Saturday, September 23, 2023


Aztec Camera with All I Need Is Everything. From the album Knife (1984).

Scottish new wave band founded in 1980 by Roddy Frame, singer and only consistent member.

Foreigner with That Was Yesterday. Album Agent Provocateur (1984).

Except it wasn't. More like, almost 40 years. Jesus, how time flies!!!

Gute Nacht.



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For those more interested in content instead of superficial things, the damsel is Grace Boor.


Friday, September 22, 2023


In my own country, Vlaams Belang in 2018 warned against the appalling consequences of the Marrakesh Pact. Five years later it is crystal clear VB was absolutely right. Via François Desouche:

"The arrivals of illegals in Italy continue: 14,000 last week, and close to 3,000 since Monday; 132,857 since the beginning of the year."

And: « C’est l’apocalypse » : en Italie, plus de 10.000 migrants ont débarqué sur l’île de Lampedusa en trois jours ; Depuis, 4.000 nouveaux clandestins ont débarqué en Italie ; 14.000 en une semaine :

Translated: "It's the apocalypse": in Italy, more than 10,000 migrants have arrived on the Isle of Lampedusa in three days; since then, there were 4,000 new illegals who set foot on the Italian mainland; 14,000 in a week."

This is what an invasion looks like:

Not that it's any better in the US of A. There, too, insane leftist politicians are craving to replace the original population with new arrivals whom they think - not without reason - will never vote for Republicans. This is what comes out of a deadly cocktail of completely irrational White Guilt, hatred towards the own culture, and an insane belief in the 'makeability' of a society wherein Third World wreckage espousing archaic views on the role of women and the place of homosexuals in society will live peacefully and to mutual benefit with the autochton population. Perhaps there's another element in the feverish desire of leftist politicians to make the 'Umvolkung' a reality: they may indeed full well realize it's never going to work, but they keep nevertheless the sluices for illegals wide open as they are of the opinion that it is time for atonement of Whites for the sins of colonialism and racism.

As Martin Schulz, EU bigshot AND a socialist (who would have thunk it?), once said: "Was sie uns bringen, ist wertvoller als Gold". "What they are bringing us, has more value than gold".




Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Or on anyone of the nine other carriers in this class!

Nimitz class carriers are powered by two A4W nuclear reactors, the designation standing for:

A = Aircraft carrier platform
4 = Contractor's fourth core design generation
W = Westinghouse, the contracted designer

A4W reactors are pressurized water reactors (PWRs), jointly designed by Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory and built by Westinghouse Electric Company. Their reactor cores are expected to operate for about 25 years before refueling is required. The Nimitz class supercarriers (all ten of them, although there are three subclasses) are thus far - and will remain so - the only ships to use them, boasting two A4Ws rated at 550 MWth each. These generate enough steam to produce 140,000 shaft horsepower (104 MW) for each pair of the ship's four shafts – two per propulsion plant – plus approximately 100 MW of electricity for all of the carriers' other electrical needs. While the two A4W reactors were a tremendous improvement over the USS Enterprise's 8 (eight) Westinghouse A2W powerplants, the successor of the Nimitz class, the Gerald Ford class, boasts even more impressive reactors in the form of two A1Bs (for Bechtel), with an approximately 25% higher output yet.

Very interesting info on marine nuclear powerplants here.


Tuesday, September 19, 2023


Legate, I had the news last night - my cohort ordered home
By ships to Portus Itius and thence by road to Rome.
I've marched the companies aboard, the arms are stowed below:
Now let another take my sword. Command me not to go!

I've served in Britain forty years, from Vectis to the Wall,
I have none other home than this, nor any life at all.
Last night I did not understand, but, now the hour draws near
That calls me to my native land, I feel that land is here.

Here where men say my name was made, here where my work was done;
Here where my dearest dead are laid - my wife - my wife and son;
Here where time, custom, grief and toil, age, memory, service, love,
Have rooted me in British soil. Ah, how can I remove?

For me this land, that sea, these airs, those folk and fields suffice.
What purple Southern pomp can match our changeful Northern skies,
Black with December snows unshed or pearled with August haze -
The clanging arch of steel-grey March, or June's long-lighted days?

You'll follow widening Rhodanus till vine and olive lean
Aslant before the sunny breeze that sweeps Nemausus clean
To Arelate's triple gate; but let me linger on,
Here where our stiff-necked British oaks confront Euroclydon!

You'll take the old Aurelian Road through shore-descending pines
Where, blue as any peacock's neck, the Tyrrhene Ocean shines.
You'll go where laurel crowns are won, but -will you e'er forget
The scent of hawthorn in the sun, or bracken in the wet?

Let me work here for Britain's sake - at any task you will -
A marsh to drain, a road to make or native troops to drill.
Some Western camp (I know the Pict) or granite Border keep,
Mid seas of heather derelict, where our old messmates sleep.

Legate, I come to you in tears - My cohort ordered home!
I've served in Britain forty years. What should I do in Rome?
Here is my heart, my soul, my mind - the only life I know.
I cannot leave it all behind. Command me not to go!

There's so much that this poem conveys: the anguish experienced by an exemplary soldier who for the first time in his life feels that he cannot obey orders; the homage paid by Kipling to that other, earlier Empire - in shaping that which came later; the challenges life throws at us, poor mortals, for we soon learn that our Centurion had to bid farewell to his wife and son yet had to move on; the striking images of natural beauty Kipling paints on the canvas of our subconscious, not only of Britain's breathtaking scenery, but also of sun-drenched Mediterranean...

...and through it all, underneath, but present nevertheless, the inescapable truth of a dying Roman Empire... as it is withdrawing its resources from far flung outposts and territories to bolster the defenses of the heartland, Rome... if only to stave off the inevitable defeat for yet a couple more years.

Not many pens other than Kipling's could have crafted such a powerful plea.