Saturday, August 16, 2014


Duffy opens with Mercy, a single from her 2008 debut album Rockferry.

Singer/songwriter from Bangor. That's Bangor in Gwynedd, Wales.

Then it's the turn of Herman Van Veen, also a singer/songwriter, Dutch this time. With Fiets. Which means bicycle. From the Year of Our Lord 1973.

I was but a small kid when I first heard this song, barely older - if - than the girl in the video. But even so, susceptible enough for its haunting quality. Forty-one years later, it still conjures up the same feelings, at the forefront of which is Man's atavistic sadness for knowing, at all levels of consciousness, that everything must go, pass, die and disappear... even what is Most Beautiful. For which Van Veen used the image of a lovely little girl - the quintessential metaphor for human innocence - enjoying the sun on her bike. Thank God there's Christianity.

Good night.


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