Friday, June 29, 2012


Just another day in al-Fwance...

Fifty 'devout' muslims riot and affront police officers, wounding one, at the 'Grande Mosquée Mohammed VI' in Saint-Etienne, on account of its popular imam Mohamed el Adly, recently recalled (to Morocco!) reportedly on account of his radicalisation.

In other news, two female police officers near Toulon were murdered...

This is the perpetrator, need we say it, yet another young buddhist Finn:


See? A True Finn. Blonde, blue eyes, six feet tall. On his passport it reads Mikko Nurmi, erm, I mean Abdallah Boumezaar. Not that you would know that from Sky News, which hastens to add that the killer was 'drunk'. Phew! What a relief!

One of the police officers, who btw was shot with her own service weapon, leaves behind a husband and two young daughters aged 5 and 13.

In yet other news, in Rennes, Brittany, a 13-year old native French boy by the name of Kylian was assassinated by a 16-year old, whom Le Monde, that paradigm of fair and balanced euronews, chose to rebaptize 'Vladimir':

Only later did it turn out the killer's name is in fact Suleyman. He's a Chechen muslim. Le Monde deliberately chose to rebaptize him so as not to invoke 'islamophobia'.

Yes, you read that right. From Robert Ménard's blog:

"Il aura fallu plus de 48 heures pour que la « grande presse », comme on dit, fasse allusion à ce qu’on pouvait lire partout sur Internet : le jeune garçon de 16 ans qui a tué Kylian, 13 ans, dans un collège de Rennes, est le « fils de réfugiés politiques tchétchènes ». Il est musulman. Les journalistes – du moins l’immense majorité d’entre eux – ont donc préféré passer sous silence ce « détail ». Pour le présenter, Le Monde a choisi, expliquant que « [son] prénom a été changé », de le rebaptiser Vladimir… à consonance russe mais, c’est l’essentiel, pas musulmane. Il ne s’agirait pas d’alimenter « l’islamophobie ». Du coup, c’est exactement l’inverse qui se produit."

Nothing to worry about. The REAL DANGER is those Extreme Rightwingers!!!


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