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One story among a plethora of them. In November 2007, a Moroccan immigrant, Omar Sellami, strangled his muslim wife Karima, born and raised in Belgium. Their marriage, a few years previously, had exactly been the reason why Omar Sellami had been allowed in the country, since our notorious family reunifiaction laws allow for such a possibility.


From the Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, March 30, 2010:

Karima Sellami (24) got little credit from her own parents for her marriage troubles. That much was clear from their testimonies before the Antwerp Judicial Court today. They had bluntly shown her the door [when she came to explain her troubles - MFBB], because she wanted to work outdoors while her husband Omar Sellami (38) was against it. That he beat her was only normal according to her father. "She didn't want to listen."

Father Abdelkader gave his eight children a traditional Moroccan education. He taught them the principles that a woman must show respect for her husband, that she has to obey him and that he may beat her when she does not listen. In Abdelkader's eyes, Karima caused her marriage troubles herself by not respecting Omar and as a result deserved it to be beaten.

"I was afraid."

Mother Rahma did not agree with her husband. "A man may not beat his wife. I told Omar [her son-in-law, MFBB] that if the problems continued, he had to divorce." Yet she too had shown her "disobedient" daughter the door. "I agreed with Omar, because I was afraid that otherwise he'd beat Karima."

On Karima's alleged possession by evil spirits they did not issue an unanimous opinion. "Because she had been beaten by Omar she had gotten scared and therefore she had to go to a koranic healer. There were no djinns involved." said Abdelkader. Rahma first agreed with her husband, but nevertheless said later on that three djinns inhabited Karima.

"Strangled like a chicken."

Abdelkader and Rahma recall their daughter like a joyous, humorous girl. Rahma still has some difficulty with they way Omar killed her daughter. "He strangled her like a chicken. It was not a quick death, Karima suffered. He has not only killed her, but me as well. It hurts too that he lied for so long."

Karima and Omar's children are now being raised by her parents. "I do hope dat Omar realizes well that he leaves them as orphans", Rahma concluded.

And here is an expert opinion by Latifa, one of Karima's sisters:

"Her belly sometimes moved like a functioning wasching machine. According to an imam she was possessed by three jewish djinns. Sometimes I believe she was possessed, but on the other hand, sometimes I think djinns do not exist."

A few observations:

1.) islam is such an appalling, diabolical belief system that it leads fathers to justify son-in-laws killing their own offspring if they do not adhere to "muslim rules".

2.) the complete and total backwardness of this evil belief system is furthermore apparent from the continued presence of djinns - evil spirits - in the daily worldview of adherents to the muslim faith

3.) the set of rules still to be followed by muslim females in our "modern" societies is as out of touch with western values as icecream on a steak.

4.) the muslims females who do observe the rules develop into unschooled, dumber than dumb brainwashed breeding machines

5.) the backward parents, Abdel and Rahma, had eight children

6.) the end result is that the children of Omar and Karima will now be raised by Abdelkader and Rahma.

Take a good look at Omar Sellami, wife-killer and a good muslim. Before the murder, he beat Karima with a belt and not only forbid her from working outdoors, but also from meeting friends and even her sisters.


This human filth has now been sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment.

Mister Bellami was allowed into our country by a law drafted by socialists.

In 8 years, if he "behaves" in prison, he will be set free by another socialist law, which reduces a sentence to one third of the verdict if the convicted is a model prisoner.


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