Saturday, April 16, 2011


For a second there it looked as if there wouldn't be a Saturday Night Music tonight, and possibly for some time. Whatever YouTube or Vevo music video I checked out, there was no Embed button anymore. Then I got the idea that maybe the knob was still there in the right click menu and bingo, it was. I just hope YouTube won't play me a trick like iTunes did. I burn CD's not very often, but last time I tried it, iTunes did not sport the burn button below anymore... and there wasn't a possibility either in any rightclick menu or whatever.

Anyway, for the moment it seems I can post this li'l video with Kim Carnes' Draw of the Cards, from the 1981 album Mistaken Identity.

Jesus, are the eighties really that long ago?

I don't know what the Genesis band members took in the seventies. Still, they produced a gem now and then. Like Time Table on the album Foxtrot:

You gotta give it some time, then you may discover it's lovely, subtle and elegant.

Clocks by Coldplay:

Goede nacht.


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