Monday, March 07, 2005


Labor of Lust

Ok, this is not #@ù%*!!?=+/?!#!!!?§!?!Giuliana Sgrenas car riddled with 400 American bullets but, as it happens to be, the Alfa Romeo of Vlaams Belang strongman Filip Dewinter. On February 28, he was invited to participate in a debate at the University of Leuven organised by the LVSV (Liberaal Vlaams Studentenverbond, or Liberal Flemish Student’s Association). Also participating in the debate was Bart De Wever, another Flemish politican (NVA) with a secessionist agenda. Before the debate started, six leftwing militants protested against Mr. Dewinter’s presence. After the debate, the Flemish Rightwing politician found that his car had been busted: the windshield and one sidewindow caved in, extensive damage to the paint, and eggs, black paint and an unknown substance smeared here and there (not all damage visible). No doubt the work of sensitive, sophisticated persons of tolerance and diversity. Estimated damage costs: 4,000 Euros.

Although the debate was considered "risky", there was no police. Police in Leuven falls under the authority of Socialist mayor Louis Tobback, archenemy of Flemish Conservatives and the Concept of Sanity. Hat tip for this story: Visual Hugo’s Flying Circus and Deekodiver.

Freedom of speech according to the Left, yeah. I know all about it.


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