Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Quick recap. Anita "Mao Tse Tung is one of my favorite political philosophers" Dunn. Former - until early November 2009 - White House Communications Director.

When this cunt disappeared from the stage, I thought we had seen the last of her.

I was wrong.

In the UK, general elections will be held on 6 May in all UK constituencies to elects MP's (these MP's only sit in the House of Commons, since members of the House of Lords are not elected - not kidding btw). 650 seats are contested, and basically it's a clash between the three big parties, Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats.

I am not going to waste words on Gordon Brown. I was far too optimistic when I endorsed him on this blog a couple of years back. In my defense I'd like to say that I based my opinion on his relatively good record as Chancellor of the Exchequer - I had the impression that he was a tax slasher, since he lowered both income and corporate taxes. It was only recently that I learned that all the time, he was in fact stealthing taxes rather than slashing them.

I am also not going to dwell on what many see as the wildcard in these elections, the Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg. Far too smooth, far too green, far too multiculti, far too metrosexual - I have just gotten SICK of characteristics like that. To top it all off, I'm sorry, but someone who still insists that "the invasion of Iraq was unjustified" is a doner with me, period.

That leaves David Cameron. What to say? I don't recall a single instance in recent euro politics whereby a conservative party in dire need of an inspiring leader was saddled with such a soft mellow doofus. No honestly, I have no words for it. Just take this, for example:


Actually, Labour is very lucky that Margaret Thatcher's shoes are not filled by a personality who even measures up to her shadow, or they'd be blown to smithereens. But if I thought I had seen it all with Cameron, I was mistaken. It must somehow have escaped my attention, but...

... Jesus Christ, read it yourself. Via The Two Malcontents, April 11:


And that since February!!! Can you f*cking believe it??? The leader of a major "conservative" party HIRING THE SERVICES OF A MAO SYMPATHIZER?????? It's perhaps a blessed thing that Mrs. Thatcher is demented - she might drop dead from shame if she would be consciously aware of what that drooling idiot of a Cameron is pulling off.

I actually have no time to do this post - company chores call, what do I say, scream out loud - but I thought it was my goddam duty. I will give Britons only one advice: vote either UKIP or BNP. The rightwing/libertarian UKIP because they have sound ideas about direct democracy (referenda), because they oppose the evolution towards a EUSSR, and because they want less state and less taxation. The BNP because they are Britain's best hard-hitting weapon to combat islamization. They also allow non-whites now, and it is clear to me they are going thru the same sanitization process that has made the VB a respectable party fifteen years ago.


Take Britain back. Take - Britain - back.

Nite all.


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