswitch software (which I used before) and is extremely easy to operate.

... and oh yeah, OUTLAWMIKESSITE is a bogus name for reasons of privacy...

Now, as for the code in, it's simply this:

package h02;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class AppletDemo extends JApplet

public void paint(Graphics g)
g.fillRect(50, 50, 25, 50);
g.fillOval(60, 30, 50, 50);


And, being poepsimpel it works of course just fine on the ECLIPSE platform.

Have I got you this far? You must be a geek. Okay.

So... the line of code in DB is okay, and if not I'll eat my shoes.
The sourcecode of AppletDemo is okay too, and so must be the binary code.
AppletDemo.class is in an appropriate location, and the codebase and code arguments point to its correct whereabouts.

On my web browser, Java is enabled.


If you have a hunch why not, please feel free to drop a line in the comments section. I'll get you a Nobel Prize for Numbnuts Assistance, I swear it.


Sunday, April 04, 2010



Christus geeft de sleutels aan de Heilige Petrus, by Peter Paul Rubens
(Christ hands the keys to Saint Peter - painting is in the Staatliche Museen in Berlin)

An appropriate painting, I think, since Easter is when Christians commemmorate the Resurrection of Christ and this scene depicts an event shortly thereafter, when the resurrected Jesus hands the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to Saint Peter. Peter was Jesus' first and most important apostle. Peter is actually his "surname" since Jesus told him that "he would be the rock upon which he would build his church" [Peter stems from the Greek "Petros", which means stone, rock, and indeed he became the Christian's first pope]. And his first name was Simon, the son of Jonah, and he was a humble fisher at the Lake Gennesaret. So it is rather more correct to refer to him as Simon Peter (or Simon Cephas, since "cephas" is aramaic, Jesus' language, for "rock").