Monday, April 01, 2019


A compelling article over at American Thinker, by Trevor Thomas, on the sad decline of a once beautiful and safe city, Seattle.

"If you haven't seen the KOMO News special Seattle Is Dying, you need to. (Watch it here.) The hour-long show does a sound job of depicting the ugly decline of one of the most beautiful places in America. However, the piece misses the forest for the nasty, dirty, twisted trees.

Part of the root of the problem in Seattle is political, but Seattle Is Dying virtually ignores the liberal politics behind Seattle's foul decline. As John Sexton at Hot Air put it, "[t]here's really no escaping the fact that the current situation is the result of political decisions."

~ And yet, reporter Eric Johnson [the KOMO reporter behind the story] said on Facebook that he though[t] politicizing the story was a mistake. He says he's received many offers to comment on national shows that lean either right or left and he's turned them all down. He really seems to believe that people on all sides of the aisle can see the problems and the solutions regardless of where they are coming from.

Johnson begins his report by describing the "seething anger" of Seattle residents who no longer feel safe in their city. Scenes of filth — that rival what is seen in third-world countries — and "lost souls" litter the hour-long report. Residents and small business–owners are "mad" and "embarrassed" at the fact that, in many places, their city, simply put, "looks like s---." And law enforcement personnel are little to no help at all.

After I read the article, I sniffed around a short while and quickly found out that at least thirty years back mayors and key legislators of Seattle were ALL democrats. What is more, an astounding percentage were openly gay! Cal Anderson, Murray (also charged with child molestation), Jamie Pedersen, Nicole Macri, I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

I was in Seattle in summer 1995 and it was still a beautiful city. How I remember walking through clean and safe streets, how I watched the fish-throwing spectacle at Pike's Place. A week before that, I had spent three days in San Fran and that place gave me - back then already - the creeps. In the Ramada Hotel on Market Street the staff expressly told me to avoid this or that area.

Nothing of the kind in Seattle, back then it compared so well with SF that when I was back in Europe I hailed it as a marvel to everyone who would hear it, to the point that I fear I began annoying people.

And so I am very, very sorry to hear about that once great city going all socialistic. Going all...

.... European.

Leftism is a mental disorder.


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