Thursday, August 14, 2014


I don't know when exactly the downfall of the Democratic Party began. I assume that once upon a time it harbored a still substantial number of people of whom, despite their being severely flawed in a number of crucial areas like the economy and ethical matters, one could still expect a degree of reason, accountability and decency.

It is even possible that deep in the bowels of this party there are still such people.

As a whole though, I consider the Democratic Party of 2014 as morally and intellectually bankrupt. And, in a word, lost. At the very best, it's criminally negligent with regards to the running of the country. At worst, it's a criminal enterprise tout court.

But none of this detracts from the fact that their natural 'opponents', the Republicans, have an fair amount of butter on the head too. Countless are the times that I expected from this party, which has spawned the likes of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan (after his seeing the light, anyway) could have stepped forward, so to speak in the path of the democrats' progressive juggernaut, and yelled 'STOP'.

But no.

I recall a co-blogger and once upon a time frequent reader and commenter here, Mark from Colorado, once calling the Democrats socialists and the Republicans reluctant socialists.

But these days, it seems to me that's much too kind for the GOP. And I am by no means the only one to think so:

 photo bencarson_zpscfa408cf.jpg

Well said Doctor Carson.

If you follow this link to Breitbart, where I got the embed code, you may get the impression many people think Carson would be a terrific Republican candidate for POTUS come 2016. Maybe. I hear he is for some kind of gun control, and I don't like that stance at all. Guns are not the problem. The decline of American society at the hands of the progressives is the problem.

Either way, Carson "legt de vinger op de wonde", literally "lying the finger on the wound", which is a Dutch saying for exactly pinpointing the problem. A very apt saying imho, given the man's profession. Like in Europe, in America people of the Right should STOP trying to look like somewhat to the left, thereby more or less acknowledging the subliminal, no make that very open, message of the left that 'progressive' is 'good', while 'conservative' is inherently evil.

These days, it's actually the other way round, and while this post is not the place to explain why, I have truckloads of arguments to make my case. The parting word is for Dr Carson:

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