Monday, September 29, 2014


Don't miss Bill Whittle's latest, Loch Ness Socialism:

Ole Outlaw Mike could never put it so eloquently.

The sad thing is, it's one Bill Whittle vs gazillions of schoolteachers who day in day out, preach the leftist gospel to our children. And so my 13-year old daughter comes home saying that on school in a course called SEI, for Social-Economic Initiation, they had learned about the difference between Democrats and Republicans in the US of A. The distinction was really simple you know, and my daughter's niece who's in the same class and comes home with our child every Wednesday had learned to sum it up quite nicely: Democrats are the ones who always want to improve things. Subsequently, they are the good ones. Republicans, on the other hand, are the ones who want things (read: bad situations) to stay the same. Conclusion: Democrat GOOOOOD, Republican BAAAAAAAD.

Another example: me visiting a client's home in the village of Mater, near Oudenaarde, June of this year. I'm talking to Mr and Mrs S about some stuff, commercial, technical and the like (the husband is, like me, a small business owner, albeit in a totally different sector). They've got two cute little readhead daughters, 5 and 7 or something. Oldest one comes in the room where we're talking, bright smile on her face. They had learned in school how utterly important it was that they keep their ecological footprint to a bare minimum.

I thought I could cry.

Indoctrination. Constantly. Overwhelmingly.

Lies. Deceit. Omission of critical facts. Smothering of different viewpoints.

And at the end of it all come the LABELS.

Leftist, progressive = GOOD, NOBLE, HUMAN.

Rightwing, conservative = BAD, EVIL, INHUMAN.

Yup, Bill Whittle has his work cut out for him. And so do we.



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