Tuesday, November 06, 2018


What can I say? The past two years have made it crystal clear that the man who I never viewed as a Conservative, in fact governed far more Conservative than perhaps all previous GOP candidates combined.

The results have been astounding, and the only serious drawback, in my opinion, is that both budget deficit and trade deficit remain high, the former because that Laffer Curve effect is not yet catching on, the latter because the rising US import still outclasses the also rising export.

But be all that as it may, the very most important thing is that with Donald Trump, the US has a President who realizes full well what is really at stake: Western Civilization. He understands that both North America and Europe are under assault from the Third World. He grasps full well the ramifications of the EU's catastrophic Open Door Immigration Policy and wants to spare his country Europe's downfall.

I don't know what has come over the Democrats, but to any objective analyst it is clear that the party has been hijacked by its minorities. It has decided for a breathtaking lurch to the left, which can only lead to doom.

Americans who love their country should therefore head for the election booths and cast their vote - but not for those who now openly wish for their country to fail.

Just do it.


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