Friday, June 21, 2019


For the Norwegian Armed Forces:

Hat tip CDRSalamander. Notice the almost nonexistent PC character of the ad. Best part of it all are the ending shots, with a white heterosexual couple enjoying a moment of intimacy looking out over a marvellous panorama. Because... in the end... that's what it is all about. Life to the fullest, with a (soul)mate, raising offspring (hopefully) and enjoy the opportunities, security and comfort that a modern democracy has to offer. You gotta be proud of, and love a land that can offer its citizens that, and there's nothing shameful or repugnant to show that love and pride.

The Diversity Nazis, of which I am sure the Norwegian Army has enough, must somehow have been asleep or otherwise involved in yoga sessions in the MoD CryRoom when this was sneaked past them.


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