Friday, November 06, 2009


Unfortunately, I do not have all the names of the deadly victims of the shooting rampage. These are the ones I found:

PhotobucketMichael Pearson, 21
Amy Krueger, 29
Jason Dean Hunt, 22
John Gaffaney, 56
Kham Xiong, 23
Aaron Thomas Nemelka,19 Russel Seager, 51
Francheska Velez, 21, and unborn child

What I found especially heartbreaking was that Ms. Velez was pregnant and that her unborn child... is yet another terrible loss.

Please save a prayer for all those people and their loved ones, as well as for the wounded. This tragedy also reminds us that our countries lose brave soldiers and civilians EVERY DAY in a fight with a monstrous foe. It's not that their deaths are overlooked on this blog or forgotten, but such is the power of names and identities when that foe strikes so close that the victims suddenly get a name and a face.



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