Thursday, April 04, 2019


PJW nails it:

For a good case in point, let's take a look at New Zealand, where last year PM Jacinda Ardern was the first NZ head of state ever to march in a Gay Pride parade:

For some unfathomable reason, that same wretched, ugly, worthless creature seems unable to detect the gross inconsistency of hugging both: a.) chaps who chop off their dicks thinking the fact alone makes them a woman and/or guys exploring other guys' anuses elbow-deep and, b.) fire-breathing imams who would gladly throw category a.) off Auckland's highest building.

As Mark Steyn observed:

"Apparently it's bad to force women into red robes and white coverings, but black robes and black coverings are totally cool - nothing patriarchal about them at all; in fact, the likes of Ms Ardern seem to get a kick out of it. Black isn't the new red.

Ms Ardern also ordered the nationwide broadcasting of the Muslim call to prayer, which apparently she can do, just as the Speaker of the legislature a couple of months back axed Jesus from the daily parliamentary prayer."

Unfortunately, the Jacinda Arderns of this world get far more airplay than the Mark Steyns. That, and eager followers as well:

The twat in the photo is Jill Rogers, Counties Manukau district commander superintendent (whoa, quite a mouthful), at the occasion, in 2018, of hosting for the first time an iftar dinner with the muslim community in south Auckland.

Just remember - and here we come to another breathtaking inconsistency - madam Rogers is one of those who will take pride, and loudly proclaim it, in "having broken free of the shackles imposed upon them by that evil white patriarchy"...

... yet at the same time she happily dons the garb imposed on females by and ARCHDOMINANT kind of male patriarchy, which does not allow women, in countries where they form a majority, to make it "district commander superintendent". Go figure.


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