Wednesday, November 18, 2009


French police is losing control of the streets in virtually all big cities. The followong is a video of a publicity stunt gone wrong when the Belgian (hey yeah, I can't help it) advertising company Rentabiliweb promoting god knows what stuff, distributed envelopes with money for free. The fools had announced it days before so that, on the day the distribution would start, a throng of hundreds if not thousands of Cultural Enrichers had appeared on the foot of the Eiffel Tower, where Mailorama, the French branch of Rentabiliweb, would hand out the envelops. Realizing there wouldn't be enough for the 7,000 or more persons who had turned up, Mailorama canceled the event at the last moment. That's when the fun started for real.

No one has to give me or any of the decent people out there money. I suppose you, like me, work for it. Not so for the scum you see in the video. Apparently thousands of "youths" can hang out in the middle of the day in Paris, doing nothing but nevertheless feeling "entitled" to checks for free. And when that doesn't turn up, that apparently justifies demolishing the neighborhood.

Another telling example of French police incapable of asserting its power on the streets in Marseille, when after a soccer match Egypt-Algeria on November 14, which ended in defeat for the latter, all hell broke loose. And not only in Marseille. A majority of muslims in France are Algerians, and apparently they think that if their country loses a soccer match thousands of kilometers away, those stupid French should pay for that. Btw, it really is their country first and foremost, a situation which reminds me of my country, where 93% of Moroccans or people of Moroccan descent feel first like Moroccans and then - possibly - like Belgians. Anyway, in France a soccer match Egypt-Algeria ending in 2-0 is reason enough for this scum to terrorize the Marseille natives and set boats in Marseille's port on fire:

Of course, it's not only the police that get the rough treatment. Firefighters too are subject to insults and beatings. They are molested, thrown rocks and iron bars at, in some cases lynched. Same goes for medical personnel. More info here. Sorry, it's in French and I got no time to translate. Let me conclude that I suspect the usual assholes will show up claiming this has nothing to do with Islam. It has EVERYTHING to do with Islam, which teaches its adherents to despise the West, even though we have given them everything - free education, housing, food, decent medical treatment - with which to succeed in our society. That all, plus the mindboggling attitude of the lefist elites who, even on the funeral pyre of our civilization, stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the horror now engulfing Europe and keep feeding the indigenous Europeans fairytales through the media and the education apparatus, which are overwhelmingly in their hands in all European countries.

While these traitorous idiots keep spouting their vicious les, at the same time, all over Europe, thousands of mosques are being constructed. The photo below shows the mosque of Poitiers, nearing completion. It will have a 21-meter high minaret equipped with loudspeakers and high-power light projectors, and these won't be for playbacking Britney Spears. During the years this abomination was under construction, an estimated 400,000 Iraqi Christians were forced to flee from their country under threat of death, Algeria closed churches by the tens, and persecution and mistreatment of the remains of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism in a great many predominantly muslim countries were continued more intensively than ever. Curiously, facts like these elude the attention of our moral betters, who insist that we have to trust the intrinsic capacity for self-emancipation of the muslim world.


Just so that you know who's the new boss. In Poitiers, of all places. Charles Martel is spinning in his grave.

One last thing.

The mayor of Poitiers, Jacques Santrot, is a member of the Parti Socialiste.

I suspect however, that you suspected that already.


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